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  1. Apostles and Prophets

    Hi books, The timing was right on Worthy, as I just listened to segments of the tape. I have also read segments of your other source. I hear what they say but think they are legalistic. Now just because Torben uses `a different approach` or holds up his hand to illustrate the 5-fold ministry does NOT make him a part of the NAR (new Apostolic reformation). The bottom line of false teaching concerns who Jesus is. And Torben clearly shows in his character, life and speech, his belief in the risen, glorified Lord. The Lord will reveal who are His in His time. Marilyn.
  2. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    `For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, not things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.` (Rom. 8: 38 & 39) And gravity is one of those `created things,` that cannot separate us from the love of God. It is God`s love that draws us to Himself, daily, and finally, when we are all gathered together unto Him. Marilyn.
  3. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi other one, Hey bro, what about your new body? `For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.` (1 Cor. 15: 53) Something to look forward to as the years roll on, ay. Marilyn.
  4. Apostles and Prophets

    Well books, I listened to the speaker, however I believe he twisted what God was doing through people out in the streets, re: God`s ministry through Torben & others. James Jennings the person speaking against the `street`s ministry` only put his slant on what was happening, and was concerned that people from his fellowship were going to the `training` sessions. He was speaking out of `fear.` Torben & his team work in with church groups and other ministers. They are working with the Body of Christ and not starting another church. People need to watch the video `The last Reformation` themselves and discern what is of God and what is not. Marilyn.
  5. Apostles and Prophets

    Hi books, I will certainly look into it. Marilyn.
  6. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Hi Dennis, Yes it did sound like that. However I was thinking of other numbers in God`s word - 2,300 days, 1,290 etc. And yes I also believe as you do that the extra time is for the judgment of the nations and the setting up of the millennial kingdom. Hope you will comment on my blog coming up - `The tribulation Calendar.` I have made it simple & straightforward just using the numbers God has given, plus the relevant months and their meanings for the events. And finally I`ve given the dates I believe they will all happen with the Jewish calendar and our corresponding dates. regards, Marilyn.
  7. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi Riccardo, I don`t want to get this thread off topic, so a quick reply and if you want to discuss then the eschatology section is for that. I believe the `mark` of the beast is the authority of the world system. THE MARK – Gk. `charagma,` stamp as a badge of servitude. This I see as a chip implanted under the skin with all the details of that person`s life, health, medical, finance, etc. Information of that individual that is presently available on our chips, on our cards or in our phones. Information that separates you from every other person on the planet. Information that is needed to connect you into man`s new order. Then finally it is information that means allegiance to the Global Government headed up by the Global Leader. (Then there is the number and the name.) regards, Marilyn.
  8. Got Shingles

    Hi EJT, Oh I do feel for you, as I`ve had shingles many times. Hope you got on to the tablets soon to address it. Must do that within 3 days apparently. The virus is in our bodies, after chicken pox but only flares up when we are stressed and overdo it. So pray you recover and take care in the future. regards, Marilyn.
  9. Got Shingles

    Hi simplejeff, Thanks for that info, as I have had shingles many, many times. Marilyn.
  10. Family Going Through A Tough Time

    Hi mabel, Good that you are `watching over` your mum, as she seems vulnerable. Marilyn.
  11. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Hi Last Daze, I have been working on those numbers and will post them in my blog sometime soon. May also start a thread on them too. Be interested in your comments, bro. Marilyn.
  12. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi mabel, Let me put it this way. All salvation is through Jesus, ...saved from eternal torment, judgment...however, as in a family there are different inheritances promised. The Body of Christ, (us) will go to heaven, while those going through the trib. and look to God and not take the mark, will be on the new earth eventually. There are many areas in God`s great kingdom and different groups have been promised certain areas. Big, wonderful topic. Marilyn.
  13. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi mabel, The 144,000 are from the tribes of Israel and they are not in the Body of Christ. It is only us who are leaving on that `train` as it were. Marilyn.
  14. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi vlad, Mmm I think Enoch would have had that experience, and the 2 witnesses will in the future. Of course the Lord Himself went up in a cloud out of their sight. Truly something beyond our present understanding, but believed. regards, Marilyn.
  15. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    Hi SisterActs2, Glad you said `fanciful` as I had a picture of people, animals, things all floating off into space........(lol) Marilyn.