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Marilyn C


CHRIST IN HIS HEAVENLY GLORY                     

The predominant aim of Revelation is the setting forth the splendours of the Son of Man, & to reveal His glorious person.  There are four visions of the Son of Man as He is known in the heavenly realm & each vision in turn carries through to completion one aspect of the fourfold ministry of Christ which He exercised when on earth. His Kinship was expressed in Matthew, His Heirship in Mark, His Mediatorship in Luke, & His Judgeship in John.                                                                                                                                                                       


Vision 1.    CHRIST -  Head of the Body.   (Rev. 1 – 3)

This reveals the empowered Son of Man as the Sovereign Administrator.

                              `in His right hand He held 7 stars.`


Vision 2.   CHRIST -   HEIR     (Rev. 4 – 7)

This reveals the enthroned Son of Man as the Supreme Executor.

                         `in His right hand He held the 7 sealed book.`


Vision 3.    CHRIST -  MEDIATOR       (Rev. 8 – 13)

This reveals the exalted Son of Man as the Stately Mediator.

                        `in His hand is a sacred censor.`


Vision 4.    CHRIST -  JUDGE       (Rev. 14 – 22)

This reveals the entitled Son of Man as the Sublime Adjudicator.

                            `in His hand is a sharp sickle.`


To reveal Christ to us in Revelation, there are three hundred & thirty references to the figures, shadows, symbols, types, patterns, persons, & buildings of the Old Testament.

 This unveiling is the culmination of all the truths expressed from Genesis to Revelation, for all scripture is centred on one purpose and that is to reveal Christ to us in all His Glory.


F. Christ`sHG.jpg



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Hi Marilyn

Praise be to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for revealing to us Who He is and the inheritance which is to come to those who belong to Him.

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