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  1. Yes, I will JoshuasonFlower. And, JTC, good to see your post brother. Chris, all of us are praying for you. Jesus died for you so you wouldn't have to. He took everything on Calvary for you, so you wouldn't have to bear it. He came to give you life abundant. Take it, dear one. He not only has the answers, HE IS THE ANSWER!
  2. Hi and welcome Holden92 It may be because I am older, but my husband and I adore the hymns written of old, by people who seemed to have a gift. I find that, when we sing a hymn, my deepest longing for the Lord stirs within me. Often we drive for long distances at a time as we live 2+ hours from our nearest city - I rarely put music on as I like to concentrate on my Lord, and I never listen to the radio. However, I do have some secular music - people with beautiful voices, etc. I also enjoy music from the 60s and 70s like "Bridge over troubled waters" by S & G. And, I am an Elvis fan from way back! Who could not love that velvety voice. I often feel like quoting one of the lines from this song (quoted above) but always go to scripture instead, as, at the end of the day, God's words win over the words of men every time for me. God bless you brother. May you find many happy times and spend some great time here on Worthy.
  3. Hi JTC I have prayed for you with tears today. I, like you, get a lot of pleasure out of helping people in need. I believe this is part of what God wants me to do. Right now I am helping a young family with some basic needs. This youngish couple - he can't find a job, she has just had a major operation and has problems with one foot and one hand. They have two children - the boy has what is commonly called today "ADHD". I blame a lot of this on food additives etc. although mum tries to feed them properly, and dad is very helpful and tries his best. The other child - well, I am trying to help her. She is the younger one and needs "The Nanny". I am trying to be that to her but I have said to mum, she needs it followed through at home. She was born with a hearing problem and has had an operation on her ears. She wears a hearing aid but has very poor social skills (probably as a result of delayed behavioural learning). Other people at church seem to not want to help control her while church is on; although some try to love her. So it is left to myself (previously a primary school chaplain) and her mum to try to keep her under control. As her mum is a new Christian, I want her to stay in the church and listen to the sermon while I take the child out and play with her. This is difficult, I have to peel her off mum. Dad and son do not attend. The reason I am telling you this is because I want you to know that there is a lot of compassion out there for you with people such as myself and, believe it or not, if I had the money I would renew my passport, jump on a plane (I hate flying), find you and, with my dearest husband, give you a big hug and visit with you to show that there are people who want so much to be your friend. 1to3 has said it well. I am going to pray that God gives you that companion you so long for, but that that companion would always encourage you to find your fulfilment totally in God, and not ever think that another human being can give you what you really need most of all - full, complete, 100% trust in God our Saviour. It may seem that I am playing an old record but, dearest brother, it is absolutely true. Love you in Jesus' name today, tomorrow and in the kingdom to come. On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus' name.
  4. Hi JTC I agree with Kwikphilly. Jesus loves you and I recognise that what she is saying is in absolute love. I know you have suffered so much. I have a lot of pain in my body too, but I believe Jesus took that on the cross for me. You have a lot of friends here who care so much about you, bro. Now you have a doctor talking to you. Praise the Lord for all the advice you have been receiving, and about Medicare too. We are all brothers and sisters and, because we are of the same body, when one member of the body hurts, other members hurt with that one in empathy. I don't know if anything I ever say helps you, but maybe what we all say will help somehow. We will continue to pray for you bro. In Jesus' precious name, God bless you.
  5. Hi HisFirst Sorry, sis. Not telling. It could have been completely fake news. A long time ago; could have been heresay. Just something I heard. Might even have been something the person said in jest.
  6. Hi Bob Thanks for the suggestion, bro. No. 1, I am quite technologically challenged, and I don't let the conversation with them gain any momentum anyway. No. 2, even though we are equal and are both seated in heavenly places with Christ, my pastor's knowledge of the word far eclipses my own. He owns an MP3 player and plays the Word over and over while he has his headphones on, but would not entertain that idea as every conversation is different etc. I need no other argument; I need no other plea. It is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me.
  7. Hi HisFirst Just btw, I have grown to love your sense of humour - just thought I would let you know. Especially Wednesday nights at Shiloh's house LOL. To be perfectly honest, I was in my 20s in the 1970s. We used to be a bunch of "larrikins" back then and Australia was young and a bit naive; but mostly me. I had grown up very sheltered but stupid. Anyway, to get to the point - I have no idea where it all came from; it was Paul Hogan country, you know, and we used to identify ourselves that way. I think Sandgroper means being on the beach with the rest of the crew, but am in no way certain. Love, your West Aussie sis. Christ alone, cornerstone.
  8. Hi all. We have requested several times that the local JWs "cross us off" their list when they go visiting our neighbourhood. However, we do it very nicely as we want to be a witness to them. They always come back. When they do come, we immediately tell them that we are Christians and that we fellowship in a church in town. I go on to tell them my statement of faith, to which they respond "we believe that too". I mean, I include, succinctly, all the central truths of the gospel as we know it. My pastor does not bother to argue with them; instead he asks them for their testimony. They are always flat out flustered and he then asks them pertinent questions and points to the correct doctrine in the Word of God. Faced with this wonderful man of God, who is very good at refuting lies, and knows the Word very well, I often think they may "cross him off" their list of visitations. They simply can't answer what he puts to them. He is never rude or offputing, just challenges them and prays for them once they leave. A great example to me! They are people first and, after that, people in deception. We place Him in the highest place. For He is the great High Priest. We place Him far above all else. And we come to Him, and worship at His feet.
  9. Hi HisFirst We have done this before, sis. South Aussies are Croweaters, I am a West Aussie. Blessings. Can't remember what the others are. All from the 70s. In Christ alone, I put my trust.
  10. Thank you missmuffet. Now I don't have to look at UTube anymore! I love animals!
  11. How much more weird will the world get? May I venture to say............... worse than the days of Noah (thank you Davida). Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.
  12. Hi Patriot You have made me lol. However, in the words of a famous tennis player, are you serious? I actually heard once that another famous tennis player decided that, as they couldn't find "the one" they married him/herself! I actually have seen a lot of crazy stuff about people in Britain (they probably exist in other places as well) who dress up in all sorts of ways and pretend they are an animal, or whatever. It is not only weird, it is delusional, and you don't have to be a doctor to come to this conclusion. Sorry.
  13. JTC you have friends here. I am happy to pray for you a lot. You seem like a very nice person, and Worthy is God's gift to you right now. People do care about you. Just keep posting. There is also a lot of great stuff here to read, and some very funny people who will definitely make you laugh. I am so glad you have come back since the other day. Keep praising and thanking Him whenever you can. Don't look at the circumstances. Stay focussed on Jesus. I need Worthy for fellowship as well. God bless mate.
  14. I deliberately named my children easy to spell, simple, well known names that: 1. No one could make anything derogatory out of; 2. no one could make anything derogatory out of the initials (when put together), so that their journey through life could be easier. I knew someone who named their child something like "Cherry Berry" or "Cherry Pie" or something like that. Won't tell the real name as someone I know may see it and feel bad. But I understand where you are coming from, HisFirst. Hope things are going well, Banana Bender (from Sandgroper) lol On Christ The Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.