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  1. Welcome darlingbesa. Looking forward to hearing more about you, along with Willa
  2. Welcome, De Maria - hope you enjoy Worthy like we do!
  3. Hello Annette, dear sister I have learned over the years, in churches and elsewhere, what to share with people and what is only to be shared with one or two. I love the women at my church. However, I have to use wisdom with what I share and with whom. Just a small example: Early in my time here (my church), I was sharing something deep and meaningful with a sister when all of a sudden she saw someone coming through the door, looked at them and went to greet them. Some people lack sensitivity and I have learned that, although she is precious, special and warm, she is not the one with whom I share deep things as her attention span is limited. There are many things I only share with my husband and Jesus. They are too precious to be treated lightly. I also keep that in mind when sharing on this forum, and hope that, if I err, someone will show me where I have gone wrong. We also have to be careful, as turtletwo (thanks, sis, for your very worthy reply) has pointed out, that everything is to be done in love. God bless you all. SA2
  4. Thanks, turtletwo. I am looking forward to seeing Joni and people in her situation leaping around Heaven!
  5. Hi turtletwo A caption for the hedgehog - so cute - could be "Just smellin' the roses .... waddaya mean, "they ain't roses?"
  6. Hi all Here in Australia many of our regional towns are losing their stores, and have to fight to stay viable. Many are getting together and finding ways to survive the closure of shops and banks. We are seeing the closure of yet another bank here within the next couple of months. These ways include Folk, Blues, Country and Western weekends festivals, country fairs and quaint shops to attract passers through and advertising local attractions. Many of our shops are now empty. I actually prefer shopping locally as I do not have to put my card details on the internet. I also find it fun to go shopping; sometimes it's a way to get out and about. Frienduff is right. The global one world government is on the way. They want to hem everyone in to shopping on the internet. I don't think Christians are the only people seeing this all happen before their eyes. There are many people in the world against globalisation.
  7. Hi turtletwo - I just needed the above verse. Thank you dear sister for posting this. You must've known! And you know I loved those beautiful birds when you posted them before!
  8. Hi Strummer. Welcome to Worthy, brother. You've got a cute face - I might adopt you lol..... keep up the good music!
  9. Hello Frances. Prayed for you and your son, sister.
  10. Thank you, sugarbear, for being honest - many of us can identify with your poem. God bless you sister.
  11. Amen to all of you. What a beautiful poem, turtletwo. God bless you sis.
  12. Hi BGuy, and welcome to Worthy. Communication is the key. The others have given you sound advice. My husband and I talk a lot. After our relationship with Jesus, and if we are married, our spouse is the next most important and we should do everything we can to maintain a right relationship with them. Praying for you both BGuy.
  13. Praying for you dear sister HUGS xxx
  14. Hello Justin9228 You have had some wonderful answers already. I just wanted to add: Around your age (I was 25) I began my search for the truth as everything had become boring and mundane in my life and I was looking for answers, just like you. I spent 2 years wondering how to find the truth. Unbeknownst to me, God was working through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring me to Him. By the time I turned 27, through certain things happening (I met several people along the way who somehow, randomly it seemed, resulted in my going to church). I met another woman my age who, when I told her my story, said "You've tried everything else, why don't you come to church with me next Sunday?" I collected her and off we went. Well, while other people were singing the truth just hit me! A voice (not audible) said to me "JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH". Seriously, it hit me like a thunderbolt! I knew this was God speaking to me - somehow - I just knew. I left that small group of people that day and went home with a tract. On the back of the tract was something called "The sinner's prayer". I prayed that prayer and God came into my life. There was no mistaking it. My whole life changed. I have been living, walking, talking, praying, loving and serving my Lord for 41 years now. Dear seeker - come to Jesus. Bring Him all your confusion, guilt, sin and bundle of problems. Tell Him, as you have been told above, that you want to receive Him as your Saviour and Lord. Say "Lord, I ask your forgiveness for everything I have ever done wrong, including thinking that I could ever get to heaven through any effort I have made." What we need to understand is that we can never get there through our own merit; it's not about what we do - it's about what Jesus has done! Salvation comes through faith alone, by the grace of God (Eph. 2:8,9). Repentance, when you learn about it, is absolutely necessary too. If you need more help, a lot of caring people here can answer any more questions you have. You need to pray and ask God, Who I believe is drawing you, to lead you to the right church/people where you can flourish as a new Christian; learn and grow into the man God wants you to be. Love in Jesus' Name, SA2
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