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  1. Marilyn C

    Defense of the Post-Trib / Pre-Wrath Position

    Hi Last Daze, The `last trump` of God is the last word He says to the Body `Come up here.` And the `last day` is the last day of the earth as we know it. It is then that the `just` men and women of Heb. 11 will receive their reward. regards, Marilyn.
  2. Marilyn C

    Defense of the Post-Trib / Pre-Wrath Position

    Hi Diaste, Mmm so sorry, I read your comments per usual too quickly and saw the word `escape` and thus I reacted...... Did have a good laugh at `Agreed. I think.` Laugh at myself that is. Marilyn.
  3. Marilyn C

    Defense of the Post-Trib / Pre-Wrath Position

    Hi Diaste, `Escape!!!!!!` Dying to self everyday as Paul says is definitely NOT escaping. And God`s word tells us that when the Body of Christ comes to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God, THEN it will be mature. Then it will be time for the Father to send His Son to gather us together, and be set in the place He has made for us. Then we will rule and reign with Christ as kingpriests, judging the world system and fallen angels as Paul tells us. The Holy Spirit is completing the work of bringing the Body of Christ to maturity and it is through the knowledge of Christ, His character and His purposes. Across the Body the final truths are being clarified and then we will be complete, as a Body ready for the Head to come for us. What joy awaits for those who look for His coming. Every believer in the Body of Christ will have died to self, humbled themselves under His mighty hand - perfected in love. regards, Marilyn.
  4. Marilyn C

    Defense of the Post-Trib / Pre-Wrath Position

    Hi Steve, A couple of points bro. 1. The Day of the Lord - `Day` means a literal day AND a period of time. This we see in scripture. 2. God`s Wrath - we need to take all of God`s word regarding this topic, not just the book of Revelation. Invariably scripture connects this time with tribulation and suffer­ing. Zephaniah (1:14-18) provides one of the most concise descrip­tive accounts, as being more severe than any other in history. This is confirmed by Jeremiah (30:7), Daniel (12:1) and Joel (2:2). Jesus Himself warned “For there shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning to this time, no nor ever shall be.” Matt. 24:21. John succinctly epitomises it as “the Day of the wrath of God”. Rev. 6:15-17. Greek ‘Orge’ expresses wrath, anger, vengeance with connotations of punishment. To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. (Isa. 26:21). regards, Marilyn.
  5. Marilyn C

    Are we destined to sit on the throne of God?

    Hi Heleadethme, I`m glad you are led to think concerning `God`s throne.` The word `throne,` means `authority. Thus we realise that God`s authority is centred in Himself and beyond his created order. No one gave God His authority and all other rule and authority comes from God. Some use it wisely and other are rebellious. So we have the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as the source. They are of the exact substance of entity in mind, will and heart (John 10: 30). Their entire oneness of being, expressed by omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. These capacities obviously we will never have. The Godhead is the source, - the 3 persons are equal, in unity and of one mind. Then in function we see there is a hierarchy - The Father - initiates, The Son - administers, The Holy Spirit - is the energizing power. So in relation to rule and authority we see the Son will put down `all rule, and all authority and all power. ......Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who puts all things under Him, that God (the Father) may be all in all.` (1 Cor. 15: 24 & 28) We tend to think of these that are `rulers, authorities and powers,` as just on earth, however rebellion has gone throughout God`s great kingdom and every throne from the third heaven, through Principalities and Powers to the earth have been in rebellion. All these `thrones,` authorities to rule, have been ordained and created by the Lord. `For by Him all things were created, that are in heaven, and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or Principalities or Powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.` (Col. 1: 16) Thus, the Lord will occupy every throne/authority in every created realm! And where will that be from? Leave that for our next discussion as you may want to comment on what I have written. regards, Marilyn.
  6. Marilyn C

    New Here

    Hi Jason, How wonderful that God has drawn you to His word. Such treasures there, revealing His Son, the one who came from the heavenly realms into our sin stricken world to reveal the Father`s heart. Looking forward to your questions and how God reveals Himself to you. regards, Marilyn.
  7. Marilyn C

    New to Worthy

    Hi Betha, Welcome and praying for your recovery. Don`t stress, for we are all still here and await your wisdom from the Lord. regards, Marilyn.
  8. Hi turtletwo, Oh I appreciated the lengthy explanation as it shows the working of the Lord in your life, (& ours). What a joy it is to serve the Lord and in so many ways through each in the Body. It shows that the Lord works out our character as we serve each other. Truly amazing. love maz.
  9. Marilyn C

    Are we destined to sit on the throne of God?

    Hi IserveIam, `Unity,` here is referring to harmony, of one mind, (I us obeying Christ) BUT certainly not the `Omni`s - all powerful, all present, & all knowing. I addressed this with you previously but you have not commented. Also the Father`s throne/authority - initiates, while the Son, Jesus` authority - administrates. The Godhead is above all created realms - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The throne that we will sit on with the Lord is IN the created realms - the highest, the third heaven. it is good you are looking into this IserveIam, however you have jumped to certainly conclusions because you need more understanding of WHERE those authorities, (Father`s throne/authority, Son`s throne/authority) are situated. And the word `unity` does NOT include all the capabilities of God. Keep studying bro and you will get there. regards, Marilyn.
  10. Hi turtletwo, Yes we cannot go far from the cross. Thank you for expressing His pain and sacrifice for us. Do you just get a flow, or how does your inspiration come - a bit at a time? It is a wonderful gift to put succinctly into a few words such heartfelt thoughts. Marilyn.
  11. Marilyn C

    Are we destined to sit on the throne of God?

    Hi IserveIam, Very good topic to be discussed. Now God has written details in His word and I believe the Holy Spirit, at this time, is clarifying more truth, to bring the Body of Christ to the complete knowledge of the Lord, His character and His purposes. (Eph. 4: 13) I agree with much of what you say - - Jesus ascended to the Father. - God desires to bring many sons to glory, being partakers of the divine nature. - to sit with Jesus on His throne, ruling and reigning with Him. I have been taught this as has many others. It is just that now is the timing for this particular truth to spread across the Body of Christ, as all the previous truths of the Lord have in the past. It is timely for the Body to come to the fullness of truth concerning the Lord and His purpose for the Body of Christ. Then you go on and add this statement, which I believe is in error.` To sum it up in one sentence, God is calling His born again children into His Godhead. ` Now the GodHead comprises of - -His Divine Nature, (the source) -His abilities, - omnipresent, omnipotent, & omniscient. The Body of Christ will have the Divine nature, as through the Lord, BUT WE will NOT have the capabilities of (omni...) all present, all power, & all knowing. The throne/authority that the Lord is talking about is in the highest of the created order, the third heaven. There the Lord in His glorified body, will be given that authority by the Father, because of His sacrifice and overcoming the enemy. He is the Kingpriest over the whole order of kingpriests, who will rule from that realm. As deity the Lord is also in the Godhead `far above all...` This authority is beyond all created realms. (Eph. 1: 20 - 23) Each realm must come under the direct rule of the Lord, visible rulership, the wondrous, glorified Son of Man, in the heavens ruling, bringing all into harmony, unity and fellowship with God. regards, Marilyn.
  12. Marilyn C

    Introducing myself.

    Hi melodyfire, Sounds like a song! Welcome and look forward to what God has in your life to share with us all as we share what He has in our lives to you. A fire burning low with its coals is a very warm fire indeed. regards, Marilyn,
  13. Marilyn C

    Why Faith?

    Hi bumble_b_tuna, I`ve come late to your discussion but would like to share what I think. You asked a very good question for it points out the error that people, believers and non believers have regarding `faith.` Faith is not blindly believing something. That is stupidity. When God asks us to have `faith` it is always in something about Him, His character and His purposes. For example if we tried to reveal ourselves to an ant, (saying that it could receive understanding) we would have to go little steps at a time, relative to how that ant could receive understanding. So it is with God, who is beyond our understanding. He revealed Himself to people through out the ages and many wrote about it, (books of the Bible). God revealed Himself as the need arose, and then man could understand a bit more about God. In our lives we have the choice to begin to desire to know God. God has the responsibility of His part to reveal something about Himself to us, and we can receive, (have faith He is revealing Himself to us) or we can say that`s just a co-incident, a dream, not tangible, etc etc. Each person can have the wonderful joy of developing a relationship with the very creator of the universe. Believe that wonderful promise and you have stepped on the path of faith that leads to more trusting and knowing about the God who cares for us more than we care to know Him. regards, Marilyn.
  14. Marilyn C

    What angers me most

    Hi Melinda, I also do not like swearing or taking the Lord`s name in vain. However we need to remember that people are in darkness and it is a habit which is demonically inspired. The name of Jesus represents His character and authority. The enemy is trying to belittle that in people`s eyes and thus it is used as a swear word, blasphemy. People would not know why they use His name, but maybe would say - everyone does it, it makes me feel better, (ie angry expression). If you have an opportunity with some one and can gently say - ~Did you know that all legal documents must have a date related to this man`s birthday?` (eg 2018 AD or 200 B.C.) The word `bloody` is also used as a swear word. Now blood is life giving and the blood of Jesus is the most precious thing there is for cleansing us of our sin. regards, Marilyn.
  15. Marilyn C

    Wife fell out of love

    Hi onedirection, I believe HikerMom has given you godly advice. It is time to stop going hither and thither and running to and fro seeking a one cure all. Just stop! Emotionally you are wearing yourself out and it`s like you pray but then grab the wheel from the Lord and try this road, that road, and back again. Stop! Take you hands right off the wheel of trying to sort this out. Settle down, take a deep breath, breathe some more and go quietly about you day. Seek to be stable, seek to just continue to be thankful, seek to give the LORD TIME to show you HIS DIRECTION. And that is when YOU HAVE SETTLED DOWN. The glory will not go to this or that BUT TO THE LORD, who is the restorer of all things. praying Marilyn.