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  1. Hi jsimms, Now you said - `It makes more sense to me that the believers who were pictures martyred in the Tribulation are the church and that the church still remains during the Tribulation period.` So if the believers of the church are still there in the trib, (as you say) then they would be among the `every slave and every free man` (Rev. 6: 15) hiding in the rocks etc. Marilyn.
  2. Hi childoftheking, Thank you for your apology, and it is accepted. I realise that you were misunderstanding what I was replying to jsimms. Glad that is sorted out and we can continue to share and get to know each other in the Lord. Marilyn.
  3. Hi childoftheking, It would be good if you addressed your rather rude remark - *`**Someone obviously is CHERRY PICKING SCRIPTURE, and doing a horrible job at it!!*** ` Marilyn.
  4. Hi childoftheking, I agree that those there hiding are NOT believers. I was following up on what jsimms was saying. He said - `´╗┐It makes more sense to me that the believers who were pictures martyred in the Tribulation are the church and that the church still remains during the Tribulation period.` Thus I was interested to know why he thought the church would be hiding. Marilyn.
  5. Hi jsimms, So why are the believers hiding in the rocks etc? (Rev. 6: 15) Marilyn.
  6. Hi jsimms, Not everyone becomes sensitive to God`s word, & as I said before, many who are facing death cry out to God for help, and He graciously hears them. That is what the great multitude did, for they were dying of hunger, thirst and heat. Horrible deaths and thus through their pain they cried out to God. Many would have thought that God would take them through the tribulation, but they didn`t believe He was coming for them prior, thus they weren`t looking for Him. A lot of that Great multitude would have had believers reach out to them before the tribulation, and they turned away, but then in their hour of great need they remembered and call out to God. Now the 6th trumpet is near the end of the tribulation and many people died of the plagues etc. Many of those people are some of the Great multitude who did repent. And those in the 6th seal although hiding, will find that because they looked after the Jews, that they will be able to go into the millennium. They will be of the `sheep` group. Marilyn.
  7. Hi Behold, I believe God`s word tells us that the Old Testament saints were `made righteous` because they had faith in God for His promise of their inheritance in the city. `These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off.....now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.` (Heb. 11: 13 - 15) Marilyn.
  8. Hi Tzephanyahu, From my listening to people on this forum, I would say that my points are - 1. Listening to the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. 2. Discerning what is of the world, of me and of God. 3. Knowing God`s purposes for the Body of Christ, for Israel and for the nations. regards, Marilyn.
  9. Hi jsimms, There are not many atheists in the trenches of war, so many turned to God amid the horror. Thus it will be in the tribulation, there is great famine, hunger, thirst because polluted water, and dying of great heat from the sun. All these are what motivate people to cry out to God for help, for their salvation. The great multitude which no one can count, die of `hunger, thirst &/or heat. `They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat.` (Rev. 7: 16) Many of the great multitude will be those who didn`t look to the Lord for His coming before the tribulation. And many will be those who professed to be believers but lived their lives as the world does, - to themselves. Marilyn.
  10. Hi Behold, Yes the Holy Spirit has always been active on the earth. However it is in regards to the Godhead`s purpose. When He came upon the Old Testament Prophets it was to warn and encourage the people of Israel to turn to God as a nation, for their purpose is to rule over the nations of the earth. Then when Christ ascended and sent the Holy Spirit, He came with the Lord`s `DNA` as it were to make us like Christ. We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and made into a body of believers fit for the heavenly realms. Two different purposes there, one earthly and one heavenly. Marilyn.
  11. Hi Cool of the Day, This is happening everywhere. The style of format that has been recognised as `church meeting` has only been going for a few centuries. Today people can go on line and get scripture, sermons, discussions, etc and they can also get together with each other for fellowship, plus be involved with helping in many areas of the community or outreaches to poor, homeless, youth, elderly etc. The key point is that people are seeing that a few people in the old format don`t have all the skills and abilities to oversee all these aspects of service that people need to be involved in to facilitate their giftings by God. They sense the power and control by a few as constricting. Thus I would encourage you and your group to see what you as a group can do to serve others and not be concerned with pew numbers. We are all in the Body of Christ and a local (small) group can really only do one or two `helps` into the community. Do that well and you will encourage, (perhaps) others who want to be of service in that way too. regards, Marilyn.
  12. Hi lyn, Welcome to the Worthy family and trust you will come to know good friends and not only learn more of our Lord but contribute what He has shown you too. regards, Marilyn.
  13. Hi Neighbor, Thank you for enlightening me on how your meetings are run and also being `closed.` What a difference to those here in Aussie land. So does that mean people can`t just go along to a meeting? Do they have to prove they are a member or be with a member? regards, Marilyn.
  14. Hi Neighbor, That`s good for you. I was really referring to the thought that people aren`t as free to discuss and share as when they are in a smaller group. Also all our church meetings run by organisations are open to the public. Must be different over your way. Marilyn.
  15. Hi Behold, A very important subject for so many are being deceived today. For me I see that when someone comes on the forum and asks how to be a better Christian, some people are writing a list of things to do. Now the Pharisees were good at that and we know what the Lord told them about their outer seemingly good but inside was like `dead man`s bones.` So, to me, anything that points away from looking to the Lord by the Holy Spirit, is taking some one off into `works,` trying to do things (legally) instead of learning to listen to the Holy Spirit. That is the big issue, as always, for it is always easy for the flesh to DO things and tick off the list and `feel` good about yourself, thinking they have `legally` done everything required. That is a false foundation. Learning to listen and obey the Holy Spirit is the key. And what we `hear,` will not be in contradiction to His word. As we submit to the training of the Holy Spirit our inner desires will be to `feed` upon His word, to praise and thank Him daily, to repent often from attitudes that are highlighted. If someone does the `list` thing, then all those things will be a chore, something to tick off, but will never feed the inner man as the intent is wrong - for self justification. Marilyn.
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