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The Son of Perdition Is a Patsy

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The Son of Perdition Is a Patsy

When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on November 22, 1963, he asked the police what he was being charged with. They told him the murder of President Kennedy. He then said, “So Iʼm the patsy.” A few days later, he was dead and despised.

Whether or not one believes Oswald shot Kennedy, what he said was true: Kennedy was dead, and Kennedyʼs enemies had a patsy to take the blame.

Judas was also patsy. When he threw the blood-money for Jesusʼ betrayal into the holy naos/sanctuary of the Temple (Matt. 27:5) – coins with pagan gods idolized upon them – he committed the Abomination of Desolation for that age. Jesus called him “the Son of Perdition.” John 17:12; 6:70-71 After Judas had been so used by Satan and apostate Jews to effect the death of Jesus, he was then disdained by his masters like the dumb fool he was. And, like Oswald, he became dead and despised soon afterward

The Son of Perdition for our age, a.k.a. the King of the North, will similarly be used as a patsy. He will invade the Middle East, seemingly from the north through Syria, then occupy Israel and subdue Islamic North Africa. Dan. 11:40-43 This Satan-deluded god-man will bring his forces from Europe by means of “ships of Chittim.” Num. 24:23-24 His invasion will inflame the rest of the world, particularly the peoples of Islamic and Jewish Middle East, but also peoples “from the east” – probably Iran and/or China, “and from the north” – Syriaʼs ally Russia. Dan. 11:44 “He shall [then] plant the tents of his pavilion between the seas at the glorious holy mountain [that is, the Temple Mount: this will be the Abomination of Desolation for our age], but shall come to his end, and no one will help him.” Dan. 11:45

Like Judas, this patsy will quickly end up dead and despised, because his usefulness to Satan will be over. Satanʼs sole plan for him is to cause world-ending chaos, that is, the Great Tribulation. Dan. 12:1; Matt. 24:15, 21 This will cause the collapse of the current worldʼs political system, and set the stage for “a New World Order,” that is, the Beast Kingdom – in which kingdom the Son of Perdition will have no part at all.

Jesus, in his appearance in the clouds to be “seen by every eye” (Rev. 1:17; 6:16 = Sixth Seal), will gather his Elect to himself, even while shepherding the earthly Remnant of Jacob into the “place prepared of [Greek apo: lit. away from] God, that they should feed her there 1260 days.” Matt. 24:31; Rev. 12:6 This Remnant will “have the testimony of Jesus.” Rev. 12:17 But not having prepared themselves for his Coming, they wonʼt be able to ascend to him. Among the Remnant will be the sealed and sanctified 144,000, who will shepherd them during the 1260 days.

As for the Son of Perdition, “…the Lord shall consume [him] with the spirit of his mouth, and shall bring [him] to naught with the brightness of his coming.” 2 Thes. 2:8

The “door” into the heavens will then be quickly “shut” (Matt. 25:10), along with every Spirit-opened eye, leaving forlorn virgins pleading to be allowed in. (“I do not see/perceive [Greek: oida] you,” Jesus will tell them. Matt. 25:11-12) Sometime thereafter, “the Beast that ascends out of the Abyss” (Rev. 11:7), having been released at the Fifth angelic Trumpet (Rev. 9:1-2, 11-12), will proceed to fulfill the “strong delusion” ordained by God. 2 Thes. 2:11 The little horn/Mouth of the Beast will utter his blasphemies against God, deceive the world, and persecute the earthly saints for 1260 days. Dan. 7:8, 25; Rev. 13:5-7

By this time the Son of Perdition, the patsy used by Western apostate Christianity to fully betray its once great heritage –

this deluded god-man, who commits the Abomination of Desolation, which brings to pass the chaos of the Great Tribulation –

he will have become no more than a hiss and a byword of history. Just like Judas, the only other son of perdition, who was used by apostate Judaism to fully betray their own once great heritage. John 17:12

Instead of being the great operator and insider heʼd been duped into believing himself to be, the Son of Perdition will turn out to be just another dumb-fool patsy. Like Judas. Like Oswald.

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