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  1. Hi all I have just caught up with about 10 beautiful pages of delightful animals and birds our God created and want to say thank you to all who posted, and especially my friend turtletwo, who continues to be a wonderful sister to all who come here. Once again you have cheered me up. God bless you all. Frienduff, I am familiar with the Aussie Cattle dogs. They are Red Heelers and Blue Heelers and are indeed lovely dogs. The cat you called Siamese I think is actually a Burmese. I have had several of these, and they are the most beautiful cats ever. Our hearts melt with love for these beautiful creatures. SA2
  2. Hi turtletwo You and your family are always in our prayers. Right now, we will also lift your daughter up to the Lord for help.
  3. What a beautiful eulogy for that precious little baby turtletwo. May God bless you for being so compassionate. We join with you in praying for Abigail's parents, who must be in such grief. Love in Jesus' Name, SA2
  4. Thank you dear sisters and friends! I thank you that you are both very, very close friends and share our joy. Your posts are so precious to me and you are both loved. Thank you so much for your very valued prayers along with ours! Thank you frienduff! You are another ol' friend, who you are shines through your posts and I value your friendship as well, and your love shared to us. Thanks Heybro as well.
  5. Hello Worthy family! It is my privilege and joy to announce the arrival late yesterday of my husband and my first grandchild! We have been praying for this little one for close on 9 months now, and they did not reveal sex or names to us before last night! We have a little girl. As our daughter and her husband live in Europe, Baby D (for surname) has now become Baby M (for her first name) at around 7pm Friday evening 7th June. I don't feel free to post 'photos as it is our grandchild, suffice to say she is, of course lol, the most beautiful baby in the whole world! Hallelujah! Our God reigns! Hubby went to work and I stayed up fighting sleep and finally got the good news. We will try and make our way over there to meet her as soon as we can.
  6. Yes, tt - I understand and agree with frienduff. Little Abigail definitely has my prayers, and her family. May God bless them with this beautiful little addition to their family with a healthy life (and they will always remember the other twin).
  7. My vote is Patch. And I love the little hedgehog. How cute! Great pics again, and thanks turtletwo!
  8. Hello tt and others I have heard and seen many cases where the bond between mothers and their children remains somehow despite challenging situations in life. It has to do with the way God made us.
  9. Hi tt Love this scripture, tt. Among my favourite verses - John 1, 1-5. If I haven't given any picture a thumbs up or something else, it's because I don't want to run out of icons today!
  10. I love this scripture too sugarbear. Makes me wonder how He puts them all in there, and whether we will see it "up there"!
  11. I want this lil guy to live with me!!!! Stand in line, Sugarbear
  12. Yes, tt - this must be a premmie, right? Thank you for all the work and love that you put into this thread! What a beautiful little kid! Frienduff, is this yours? Brother, so glad you have joined us in loving the pictures of God's beautiful creation - animals, nature and people's captions combined. When we are with the Lord I will have umpteen animals to love!
  13. Hi turtletwo Thanks dear sister. We now have another 3 years in which to fight for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, anti-abortion laws and for the good of the people of Australia. Praise the Lord indeed.
  14. Amen diane32. I remember this now you have brought it up. I haven't spent much time on Worthy lately - I have been very busy and haven't been able to come here. I also posted my own testimony quite a while ago, urged by friends. I don't know where you are from, but in Australia we have just held our Federal election 2019 yesterday. I work for the Australian Electoral Commission whenever we have one, and have been absorbed a bit by this lately. Let me tell you what happened: We have two main political parties: The conservative centre right party called the "Coalition". This is the one Christians want in power. Our Prime Minister is a Christian, and they are good money managers and rule the country quite well. Of course they have their ups and downs, but are generally good managers. Then there is Labor - the opposition. These people in this country are a bit like the Democrats - pro a lot of things we Christians hate. They are helped by a group called the "Greens". The things these people have planned are not good. Well, all the "polls" were predicting a win for Labor and the Greens. But we had been called to arms to pray! Some time ago a wonderful pastor called Christians to fast and pray for 21 days that they would not win. Well, we prayed the whole time (fast - didn't do so well). Well, yesterday our God delivered! He turned things completely around and our conservative government is back in power! It was critical for them to win because we got the goverment we really need! At a time when the world is really going down the wrong track, God delivered! I cried with happiness. I thanked our Lord over and over for delivering us from the clutches of the enemy. OUR GOD REIGNS!!! SA2
  15. Well, God bless you dear friend. As usual, you have blessed many of us with one of your beautiful poems on Resurrection Sunday! What a wonderful day for all of us when the world is going through such a bleak time. We do indeed join with you in praising our amazing, wonderful Saviour and Lord. He is our treasure in Heaven, our everything, our all. Praise the Lord!
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