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  1. Division of The Church

    Hi TheGospelSaves, Good topic. I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of His Body has been building and maturing His Body over the centuries and over the world. Thus the Body of Christ is well on the way to coming to the fullness of Christ, the unity of the faith, by the Holy Spirit. If we look back over the centuries we can see those truths that the Holy Spirit has clarified - - Salvation by Christ, - Baptism, for dying with Christ and rising to new life, - Holiness - way of life by the Spirit, - Infilling and gifts of the Spirit, - the ascension ministries of the risen Lord, All these great truths (we often take for granted) have been contended for and often people have died for. All these truths have come across the Body and are not the sole ownership of any particular denomination of man. If we look at the various truths we can see that over time a denomination grew around that truth, but could never stop others from coming to know it. Thus each denomination was man`s way of trying to protect a certain truth (eg . Baptism in water - Baptists, Infilling of Holy Spirit - Pentecostals...etc) But God continues to flow through the whole Body and people from all sorts of denominations have received all those truths. So now to the denominations - well they are like scaffolding and are only of use when people are persecuted for a particular truth, but when that truth flows over to all the Body well then the scaffolding becomes the actual and people are really fighting about scaffolding. It will all pass away. 1. The scaffolding (denominations) are partnering with the world system and the poison of (we can change the world) is permeating every part. 2. Those who do not want to uphold the scaffolding (denomination) any more will be led by the Holy Spirit to connect with 2`s & 3`s together and encourage each other in their walk with the Lord and reaching out around them to others in real ways & not trying to get others hooked into the scaffolding. regards, Marilyn.
  2. Hi Equippers, `And although I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long, and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things....` (1 Cor. 13: 3 - 7) I see that it is the shaping of the character to be like Christ that God is focussing on. As the Apostle Paul says concerning `dying to self, daily,` which is really where the `rubber hits the road,` reality. People think that to go through the tribulation, (the one that is for the rebellious) will show if they are true believers or not, whereas God`s word says it is all about our attitude EVERYDAY. Dying to self is actually harder than going through the tribulation, for even non believers can do that - go through the trib. regards, Marilyn.

    Hi Davida, sorry to you also, as I see it has caused some confusion. I should have written the person`s whole name - LightShinesInThedarkness. regards, Marilyn.

    Hi OneLight, Sorry about the mix up. I should have written the person`s whole `name.` Marilyn.

    Hi Light..... (correction - `LightShinesInTheDarkness) I see you are studying God`s word. And a very important part of that is to realise that the Lord Jesus Christ is Head of His Body, he is building and maturing us, and will finally by His Holy Spirit compete the work and take it to its eternal setting in the third heaven. There we are told in scripture that the Body of Christ with the Head, the glorified, exalted, crowned Lord Jesus, will rule and reign. The first responsibility is to judge fallen angels and the world system, (as God`s word tells us) which obviously has to happen during the tribulation. Lots to study yet bro, Marilyn.
  6. I need advice, heartbroken

    Hi MOLI, I hear your broken heart, and feel for you. I also agree with my bros, who have all given your great advice - flee. My concern is for you at the moment - broken heart, thinking you love him. May I say that you `love` what you think he is and it seems you are living together, so the physical intimacy is a very strong bond. To break that you need, I believe to repent and ask the Lord to break those soul ties. You are young and this young man is so selfish and controlling. This is not a life time contract of that behaviour you want to enter into. He will not change however much you cry, as he is all about himself. Ask the Lord to see him as he really is. Don`t make excuses for him - flee. praying, Marilyn.
  7. What can I do?

    Oh how nice, your mum having the same name. What the Lord does by His Holy Spirit, in all our lives is `expose` `convict` and you can pray along those lines, for you would be certainly in God`s will asking for that. God doesn`t leave someone just because they are weak in the faith, doubting etc. It is through these trials and difficulties and problems that we learn what is of God and what is not. So continue to be her friend but not `preaching` at her or telling her `you have to do this and that.` That will only cause rebellion to rise in her heart. We don`t like to be told what to do. If she asks then say what you think and leave it at that, I believe, for it is her journey in the Lord and she needs to find out the nasty result of going the wrong way. God will watch over her and expose and convict and she will, I believe, turn around a much chastised person, having learnt from hard experience. all the best, Marilyn.
  8. What can I do?

    Hi DOJCI, Pleased to meet you. You are a good friend who is concerned for her friend`s welfare. My thoughts are, that often by fear we try to control situations or people whereas we really can`t. People will do what they want and if your friend is a believer then she may be in for a strong lesson if she follows that path. Lessons are part of life as we are fallen, selfish, fearful people. I would just encourage you to keep praying for her and that this wrong path is exposed to your friend, either before, during or after she goes. BTW fear is not of God and going through difficulties teaches us many things. So...trust God...even amid the situation, in the fire, so to speak. Marilyn.
  9. Hi JesusIsLord, Sounds like you were taught a pile of rubbish. `Being on fire` sounds like doing a lot of things man says. You would be so worn out, and actually quite discouraged as you (or any of us) can`t be `on fire` as man would try and tell us to be. `On fire` tends to mean, going to all the meetings, doing all the so -called right things and in the end you (or us) turn out to be a religious bigots. You have been sold a lot on false expectations, bro. God is not like that and does not expect that. He works with us and teaches us about Himself, (look around you at creation) and then also helps us to a step at a time over come our wrong attitudes and behaviours. Just concentrate on one thing at a time which HE will highlight, (not a list) and with the Lord`s help you will learn to be an overcomer. all the best, Marilyn.
  10. Hi He4gaveme2, Great name and pleased to meet you. I did so have a chuckle with you throughout your story but also understand your dilemma. I think it good that you desire to want to heal people, and ask for different gifts of the Holy Spirit. Saying that I believe the Lord would have you to mature first in knowing Him and His purposes. No good getting a gift and going about under our own steam. God works with us and firstly matures us so we can properly function in gifts to help others. I see that you have a young child and that would be full on as I see your interest is `sleep` and all young mums would agree. So good on you for taking the challenge of a young person. may God continue to give you wisdom and strength for that great responsibility of bringing up a living person. Now as to your `vision,` I would say this statement of yours says it all - I could not shake the feeling it gave me all day. Notice the word `feeling` as that is what it was all about. `Feelings` are what the enemy works on and they are what we do NOT go by. it is only God`s word of truth that is secure and never `feelings.` So I would say turn away from whatever is trying to confuse you and only pay attention to what is highlighted concerning `behaviour.` That is what God is bringing to our attention, our `attitudes and behaviours.` Gifts will only come as we are mature to handle them, so learn to listen to the Holy Spirit as he highlights that area we need to address with His help. All the best, Marilyn.
  11. Looking for some opinions

    Hi Jaynee, Just saw your question and I`d like to give my thoughts. God made three different realms - the atmospheric heavens around our planet, where the birds and planes and clouds are, then the celestial sphere where the suns, and planets etc are, and finally the third heaven where the angelic hosts are. Now the celestial and atmospheric heavens are polluted, as well as the earth, and thus we read of God making the new heavens and new earth. These areas are for special groups that God has planned. But there is no such thing as `higher and lower ranked` Christians as that would make the purposes of God reliant on man`s ability. Each area is for those God has given the inheritance to be there. All are within God`s great kingdom and are truly blessed. regards, Marilyn.
  12. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    Hi HisFirst, What a great thread and so good to hear other`s stories and see God`s hand along the way. For me, I was very blessed to be brought up in a Christian home. My first memories of Church meeting was sitting in a seat with a cushion near the front, as my mother would often take down the prophecies in short hand. She also was often in the orchestra and so needed to sit near there. We entered the main area and walked quietly down to near the front where we sat. My father must have been elsewhere helping behind the scenes as he was an elder. I had my books to read and pen and paper to draw. I enjoyed the singing, and then going out to the back area for Sunday School. My teacher there had a most fearful voice, and at Easter I so remember her speaking of the Lord`s crucifixion, with such a heart rending voice that stirred me to my very depths. I gave my heart to the Lord as a young child, and appreciate the teaching I had over the years. Marilyn.
  13. Looking for some opinions

    Hi Jaynee, You can rest assured that your dear grandmother, promoted to glory, is with the Lord in the General Assembly in the third heaven, as God`s word tells us. `...you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND CHURCH of the first born who are REGISTERED IN HEAVEN, to God the judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant..` (Heb. 12: 22 - 24) regards, Marilyn.
  14. Recall Notice.

    Hi ytLiJC, As I said in the last post, a pictorial illustration is not the truth but points to the truth. I see the Recall picture as a good help to unbelievers to illustrate the sin problem. from there then the discussion can move on to the actual truths. Jesus used pictorial illustrations and then interpreted them to His disciples. They are used to bring over a point and promote discussion. Marilyn.
  15. Recall Notice.

    Hi Justin Adams, I actually didn`t write the notes `recall.` I think it is a good picture to illustrate one point if we are talking to non Christians that we think may benefit from a pictorial illustration. We all use pictorial illustrations and we never expect them to cover all the truths we believe. They are not the truth, but point to the truth. Looking at the example I gave Davida, `...a Lamb as though it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes...` (Rev. 5: 6) We definitely know that the Lord is NOT a real lamb and he does not have seven actual horns and seven actual eyes. We realise this is a pictorial illustration with symbols. It shows some points of the Lord but does not explain all the truths regarding Him. So it is with the contemporary illustration, the Recall, to me it helps unbelievers to grasp the picture of our sin, our behaviour and the need for help. It is simplistic for it is only getting out one major point. As to serious discussion, well it would be a great launching point for unbelievers to ask relevant questions. - How does Jesus change us? - What did he do to pay the price? Jesus used contemporary pictures to illustrate a truth. The picture is NOT the truth but points to the truth. We need to understand it is not all about us and our wanting deeper discussions, but to have good illustrations to help those we meet in the journey of life. Marilyn.