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  1. NEW

    Welcome to Worthy, godwillservices! Always lovely to meet new people
  2. Feeling weak

    Hi Mel85. May God give you strength in whichever area you need it. Praying.
  3. Hubby taken to hospital.

    Hi Marilyn I am so sorry I missed being able to pray for Trev as I have been away from my computer etc. and come home sick, so must catch up. I am so glad to read the most recent posts to discover that Trev is home and getting better. Praise our wonderful Lord that He cares so much for His children. I, too, am so grateful for Worthy. We are standing together against so many things that are lies from the enemy - the world's system - counterfeit Christianity - interfaith beliefs ... and the list goes on. Praise Jesus that He looks after those who are truly His, and love Him more than anything, and serve no foreign gods. Our God reigns! I will bless the Lord at all times.... His praise shall continually be in my mouth.... my soul shall make her boast in the Lord.... the humble shall hear and be glad.... the humble shall hear and be glad.
  4. The evils of sandwich making by wives

    One further thing: I remember way back when my friend and I were very young Christians. She was married to someone who was a born-again believer but was still working through his problems. She told me she had prayed to the Lord, asking Him to change her husband. He apparently answered her along the lines of "you change and I will change him". I agree with Marilyn C as well. I think she thought more thoroughly about the fb rants than I did. Champion! God teaches us every day.
  5. The evils of sandwich making by wives

    Hi guys Yes, Yowm, it is. But it is a mild one. Hardly anyone says that anymore. The buzz word now is much worse - .... it seems every second word - and by women as well. However, so as not to lose the thread, I was shocked to see those responses - don't people care at all about their spouses anymore? Good golly. Have people sunk so low? As a retired Christian I guess I don't socialise in the world much and miss out on most of this kind of garbage (I also never entertained the idea of having a fb page). Don't want to sound like I'm on my high horse but, please, love the one you're with!
  6. Hello FresnoJoe.  I am so glad you are back.  I noticed you were missing for a while and read something which sounded like you had not been well.  I missed your posts.  May you be blessed with good health and well being, and post many more encouraging things!  Sorry if this is the incorrect place to put this, but I don't know where else to post it.

    1. FresnoJoe


      I Was In Hospital For A Month (Second Time Within The Last Year)

      I Am Weak So I Will Not Be On Worthy As Much As In The Past

      Love, Your Brother Joe

    2. SisterActs2


      We will be praying for your strength to return so that you are living a life beyond amazing brother.:)

  7. Counterfeit Christianity

    Thank you missmuffet. I agree with you. We need to keep our minds focussed on Him and His Word! As for me and my house, we will choose the Lord. Just wanted to add: Galations 1:1-12, especially V10, "For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.".
  8. Hello Isaiahchapter59 Lovely to meet you. Please re-read this page. These lovely people have said it all. All I can add is: Oh, what a wonderful wonderful day, day I will never forget - when I had wandered in darkness away, Jesus my Saviour I met - Oh what a tender, compassionate friend, He met the need of my heart - Shadows dispelling, with joy I am telling - He made all the darkness depart - heaven came down, and glory filled my soul, when at the cross the Saviour made me whole - my sins were washed away, and my night was turned to day - heaven came down, and glory filled my soul. This is an old hymn that I love to sing, and Jesus is more than enough. Just surrender it all into His hands. Bless you brother.
  9. Why Americans love doomsday prophecies

    Hi all St Paul felt the tug of heaven but felt it was better for the church if he remained for a time. I want to be with Jesus too - but I see around me so much need; so much deception, so much confusion. Even though we see the signs, we should not be tempted to try and work out the hour and the day - just trust that it will happen, in His time! It is now 2.46pm, 23/9/17 in Western Australia. We will see!
  10. Love to hear some testimonies

    Hello Marvin Next year, in February, I will have been saved 40 years! It will be my spiritual 40th. I got saved in 1978, in Sydney, Australia, where I was living at the time. Wow, what a conversion! And my love for my saviour only grows more each day. It is so good to welcome you here, as someone who has only been with Worthy for a short time. May God bless you as you read all the wonderful things here that time allows, and participate as well. I have a friend who is a bit younger than me that I met at a local church craft group. We were both new in our town, and we got to know each other a bit and became friends. I knew she wasn't a Christian, but we carried on our witness while she was around of course. One day a couple of years ago I went to see her and she said to me, tearily, "I have made my peace with God". I took the opportunity God offered me and talked to her about Jesus. My husband and I baptised her in a local waterway, after taking her through her statement of faith in Jesus, and believing Him to be the Son of God, the only One Who could save her from sin and death. As time goes on she is learning more and more about our great and marvellous God and truly believes in Him. I agree with Wayne222. But where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. And where persecution is, the church grows more. I think people are often too comfortable (and in their sin) to be "desperate for the truth" as I was. They think they are ok. We must do all we can to assure them that "good works won't get you into heaven" and that our treasure is in heaven, not in anything here on earth, which is temporal and passing away. OUR GOD REIGNS!
  11. Oasis in an internet desert

    Hi Steve. I did the same. I am sure you will enjoy the fellowship here just as much as I do. It is wonderful to have this online church! Welcome, I know I am late but glad you're here too.
  12. Oh, Denadii, bro, I said previously in another thread that I was a bit like you. I didn't mean like this (telling people they are not Christians, which I think you have now apologised for). With regard to true disciples of Christ, He knows those who are His. There is a difference between being judgemental and being discerning. The Bible tells us to be discerning. We must be able to test the spirits and discern whether or not there are ravenous wolves amongst us, but not judge the world, which is for God alone to do.
  13. THE RUSSIAN WAR - Overview

    Thanks, OO. I will try it!
  14. THE RUSSIAN WAR - Overview

    Hi Marilyn I don't know how much I can teach you....but I do know this, that you can teach me a lot. I class myself a bit like Denardii! I can't get onto Worthy at night right now, when I do have some time. The season for midgies is here. These microscopic gnat-type things squeeze through the mesh in my security door; they come in somehow, and are attracted to any light that is on. So I turn the lights off and then there is only the light from any screen. Taking advantage of this, they jump in my hair and neck and annoy me like a mozzie. So, sis, keep on truckin'. I will listen and comment where I can. God bless, sister!
  15. THE RUSSIAN WAR - Overview

    Looking forward to hearing more Marilyn. Blessings