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  1. Ok Spock, Am going out today, but will prepare notes. Now we need to remember that when looking at this topic and others, that a certain amount of information from scripture is needed. These just don`t lie on the top of God`s word like `the man walked down the street.` So I will take you through what I was taught from scripture, with background information. That is needed to understand the scripture that pin points the time when the Lord descends for His Body. Marilyn.
  2. Hi Xethea, Interesting topic. I think we are talking about two different things here. `Good,` the essence of God (character) and `good` things, actions etc in a damaged world. Now I believe `goodness,`(of God`s character) is an operation of God, the giving of Himself for the benefit of other. God gives of Himself in a variety of ways, according to the need. eg. ` Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance.` (Rom. 2: 4) Marilyn.
  3. Hi Spock, I have said to you, previously, that I do have a biblical basis for the rapture, when the Lord comes for His Body. You didn`t take me up, so I have tried to work with you regarding your thoughts and make comments on those. BTW have you any comments on all the points I made regarding yours? Marilyn.
  4. Hi iamlamad, Thank you for your clarification. As to learning doctrine, eg Dan. 70th week, we need to know a lot of background information from God`s word - Who Israel is, what God`s purpose is for them, why they need to have this 70 x 7 `weeks,` and what is God`s ultimate purpose for them, in time and in eternity. So more to know than just what the Hew Testament tells us. Marilyn.
  5. Hi iamlamad, I am really only interested in discussing scripture with scripture - God interpreting His own word. Marilyn.
  6. Hi Spock, Yes you have been busy. 1.Now first up I see you assume that the trumpets follow the seals. That`s like saying, “Well God created man in Gen. 1 so the man in Gen. 2 must be another man. See the flaw in your logic? You assume, and have not thought to see if they run parallel. Your musings are therefore coloured by your assumption. Unless you try the parallel view, as in Gen. 1 & 2 you cannot be sure that you are right. 2.You again assume because God has not spelt it all out for you, to say that it is now the DOTL, then it can`t be. In a case of law, you know that all the pieces come together to fit the picture. You don`t have to have every bit, saying the same thing. The Day of the Lord is AFTER Armageddon as Joel 3 reveals. 3. You say, `Stars falling,` probably angelic beings. You are mixing your literal & non literal in one picture. The sun & moon are real, & therefore so are the stars. 4. You say `the heavens receded..` are for those going up, whereas there is NO mention of that. Pure speculation there bro. 5.`Every mountain...` Rev. 6: 14 `kineo,` were removed, just a presentation of the facts. Rev. 16:20 `phengo` to run away, is a pictorial representation, to emphise how great & mighty was the great earthquake. 6. Ok Spock I see your reasoning, however......(always a however, (lol) there is a process. Look back at Rev.16: 10 & 11 and we see men blaspheming God because of the darkness, and then later they continue to blaspheme because of the great hail. But we do NOT see the heavens opened just yet till after the details of the world`s judgments are given. (Rev. 17 & 18) Rev. 19: 11 reveals that WHEN the heavens open then the Lord comes forth with His angelic army. Rev. 6: 12 - 13 is a summary of the last events. The `sky receding` is the key to WHEN the Lord comes. And that matches Rev. 19: 11 WHEN the Lord does indeed come. So at first men are blaspheming because of the darkness and later hail. BUT when the sky recedes they realise that God is actually going to judge them - thus great fear. That is enough for now....Marilyn.
  7. Hi iamlamad, Important point ` ...WILL GROW DARK.` (Joel 3: 15) We see that is a process, and we know that when the sun does GROW dark that there will NOT be any light from the moon. For where does the moon get its light? The sun grows dark, the moon turns to LIKE blood and then eventually doesn`t reflect the sun because the sun is dark. Marilyn.
  8. Hi Spock, Thanks, I did miss it, though I was coming back to have a closer look this morning. I will go and check out you comments. Glad you did some more study. Marilyn.
  9. Hi Spock, Hadn`t really noticed that about the 7th seal, trumpet, bowl, so very interesting bit of info there bro, thanks. So a few comments. Does God have to have your criteria of `thunderings..` etc on every earthquake or other events to therefore make them judgments? There are no `thunderings etc` after the 1 - 6 trumpets, so does that mean they are not judgments? The Rev. 6 scroll is opened in the throne room where there are `thunderings etc...` So now you have rejected Rev. 6: 12 - 17 heavens and earth shaking as at the end of the trib, then all your other points should fit, ay? However, if you are still in some confusion, then how about really trying on the Rev. 6: 12 - 17 as the end and putting all the other pieces in the framework. Do you think you gave that view a good run, or just quickly put it aside? Marilyn.
  10. Hi iamlamad, The Day of the Lord is - a time period and a specific Day. (Heb. Yowm) When the moon becomes LIKE blood, then its light would NOT shine. Marilyn.
  11. Goodnight dear Spock, You run a good thread. May we all come to know Him more and His truth. love in the Lord, Marilyn. and you too, iamlamad.
  12. Half a day, iamlamad. The 2 witnesses finished their witness when they were taken into heaven. (Rev. 11: 11 & 12) Their testimony will be for 1,20 days. (Rev. 11: 3) They were dead for 3.5 days. So we see there is a half a day to go and that is when the Great earthquake happened. (Rev. 11: 18) The Lord roars from heaven and the heavens and earth, will shake. (Joel 3: 16) Darkness is over the beast`s kingdom, (Rev. 16: 10) and that is precisely when the Lord descends for it will be one day in which there is no light but at evening it shall happen that it will be light.` (Zech. 14: 6 & 7) The people of the earth will see the Lord coming in great power and glory, (brightness of His coming, 2 Thess. 2: 8) and in the glory of His angelic army. (2 Thess. 1: 7) Marilyn.
  13. So, iamlamad, by you logic then God will shake the heavens and earth early in the piece and then later shake the heavens and earth again. Marilyn.
  14. Great Spock, Yes definitely read again when you are not so tired. Marilyn.
  15. `And the first voice which I heard was LIKE A TRUMPET speaking with me...` (Rev. 4: 2) And that was Jesus who first spoke to John, `Then I turned to see the voice that spoke to me.` (Rev. 1: 12) Marilyn.
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