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  1. Hi Last Daze, Sorry to not have replied sooner, but we have been off line all week. Seems we both agree to the maturing of the Body of Christ as very important to what`s up ahead. Also we both seem to agree on the individual, maturing in attitude and also to believe the truths of the Lord by the Holy Spirit. I do like your thought - `We worship God in spirit and in truth when we incorporate the words of Jesus into a lifestyle of obeying them.` Well put bro, and something that is not realised much. Now you said - `It has been the same for the body of Christ since the beginning of the new covenant. Those truths are contained in the gospels and elaborated on in various letters in the canon.` That is very true, and the Apostle declared that he told the believers at Ephesus the `whole counsel of God.` (Acts 20: 27) Then Paul warned them that `men would rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves.` (Acts 20: 30) Looking back through history we can see that that is exactly what has happened. People were drawn away from the `whole counsel of God,` and were led into great error... 2nd C. Bishops substituted - instead of Ministry gifts. 3rd C. Formalising worship - instead of `Spirit and Truth. 4th C. Amalgamation of Church and State - instead of Holiness. 6th C. Infant sprinkling - instead of Baptism. 11th C. Penance indulgence - instead of Justification by Faith. However we know that the Lord said His Holy Spirit would bring truth to the Body of Christ. Jesus said - `...He will guide you into all the truth...(John 16: 13) So...would you like to share of truths of the Lord, that you know the Holy Spirit has `guided` the Body of Christ in, over the centuries? Marilyn.
  2. Hi Last Daze, Yes I agree that we need to keep the Lord`s commandments of loving each other. That is not to be muddled up with the LAW, as only in Christ do we fulfil that. Even the Pharisees who actually kept the law did not get a tick from the Lord as they did not do it from the heart. So we agree on our maturing by following the Lord and being obedient to His will. Now there is another aspect of maturity, it is not only our attitude but also the truths that we believe. The truths that the Lord said the Holy Spirit would guide us into. Have you any thoughts on the various truths that the Holy Spirit has guided the Body of Christ in over the centuries? regards, Marilyn.
  3. Hi Last Daze, Yes, I believe we, as believers are being brought to maturity as we work with the Holy Spirit, and then there is the maturity of the Body of Christ as a whole. This maturity, God`s word tells us, (as you have posted - Eph. 4: 13) is do to with the `knowledge of the Son of Man.` Would you care to write what you see regarding that? Marilyn.
  4. Marilyn C

    Wife fell out of love

    Hi onedirection, Can appreciate your difficulty. And I must say that others have given such good down to earth advice. Now I would like just to add that posting scriptures comes over as `religious` and `this is what YOU (wife) need.` (ug) God made us and the world and expects us to be REAL in it. LOVE, true God LOVE is the giving of yourself in humble, caring, non judgmental ways. Drop the religious jargon and show what those scriptures mean in everyday life. Jesus showed by - washing feet, listening to others, walking the dusty roads, etc etc. Do the dishes, take out the rubbish, clean this or that, without expecting any thanks or notice, but God sees and your, yes YOUR inner life will change and that is what your wife is looking for - a real down to earth, not religious jargon talking false person. It`s the inner life that needs changing and the focus, dear bro, is on YOU. Your wife will respond when the real person comes forth. Also let me say that man`s religious organisations tend to breed religiously false people. Seek the Lord to help you be real, humble, and serving without expectations. Smile at your wife, appreciate her, be interested in her day, her ups and downs and bit by bit the Lord will work through you to reveal who He is making you - not a clone of an organisation but like the Lord. Remember - drop the religious stuff, for it has to be shown in reality not words. all the best and praying, Marilyn.
  5. Hi Last Daze, (`Also on the door....` lol) Actually, to come to Jesus we just have to humble ourselves under God. Then you are saying that for the Body to come to maturity in the Lord they will have to go through the `Tribulation,` the judgment of God. So you see this as the purpose of the tribulation for the Body of Christ? This brings us to `how the Body comes to maturity.` So....then what about all those believers, prior to this time, how did they come to maturity in Christ? regards, Marilyn.
  6. Hi Last Daze, Been off road and off line this week, but have a bit now. Thought I`d add this to the mix - Now there is a `door` and on the outside it says `whosoever may come,`....then on the inside we read `privileged/blessed` (or similar). So anyone may come to the Lord, but obviously those who do are most wonderfully blessed, etc. The when the Body of Christ is brought to maturity/completion by the Holy Spirit then it is time to take it to its eternal setting. The timing of that is very special and gives the reason for missing the judgment upon the rebellious. regards Marilyn.
  7. Marilyn C

    Relationship advice

    Hi Star, Welcome and great to hear that you are now looking to the Lord. Love to hear your testimony, when you have time to write it. all the best, Marilyn.
  8. Marilyn C

    I need help with fear!

    Hi Tyler, Pleased to meet you and talk on this very important topic. You are seeing so much that is not right - that`s important. Now you need to turn that inner `sight` to pray and compassion for the person or situation. Talk to God about it, pray the person comes to know the Lord, or know Him more, start to get a feeling of how much the Lord cares for each of us. Be the answer, (by prayer) and not the judge. Yes it is right to discern wrong, but then we can slip to being the judge and condemn that person in our mind. So....go to pray quickly and move on. Leave the person to the Lord. As you grow more in the Lord He will enable you to be more to those people or situations. regards, Marilyn.
  9. Hi Last Daze, Thank you for writing out the whole verse and clarifying that important detail, for it is God who designed and built the city - `...for he (Abraham) waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.` (Heb. 11: 10) Marilyn.
  10. Hi Last Daze, I certainly will seek you and look forward to your probing questions and thoughts. Now further to your thread - The catching away is when the Body of Christ comes to maturity by the Holy Spirit, (`...till we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect (mature) man....` (Eph. 4: 13) and we go to the Lord`s own throne in the third heaven where we judge the world system and the fallen angels. (1 Cor. 6: 2 & 3) The timing is when the Lord Himself moves from the Father`s throne (authority) and has His own throne, (authority by the Father). This authority (throne) will be in the third heaven, for that is the first authority to be restored. Rulership from the third heaven to earth have been in rebellion since Lucifer rebelled. thus there needs to be a `Worthy` person to rule over all. The Lord Jesus Christ became a man, and triumphed over all. He is indeed worthy, and all heaven, angelic beings and the Body of Christ will acclaim Him as Lord over all. this wonderful coronation has yet to come, as the Lord is still on the Father`s throne. But one day soon, we shall rise and there with the angelic beings we shall give the Lord - honour, glory, praise, for His is indeed `Worthy.` So the `catching away, the rapture, is that wonderful time when we are joined with our Head, the High Kingpriest of a whole new order of kingpriests, the body of Christ. What a glorious hope to look forward to, what a high calling indeed is that. So dear believers, let us lay aside all that hinders and would tie us to this earth, for we indeed are following our blessed redeemer and Lord, the one who has gone on before. Look up, rejoice and be steadfast, for He cometh quickly, (when He comes). God bless, Marilyn.
  11. Hi Distaste, People in this time period have the opportunity to humble themselves under God, and be in the Body of Christ that will be with the Lord, judging the world system and the fallen angels. However if they don`t humble themselves, and are under God`s wrath, then before they die they will still have an opportunity to receive God`s mercy, and be where He says they will go. It all concerns the purposes of God. Marilyn.
  12. Hi Brother Duke, Nice to chat to you and so glad we both have the understanding that Israel is the `bride.` (Shiloh also believes this.) This revelation has not been understood or taught by many people, but by God`s Holy Spirit it is being revealed in our time. Although it seems a `small` thing it actually can rob the believer of their higher calling which is to the third heaven with Christ. (Rev. 3: 21) Israel on the other hand, as scripture says will rule the nations on the new earth. As to the New Jerusalem, with Christ being worshipped, (but not through a temple) that is for the `just men` (& women) recorded in Hebrews 11. Hope that explains what I believe. Marilyn.
  13. Hi Distaste, We need to realise that all who die to self and follow the Lord will be caught up to be with the Lord to the third heaven. There they will judge the world system and fallen angels. Now the people who are left on the earth are the `rebellious` against God. However as things get difficult untold millions will turn to the Lord. (the great multitude that no one can count). These all die of - heat, hunger or thirst! Yet they turn from their selfish ways and turn to God. And all through the judgments people can turn to God but we see that many do not repent. `...and they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.` (Rev. 9: 21) Everyone, yes everyone who goes into the time of God`s judgment, have not humbled themselves under God`s mighty hand. yet still God gives mercy as long as people have breath. However they will not be included in the Body of Christ purpose, but will go onto the new earth, as they hold palm branches in their hand. palm branches signify the time of `tabernacles` and that means God tabernacling/dwelling with His people on earth. All areas of God`s great kingdom will have people who humble themselves under Him, the difference is that God, yes God Himself declares when each of His purposes have been completed. Marilyn.
  14. Hi Last Daze, Thanks, I forgot we had that discussion before. Now you know I would love to start a thread on that topic and after this trip around Australia I think I will. That will be in October sometime when we return. And you too, I always appreciate discussing with, as you think and work through what someone is saying and treat people respectfully also. regards, Marilyn.
  15. Hi Brother Duke, So good to read of clear truth. The bride is & always has been, Israel, and we as the BODY of Christ. Two different groups for two different purposes, yet all in harmony under the Lord`s rule. BTW I also need to say, as someone has brought up the New Jerusalem, that the city is described `AS` a bride, meaning it is like a bride in all its glory. That is a description. and God uses that term for Israel and later for the city. regards, Marilyn.