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  1. Hi Marilyn I have been too tired with all my activities to come to Worthy in the last few days, but was wondering how your holiday was going. Aren't eagles wonderful? Our brothers and sisters in the US would know all about them. While we were caravanning up North a few years ago, we often came across two or more eagles picking apart roadkill out in the "Never Never". The presence of vehicular traffic did not seem to bother them, and at times they were very slow to get off the road! Magnificent birds, and speak to us of God's amazing creation, as do ants! Take care on the journey home sis. PS - we finally have a heavy downpour happening outside, praise His Name.
  2. Welcome MJ. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi ! Hope you enjoy Worthy as much as I do.
  3. Sorry Ricky, re-read your OP and realised it was directed to those who believe in WOF and prosperity doctrine. My bad. Forgive me bro. Thanks.
  4. Hi Ricky You know, we need to trust our Lord in everything. He has given us His Life. This means that we believe, trust, pray, read His Word, follow His commandments, praise Him, worship Him in everything we turn our hands to. If things do not turn out the way we want them to, then we re-do the above and on, ad infinitum. We don't let disappointments get us down, but continue to do all we can, because now, and in Heaven, awaits our Great Redeemer, our Great Treasure, our Pearl of great price, and "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Rom. 8:18. I never question my faith. In my nearly 40 year journey with the Lord, He has never let me down. My husband and I both need serious physical healing. Though I continue to thank Him for it, it is yet to be made manifest. It doesn't matter to me. My faith does not depend on what He could do, but what he has done! Thank Him for all the blessings you do have - the best one being that He has saved you! I don't mean to say we don't all have trials and tribulations, but that He holds our hands through it all and will be with us, even unto the end of the age. Blessings, brother.
  5. Hello MissKayLay Give it all to the Lord, dear one. Say, "Jesus, I am giving all this to you because you are the One who has saved me from all this stuff the enemy is trying to put on me." Do it again if you feel no peace. Then, leave it with Him. Don't concentrate on it, don't "carry the care of it". Say "Jesus, I praise You. Jesus, I thank You that your blood avails for me. I trust in Jesus. I trust in You, Lord. I give it all to You because You have carried it all to Calvary for me. I know You have saved me. Praise You. I give You praise. I worship You. You are my everything. The enemy can't touch me because You have taken all my sin, pain, sorrow, heartbreak. You don't even remember them. You have cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. I love You, Jesus. The more you thank Him, the more you trust Him, the more you praise Him, the less you will think about the things that are trying to get you down. I know it seems easy for some to say; not so easy for you to do. Well, I have been there too dearest sis. This is what I do and it works for me. Try it, my dear. We are all praying for you. The brothers and sisters love you; you are part of the family of God. I am praying for victory for you today over all this. God has given us the victory; it is in His victory, it is in His triumphs, it is in His righteousness. He paid it all. You are free; He has made you free. Love to you dear one, we are praying.
  6. Hi Rev Man Off to church now, but looking forward to this afternoon when I can come home and read your whole post. Managed to get time to jump on Worthy to see what's happening. Hardly any time lately. We love you bro. How great the Father's love for us..........
  7. NO GOD NO PEACE KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE. Back in the 70s in the charismatic movement, my friends and I had stickers on our cars of the fish sign and others. One of my friends, saved about the same time as me, had stickers almost all over the back of his car, including the bumper! We were, and still are, so in love with the Lord.
  8. Yes, Shiloh. One of our politicians, who stands against Muslim immigration, said (in response to a question from a reporter) something along the lines of "line up a few Muslims and show me the terrorist". They are coming in in Trojan horses. Our "Greens" party wants to open the floodgates! What you have just posted moves me to a yet deeper plea in prayer for the unsaved and deceived of this world.
  9. Hi Marilyn This is what I have been taught too; I agree. So thank you for putting it so well.
  10. Hi Annette You are such an encouraging person! I love your posts. Keep 'em coming sister. I forgot to mention that I also love anything that John wrote. I read his gospel and letters over and over. Psalm 91 is my favourite. God bless you, can't wait to meet you all in glory!
  11. Hi warrior12 There are 2 people at the moment I am talking to about giving full control of their lives over to the Lord. I have told both of them I am getting them a copy of Pilgrim's Progress. Praise the Lord for this book! I also love Watchman Nee. My husband reads a Proverb a day, and I keep myself in the Old Testament and the New Testament every day (missed this morning (!)). Just bought Basil Miller's book on George Muller.
  12. Hi Dave Welcome! I got where you were coming from; had to take a second look. God bless.
  13. Thanks Abby-Joy (Page 9; my attempts to cut and paste proved futile). You have agreed with my position. To Enoob - as I said, no church is perfect. I explained that our church is small, with only a few men qualified to step up to the eldership position. Just wanted to say - God commands the blessing to our church. Although small, we dwell in unity, submitted to our pastor, who is totally submitted to Jesus, as are we. I returned from our robust prayer meeting last night so blessed - we are in unity. Psalm 133 says "1 Behold how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity! 2 It is like the precious oil upon the head, Coming down upon the beard, Even Aaron's beard, Coming down upon the edge of his robes. 3 It is like the dew of Hermon, Coming down upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing - life forever." My KJV. Despite the fact that we do not have the perfect church, God has enabled us to give financial blessings to fledgeling churches in other countries we would never have thought possible. We also do our best to look after the poor and wretched and blind and naked in our own missionfield here (there but for the grace of God go I). I am not saying this as a source of pride; I just wanted to prove that God looks on the hearts and not necessarily on the gender when it comes to doing His Will with what we have been given to give to others. Love in Jesus' name.
  14. Hi all I didn't mean to derail this thread; sorry. With regard to women serving the Lord in ministry: A long time ago the Lord showed me that He wanted me to minister to younger women and children. Some of the women are single; others have children - it doesn't matter, if I can help them I will. I know you agree with this. We have a very small church. My husband and I were both asked to be elders after we had been there a certain amount of time. He accepted; I refused, on the basis of scripture (1 Tim 3:1-12). However 3 other women accepted for their own reasons. Each of us must do what he believes is right according to scripture. Why my beloved sisters decided they could be elders, I do not know - but they are all responsible for their own decisions. They are all accepted as elders by the church. There are very few men who could step up to do this, apart from those who are already elders. Of the sisters who accepted, one lost her husband and the husband of another had a stroke. So we now have 4 male elders and 4 female elders. We are a family. If things come up that need to be considered, my husband always asks what I think. I give my opinion and leave the decision up to him. He is the head of our family, so after much discussion he is left to make the final decision. I have a few roles in my church. I give a monthly report on the school chaplains in town (having been one myself at one stage) and take turns in conducting communion when I am rostered on to this. Quite a few of us are also involved in the food ministry. Our pastor likes to hear from a few of us from the pulpit as each person brings a different perspective on things, and he appreciates all of our ministries. One lady in particular is a gifted speaker. We are all submitted under our pastor's leadership. We are not usurping his authority; he wants us to minister (btw he is a really good preacher but is not threatened by women). I always defer to him in situations that require it. So our little church hums along quite happily and we get very blessed by the Lord as we endeavour to do His will - practical Christianity coupled with total reliance on God's Word. We also sit under the teaching of Curry Blake on a Thursday morning. It is not the perfect church - we will never see this as, if there is one, we should not go there or we will mess it up! To sum up, God does use the ladies; there is no egocentricity and we all get along very nicely, praising, exalting, serving and loving Him. Blessings to all.
  15. Hi Limey Bob Can you please tell me where YWAM has become occultish or new-agey? I spent almost two years in YWAM (albeit quite a while ago) and, once I had left, my husband spent 5+ years there (we never met in YWAM, but later). I didn't travel too much, but he travelled a lot. Neither of us ever experienced anything like this. YWAM was on the very straight and narrow. We still go by the teaching we received there, many years later. We sat under many different ministries, and believe me, God really sorted us out there. We still have relatives and friends there. Can you please share why you make these claims about an organisation that has had a wonderful influence on a lot of people I know and this includes us. Thanks, Bob. God bless.