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  1. Marilyn C


    Hi living by faith. Great topic. I find that thanking the Lord everyday for specific things refocuses me. Marilyn
  2. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, Thank you for your thoughts and care. I am slowly improving and will fly home on Thursday. (yeah) So, that sounds good - `missing a necessary logical step...` Let`s open that up somewhat. I see that the wind shapes rocks and landscape, and that is a force that doesn`t `think` as it were. So that is a factor that needs to be included. Rivers are the same, flooding here, drying up there, changing course, affecting the landscape. And that is not `designed` specifically at the time. Thus you are correct that not everything that isn`t designed by humans is designed but the product of forces and over time. However.....the ingredients, the elements, still have to be thought of, as to how they came to be, and function in a whole system. Any thoughts so far? Marilyn.
  3. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, So when we look at a picture of a landscape we don`t tell the picture how lovely it made itself, but we appreciate and applaud the painter who did the picture. And so on with sculptures and building and things made by man. We see the object but realise it didn`t make itself but was fashioned by human intent. Then when we look at the actual landscape we don`t say how well you have done trees, river, etc, but logically realise that these things were fashioned by a mind and created by power. Marilyn. (BTW I am recovery from major surgery, so can`t always respond quickly. But if you want to continue with this conversation, and politely as you have done, then I am willing to also.)
  4. Marilyn C

    Close To God

    Hi Pencil, That`s good that you are drawing closer to the Lord. Everyday He is faithful and continues to reveal Himself to us in special ways and ordinary life too. Now when you say `Church` I think you mean the meetings. We must remember that the Church is the Body of Christ, the believers who are set in the Body by the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 12: 18) Thus it is important to build relationship with the ones and twos in our everyday life. Too many people rely on the big gathering to try and fill their lives with meaning, whereas it is just a general time of coming together to sing, hear the word and maybe chat with others, mostly on a superficial level. The lecture type of meetings we have now are not what they had in the early church. This came about later and has brought much power and control of a few over others - which God`s word says is wrong. Today there are other types of gatherings, house meetings, everyday life fellowship, reading & listening to teachings on line etc. Marilyn.
  5. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, You actually are saying `natural...` `..you'd have to first compare this universe with a different naturally occurring one.` `Natural,` presupposes what is right and should be. And whose criteria is that? Where is unnatural and why is it so designated? Now natural is not the opposite of design. Random, is the opposite. Design - planned, created, upheld. Random - no plan or design, and not followed up. So are you saying to me that - the Power of randomness in creation appeals to human reasoning? Marilyn.
  6. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, Now there`s the rub - `a ...naturally occurring...` You`d have to prove that, & of course you can`t. So I maintain that - The power of the Godhead is displayed primarily in the creation of the world, and appeals to the human reason. Our human reason sees that the design, preparation and continual maintenance of this world, and knows there is a great power and intellect behind that. Your human reason is not satisfied with thinking things are by design but would rather have them occurring naturally, but compared to what? Marilyn.
  7. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, OK, so let`s think of say the power of gravity. If we did not have that then the sea would float off, people, cars, tracks etc would not be able to function, planes could not land, (you need to be able to stall), objects would not be stable and life could not function as we know it. The power of gravity has to be the correct amount for things to function and it needs to be stable and constant. There are many more `powers` in the world that are needed for this earth to function. and remember the whole world hangs on nothing in space, and yet it maintains its constant course for night and day, seasons etc. The correct distance from the sun but not any further either way, too close or too far. Such powers that uphold the whole system together show clearly a preparation and constant care of the planet and its functions. Marilyn.
  8. Marilyn C

    One of The greatest manifestation of God's power

    Hi creativemechanic, From darkness to light. From Satan`s control to being under the Lordship of Christ. Absolutely astounding and one day we shall be seen as we really are, transformed in our bodies as well as our spirits. Marilyn.
  9. The President of Europe, (to come) will be the second beastly leader of the Global Government. He will hold two powers, (2 horns) being - Religious & Economic. The EU is the founder of the economic philosophy that has swept the globe - `free markets` and we will see the financial sector moved there. Also we know that the main religion that is bringing all the others together is housed in Europe. When trump gave a speech at the UN last year he said `I want to make America great again.` Then Macron spoke and he said, "Let`s make the world great again.` Interesting times and so much emerging. BTW Europe is not the dreadful, terrifying beastly power that is arising, beheading people. Obvious who that is. Marilyn.
  10. Marilyn C

    Evidence for God?

    The presence of the Godhead is disclosed perfectly in the manifestation of the Son, and appeals to the human heart.
  11. Marilyn C

    Evidence for God?

    The purpose of the Godhead is declared particularly in the revelation of truth, which appeals to the human conscience.
  12. Marilyn C

    Evidence for God?

    The power of the Godhead is displayed primarily in the creation of the world, and appeals to the human reason.
  13. Marilyn C

    New member!

    Hi AA, So evidence - `The power of the Godhead is displayed primarily in the creation of the world, and appeals to the human reason.` It is up to you to use your (Godgiven) brain, to think upon this world and all that is in it - how it functions and continues to be upheld, how it `hangs on nothing` in the universe and moves in an orderly fashion among the countless planets and stars. Marilyn.
  14. Marilyn C

    Are You Lonely Too?

    Hi LivingbyFaith, It seems we are both Aussies. That is probably why we are up at this hour and those overseas are asleep. Yes I can identify with what you have posted. Yet amid that the Lord brought different ones to be mentored and I have had the privilege of seeing them mature and now reaching out to others. I also can`t go out too much, (CFS) but then the Lord has provided this forum to make friends and a vehicle to help others, plus learn things myself. Perhaps the total dependency is needed before we can then mentor others as we would draw them to ourselves instead of to the Lord, because of our need. However when the Lord is in His rightful place then other things can be added. I pray that you will have the joy of mentoring others too. My husband and I have been on our big Australian trip and when we came to Perth we met up with someone from the forum and had tea and communion together. Then further on we stayed at a couple of friends we made on this forum too, and had such a precious time with them. Hope you can find good friends here. I`m always open to have a chat if you want to PM me. all the best, Marilyn.
  15. Marilyn C

    Hi I'm new here

    Hi Autumn Smoke, Welcome and what an interesting name. We`re looking forward to your questions and joining in the discussions. Marilyn.