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  1. Hi mabel, If you look closely at the Tabernacle (& then at Hebrews 8 - 10) you will see some more symbols and types that the Lord fulfils. Now only a mind of infinite knowledge could foresee centuries beforehand, what the types used were to typify, what the signs given were to signify, what the symbols furnished were to specify in shadowgraph, of the real substance of the real substance. (Heb. 10: 1) Christ, as the expressed Word, is the basic substance of all the shadows forecast. In verification of this Luke records, "And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself.` (Luke 24: 27) (Quote from `His Glorious Name` by C. J. Rolls.) Marilyn.
  2. Hi Lavender, Good question. Mosaic means pertaining to Moses. He was the writer inspired by the Holy Spirit. Amazing isn`t it to have all those early writings concerning how God made the world, the problem of sin and God`s plan to redeem us. Marilyn.
  3. That`s great mabel, I have only done some, however as we go along it would be good to share what we all see. Marilyn.
  4. FORESHADOWING CHRIST (Gen. - Deut.) The first five books of the Bible were written by Moses under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Christ is foreshadowed in a variety of ways - symbols, signs, sacrifices all help us to understand His character, functions & vocations. In the first book of the Bible we read of the beginning of things - Genesis, meaning origin. The beginning of the world, the human race, sin in the world, the promise of redemption, family and man-made civilization, nations and of Israel. Christ is foreshadowed as the seed promised, (Gen. 3: 15) and as the Son beloved of the Father. (Gen. 22: 12 - 14) In the book of Exodus we see the thrilling epic of God hastening to the rescue of man. It tells of the redeeming work of the sovereign God. It begins in darkness and gloom, yet ends in glory; it commences by telling how God came down in grace to deliver an enslaved people, and ends by declaring how God came down in glory to dwell in the midst of a redeemed people. We read of the giving of the Law and of the building of the tabernacle. Christ is foreshadowed as the sacrificial Lamb. (Ex. 12: 27) In the book of Leviticus we read of God instructing Israel as to how to draw near to a holy God - the five sacrifices and the Feasts of the Lord. To administer these sacrifices before God there was need of a priesthood. God chose one tribe, the Levites, and one family, Aaron`s, to be priests before Him. The feasts were an overview of God`s purposes for Israel over time. Christ is foreshadowed as the High Priest. (Lev. 16: 32 & 33) In the book of Numbers we read of the wanderings and experiences of the people in the wilderness. The tribes were numbered and set in order with God stretching over them a cloud by day and fire by night. We read of Moses` leadership amid a murmuring and rebellious people. Finally all those who refused to go over into the land of promise previously, all died in the wilderness. A new generation would go over. Christ is foreshadowed as the leader, greater than Moses. (Num. 11: 11 - 14) In the book of Deuteronomy we read of the blessings of obedience and the curse of disobedience. It is a collection of the sayings and songs of Moses which he gave as his farewell to the children of Israel. It is a book of Remembrance, as Moses reminded the people of what God had done for them. It is the final preparation for entering the Promised Land. Christ is foreshadowed as the true prophet. (Deut. 18: 18 - 22)
  5. CHRIST THE CENTRE OF THE BIBLE. Overview of the Bible.

    Hi mabel, Thank you for your interesting thoughts. And great to have you as another traveller on our journey through God`s word. Marilyn.
  6. CHRIST THE CENTRE OF THE BIBLE. Overview of the Bible.

    Hi Lavender, great to have you on our journey, too. Marilyn.
  7. CHRIST THE CENTRE OF THE BIBLE. Overview of the Bible.

    Hi all, I have corrected the diagram. The flood is BEFORE the 2,000 year mark. Also `Job` was in the days of the patriarchs, so have had to place that earlier. Marilyn.
  8. CHRIST THE CENTRE OF THE BIBLE. Overview of the Bible.

    Hi corey, Thank you for your encouragement and look forward to your comments as we progress. regards, Marilyn.
  9. OVERVIEW OF THE OLD TESTAMENT Throughout the history recorded in the Old Testament and through the poetic and prophetic sections we see that there is one great purpose moving through the ages, the eternal design of the Almighty God focused on His Son. In the first five books, the Pentateuch, written by Moses we read not only of the wonderful creation and of its marring, but of God`s great plan to bring restoration. Thus we see that God has planned that a man from Adam`s race, and who is also His Son, will be the sacrifice prepared. We are also shown the necessity of a High priest to come before a holy God, and one that has the ability to lead the people and speak for God, a prophet. Then in the History books of Israel entering into the Promised Land and dwelling there, we read that the Lord reveals Himself as the captain of the Lord`s army, and later in His majesty as King upon His throne. These awesome visions signify His great dominion, His authority and power. In the collection of poetry and wisdom we gain a greater appreciation of the Lord as Redeemer, Mediator and Saviour. The writers tell of the experiences of the heart and practical advice in everyday life. There is also many wonderful hymns that exalt the Lord`s attributes, His names, His word and His goodness. No wonder this section is the most popular. Finally the prophetic section reveals not only God`s purpose for Israel at the time written but also gives a greater view of the Gentile and Israeli future events. These will culminate in God`s final purpose of all coming together, in harmony, in the New Heavens and New Earth. Thus God has unveiled in the Old Testament the great problem of sin in the universe, and the overcoming of that through His beloved Son. The writers by the Holy Spirit reveal in symbolic language, types and shadows the great masterpiece of God, His Son who not only is to be the salvation of the world but also its great ruler, through His people Israel. Yet there is one amazing part of God`s plan not revealed to the ancient writers. And this is what the New Testament is all about - the final capstone in God`s design of the ages.
  10. CHRIST THE CENTRE OF THE BIBLE. Overview of the Bible.

    Hi SisterActs2, I appreciate your interest and look forward to your comments. regards, Marilyn.
  11. OVERVIEW OF THE BIBLE God`s word contains 66 books, written by 40 authors, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is God`s plan and purpose through Christ for mankind. The Old Testament was written mostly in Hebrew (a few short passages in Aramaic). Then about a hundred years before the Christian era the entire Old Testament was translated into Greek, being the predominant language of that time. The New Testament was written in the Greek language and our English Bible is a translation from the original languages. The authors were kings and princes, poets and philosophers, prophets and statesmen. Some were learned in all the arts of the times and others were unschooled fishermen. Other books are soon out of date but the Bible spans the centuries. God starts with the creation of the world and the heavens, revealing mankind, his perfect, yet vulnerable state before the fall. Then we read of the effect of sin and its consequences, revealing a fallen angel, Satan, who is against God. God then sets in place His means of restoration, His Son to be the way to deal with sin. God continually works with mankind till sin reaches its climax, then comes judgment by flood. From then on we see God working with a family, (Noah) and later tribes and nations, (Egypt, Assyria). God raises up His nation to rule the world righteously. However even amid rebellion throughout the centuries God never casts away His people, Israel. Their purpose to rule the world under God, is put on hold when they reject their Messiah. The death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ is central to God`s word. We see that God had planned His Son to be the way back to relationship with the Father. Then we read of a new group, the Body of Christ that is made up of Jews and Gentiles. These believers have the very character of Christ within and will eventually rule and reign with Him in the third heaven. Operating from the third heaven, we read of the Lord Jesus Christ putting down all rebellious rule and authority. First He deals with the world system, its armies and leaders. Then we see Satan and his fallen angels put into the pit. Israel under the Lord, then rules the world for a thousand years. Satan is finally loosed and when he gathers the world`s armies against Israel, they are dealt with by fire from heaven. Finally there is the Great White Throne Judgment, and the creating of a New Heavens and New Earth. Every realm is ruled by the Lord under His rulership - the Body of Christ is the third heaven, the Old Testament saints in the New Jerusalem which comes down out of heaven near the earth, and then on the earth, Israel ruling the nations. As God says - `His good pleasure that He purposed in Himself, that in the fullness of the times, He might gather together in one, (harmony) all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth - in Him.` (Eph. 1: 9 & 10)
  12. INTRODUCTION I am looking forward to sharing and discussing God`s word together. When we read the Bible we can often get lost in the details and history, thus it is good to step back and see what God has said concerning His Son. God`s word is written to reveal Christ, His character and His purposes for - - The Body of Christ, - Israel, - The Nations. I have written the Old Testament in summary, in four sections and the New Testament, book by book, in three sections. I hope the diagrams and pictures help us to get the big picture of what God is focusing on - Christ. May we come to know the Lord more as we see Him through God`s word. Marilyn.
  13. The Erosion of Truth is Now Upon Us

    Hi Gideon, It is good to see you encouraging and exhorting us all to press into the Lord more and continually let Him change us. I did have a chuckle at your mixed metaphors - bride/sheep with lamps rising as eagles!!!!! BTW Israel is the wife, the bride of God, we are the Body of Christ and there is no closer relationship than that. regards, Marilyn.
  14. The Erosion of Truth is Now Upon Us

    Hi Gideon, It seems you are talking about people who go to man`s public meeting by an organisation of man. It (man`s organisations)has eventually shown its true colours - power and control. Now did you know that thousands and thousands of believers have left man`s organisations and are meeting together in many and varied ways. These believer`s have not lost their faith when they left man`s organisation but actually learnt to trust the Lord more, mentor others in daily life and gather together with other believers to pray and study God`s word. There is more appreciation of each other, and God`s giftings among them. The Lord Jesus Christ is still the Head of His Body which He is building and maturing. If you see error then maybe, just maybe the scaffolding is suffocating the very life of the believer. Marilyn.
  15. Just How Close is the RAPTURE?

    Hi n2thelight, Firstly regarding that commentary, what Paul saw was after the Lord`s ascension. We are told that the Body of Christ is in heaven (Heb. 12: 22 - 24)but those in hell are not there. The Luke (16: 19 - 31) picture is before the Lord`s ascension. So to you question - When do you see the Lord coming to earth? I see that the Lord comes to near the earth for His body and then goes together to the third heaven to begin visible ruling from that realm as kingpriests. (Acts 3: 20& 21) After the Lord has dealt with the fallen angels mid trib, (having them cast to the earth - limiting their power) and the world system He will come in power and great glory to deal with The world`s armies, the leaders, plus the fallen angels and Satan. regards, Marilyn.