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  1. Hi mabel, Trump is a business man and I believe he is trying to run the nation as such, but of course comes up against those who are really trying to run the country behind the scenes. Marilyn.
  2. I think we know things by their fruit. So who do you think fits this description? 1. EU & USA (RRE?) - the fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet.` (Dan. 7: 7) 2. Islam - the fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet.` (Dan. 7: 7) Islam is now currently at 1/4 of the world`s population and is the majority in over 50 nations. It`s recent history in Africa, former Yugoslavia and many other places is one of cruelty and genocide. Something to consider when pointing fingers. Marilyn.
  3. Marilyn C


    Hi douge, The `kingdom` spoken to Israel, means the RULE of the Lord through Israel on the earth. It is not something brought down from heaven, but the Lord`s very own rulership. The kingdom of heaven means the rulership of heaven come to earth. The `kingdom` spoken to the 12 disciples is the rulership in the New Jerusalem which comes down from heaven. They will be rulers under the Lord in that realm, the universe. The Body of Christ, however will rule and reign with the Lord in the third heaven, the seat of His power and authority over all of God`s great kingdom. Thus Christ will rule in every area of God`s great kingdom in the New Heavens and New Earth when He has put down all rule and authority. Marilyn.
  4. Marilyn C

    The Atheist Delusion.

    Hi PromisePromises, That is wonderful that the Lord has renewed your compassion for the lost and reminded you, (us) how simple it is to start a conversation, especially when not arguing but actually being interested in the other person. I liked how the interviewer brought the DNA subject right down to that person and explained how if the `pages` of his DNA, book of life, were end on end then they would be as long as going to the sun and back a few times - Amazing! Some good facts to learn as we help others come to know God and then Jesus. Marilyn.
  5. Marilyn C

    The Atheist Delusion.

    Hi SelahSong, Yes I agree a very worthy video. I am listening to it a number of times and getting learn the careful way the interviewer approached the people. He was not out for an argument but just asked them if they would like to hear some evidence and them some pertinent questions for them to realise the obvious - intelligent designer. I also liked the way he didn`t get side tracked but kept to his point - book created by an intelligent designer and the book of life, (DNA) created by an intelligent designer. Something for them to think about, but then the next step is leading them to understand about Jesus and our need of forgiveness. And yes the facial expressions said it all. Quite well done and pray that those people followed it up. Marilyn.
  6. Marilyn C

    The Atheist Delusion.

    Hi SisterActs2, Glad that you also appreciated this video. I thought he did it quite well without making it an argument, but just asking if the person would like to hear some one give evidence that there is a God. Marilyn.
  7. Marilyn C

    The Atheist Delusion.

    Hi mabel, Glad you kept watching and that it has helped you. How wonderful that you experienced His peace. Marilyn.
  8. Marilyn C

    Quick question for Christians

    Hi Big_Pete, Appreciated your poem. There is a Poetry club, (area) where people post their poems. You may want to post it there also. Marilyn.
  9. Hi Sheryl, Welcome to the Worthy family. May you be encouraged and also share your God given wisdom. Plenty to read and lots of good people to get to know. Blessings, over there in the `land of the long white cloud,` Marilyn.
  10. Marilyn C

    Mom may need a surgery

    Hi turtletwo, Good that you had a discussion with others. Also will continue to pray that the ulcer will heal as that is the difficulty at the moment. And I think that operation would be too much for your mum. A very emotional time for you, so praying especially that the Lord will be very close to you at this difficult time. Marilyn.
  11. Marilyn C

    Question about asking questions

    Hi Skillet, Truth is God, and we learn about Him - His character and His purposes for that is truth. And therein are wonderful treasures of truth to be revealed to us. Marilyn.
  12. Marilyn C

    Greetings from Western Australia

    Hi Pete, Welcome from another Aussie. My hubby and I have just come back from touring your great state. We live in Victoria and had such a great time looking at all your amazing scenery. I even posted pictures here on Worthy as we went around. However it is in a section where you have to have 500 posts. Anyway, you`ll find good friendship here. Marilyn. BTW My hubby says you may like to chat with `heybro,` as he lives in your state.
  13. Marilyn C

    Bible Reading

    Hi Frances, A wonderful God opportunity. We know that certainly the Holy Spirit will be convicting and encouraging that man to read God`s word and come to know Him better. praying, Marilyn.
  14. Marilyn C

    Mom may need a surgery

    Hi turletwo, Oh, what a decision, but I know the Lord will give you direction and peace concerning it. That is the operation I had just recently and I am recovering slowly, and managing. Maybe praying for the ulcer to be healed first, if there is time for that before you have to make the decision. praying, Marilyn.
  15. Marilyn C

    The Atheist Delusion.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC5PzoXxRc0 The Atheist Delusion by Richard Mc Creary.