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  1. Must We Believe in the Virgin Birth?

    On Christ the solid rock I stand.......... and on his Word. Satan's lies are perpetuated by people who do not know Jesus, and are used by Satan to attempt to undermine all that we believe and hold holy, precious and life-giving. Jesus my Saviour!
  2. JP

    Hello JPD, and welcome to Worthy. It's okay to cry, He understands.
  3. What is the Number One Sin of the Church

    Hi guys My thoughts: allowing in..... the social gospel .... counterfeit Christianity.... interfaith "unity" .... "tolerance" .... false doctrine .... you know what I mean.
  4. Raven's testimony

    Hi Raven, Aussie bro I have to tell you that as I read your testimony I began to cry. However, you know the One Who set us (made us) free! I am so glad that you have been rescued by our wonderful Saviour, as I was. Thank you.
  5. An eternity in hell for being human?

    Hi KevinB I apologise. I am good at English but did not go to a university and get a degree - so I admit that sometimes some of the things I type may not be couched in perfect English. When I said "look with your heart" (or words to that effect) I guess I am using Christian jargon - forgive me. What I actually meant was: "Please look around you at the evidence of design in your body and nature, coupled with a desire to put aside your scientific pre-suppositions for a while" - in the kindest way I could think of. I have no desire to be rude or treat someone with less than respect but I am a straight talker and sometimes I come across in a fairly blunt manner. For this I apologise. I will not, however, change my mind for you or anyone else who presents some sort of scientific answer; hoping this will override my knowledge of, or relationship with, the God who took all the punishment for me on Calvary. He looked down on my misery, He saw my need, He took me from being an habitual sinner, (so full of guilt) floundering around wondering how to claw my way out of it and gave me everything a girl could ever need - Jesus. He made me a new creation. He gave me a new life. I was in a dark room, bumping into everything in order to try and find my way around, and He turned on the light. He is the Author of science. He made it all (creation). He paid it all (sin and sorrow and dis-ease). He is the answer to every problem. I challenge you to do what we all did: come to Him like a child, admit you are a sinner, believe on His holy Name, ask His forgiveness, repent of your sin, and ask Him to become Lord of your life. Two more rhetorical questions: 1. Who put the DNA in a seed to tell it exactly which plant to grow into? 2. What's in it for us? We are all here trying to help you to "see" without wanting or needing anything except your good. I will not return to this thread to comment; I have given you my answers. I know you can think and draw conclusions. It is now up to you to make the choices that will utimately save your life. Love, in Jesus' name.
  6. An eternity in hell for being human?

    Hello KevinB Okay. I have avoided this, as I think you just want to show us how smart you are. But, I tell you, God is not like us. His ways are higher, His ways are wiser. You cannot look upon God as if He is another human being. Stop thinking with your head and start looking with your heart. I used to type medical reports before I retired. I ask you to please, consider the human body, then maybe you will go on to considering the rest of creation: You have a musculoskeletal system. You have a neurological system. You have a blood system - blood pumped around the body to all the places it needs to go by a heart designed specifically for that purpose. You have an immune system. You have organs, each designed perfectly for the purpose of collaborating in giving you ongoing life. Your fingerprints are different from everyone else's. Not to mention the irises of your eyes. SCIENTISTS have discovered that everyone has their own DNA, thereby we are able to be identified as different from everyone else. We have a reproductive system - also perfectly designed to enable us to not only procreate life but to enjoy doing it! How on earth would evolution ever have made that happen? Please see reason. Our bodies are created by a Master Designer. Whilst in the uterus, a baby has more bones than we do - why - so that they will not break during childbirth. (Sorry to ask rhetorical questions, but my purpose is to show you some things.) These bones knit together to become stronger once the child is born and begins to grow. The fontanelle in the skull closes up as well. How did evolution (evil I shun, too - sorry to be cheesy, but that's how I think of it) think of sperm and egg and uterus and growth through an umbilical cord?? You stand on two feet, with five toes at the end of each, for balance and reach. Your legs have knees, for bending, sitting etc. You have hips, a pelvis, a torso, ribs and two arms and hands to work with. You have a rotational system in your shoulders. Both hands have fingers with nails to enable you to thread needles. A neck designed to bend and turn. On top of all this you have your head - complete with a brain that controls it all, along with the heart. You have a near perfect symmetrical face, with two eyes that can work with amazing clarity. Your nose points downwards to enable the sense of smell, but does not catch the rain. A mouth to enable food to pass to a body needing fuel and pleasure, through an oesophagus designed for that purpose, into a stomach designed for the purpose of extracting every last particle of goodness from that food. And then, the process of elimination! WOW. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. And our brains are designed with a conscience, and different parts of the brain for memory and other functions! I am sorry to write you a book. However, you need to understand this - until you have believed in and received the Lord Who died for all, that all may come to everlasting life, and not consign themselves to hell by either sitting on the fence or believing a lie, then you will have no concept of the marvellous, wonderful, amazing God we serve. He reveals Himself to those who seek Him. Please, please just do as others here have urged you to do - ask Him to reveal Himself to you - ask His forgiveness for all your sin - repent from your sin and unbelief and ask Him to show you the Way. He who comes to Him, He will in no wise cast out. I am late for my appointment, I must go. If you want scriptures to back things up, I will look them up later for you. Thank you for reading this.
  7. what is this

    Hello brotherdon How wonderful that you have joined us brother. The fact that you love sharing Jesus really warmed my heart. It is so important now that we share the Lord whenever we can, and never get weary of doing good. Time is short. Blessings.
  8. Hi Becky I will just share my experience too. In 2010 my husband and I shifted to a town two hours away from the city where we were living. It was a whole new thing to us; we "escaped to the country". God began speaking to me about mentoring younger women and children. In 2013 I gained the certificate I needed to become a school chaplain - the area I felt that God was leading me into. However, this did not work out well as I had a lot of difficulty in the role. I couldn't seem to make it work properly - one of the reasons was that, as a school chaplain in this State, I was practically 'gagged', could not comfort children by putting an arm around them and certainly was not free to pray for them. I asked myself: "what is the point?" when all they really wanted was a secular counsellor; but be paid as a chaplain. There are laws here and political correctness is huge. I decided to leave approximately 18 months after I started, frustrated...... as I really wanted to preach Jesus and tell the children about Him, and pray for them etc. However I had learned a lot; by taking the course and doing the job ........ as ........ God found people in the community to help for free! Oh, how much happier I am as I see women who really need help - and the flow on effect to their children! I can talk to them about the Lord! I can help them understand how to pray, be healed, love their husbands, bring up their children. Oh, what joy! I am useful; as a retiree I can be of practical help in their homes as well. Like Marilyn, I can see these people go on to talk to others as well. It is so much more rewarding. I go home with wonderful joy in my heart - what a privilege it is to serve our Master by serving others. Praise the Lord.
  9. God answered my prayer on the LIRR!

    Hi Hmh123 In October I went to Melbourne from my home state for a couple of days. I had not been there for years and years, and a lot had changed. It seemed one had to have something called a "Mykeycard" to travel on the trams and trains. On the way from the airport to the hotel I raised the subject with a taxi driver of Asian appearance and accent. What a nice man! He straight away looked behind all his "stuff" on the dashboard and found a card. "Someone left this in my cab" he said. I went to an 7/11 store to find out how long I could use it for and it had $45 on it! What a blessing. I used about $10 of it and then passed it on to someone else. Never had to pay for any transport while I was there!
  10. Hi Marilyn. Back again; it is now 7.55am and I couldn't get on with my day without checking out a few things on Worthy. It made me laugh when you said Mr "tea towel head" - this is always the way I saw him too lol! I think the spelling is Arafat but who cares? It doesn't matter. Just wanted to ask - do you ever watch Andrew Bolt (he's on Foxtel, and a goodie; has a blog, I think, on UTube as well) - well, he was interviewing Rohan Dean, an expat Brit journo who has lived here for a while. Rohan (spell?) is also a goodie, and, on Trump, spoke out the whole true history of what happened from go to whoa in Israel! It was so refreshing to see someone who really knows what is going on and is prepared to put his neck on the line in Aussie journalism! I am seriously considering going on Andrew Bolt's website and telling him that the answers he is looking for can only be found in Jesus and His Word! (Andrew is always "wondering out loud" why Christians and Jews are so persecuted, and why the left wing politicians hate us so much!!) It is critical we all now keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and on world events as they unfold. Love, SisterActs2
  11. Is this weird or what!

    Ugh, Neighbor (better spell that right lol) - what a way to die. However, I shall try it.
  12. Ruined my life

    Hello hmh Please re-read all the posts by the caring people above. They are absolutely right. GOD LOVES YOU PRECIOUS GIRL! Have faith; He will reveal Himself to you as you continue to seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness.... all things will be added unto you (my paraphrase of Matt. 6:33)
  13. Hi Marilyn Yes, it is all absolutely mind-blowing. I am sorry but my brain cannot grasp all of this; I have decided long ago to follow Jesus.... no turning back, no turning back..... so if I cannot "get" it all, I am not concerned; I get some or most of it. With regard to things taking off speedily now........ I don't know if this aired in your state or not, but there was a young male teacher at a Christian school here who "came out" close to the time the act went through (he actually attended the school as a child). They asked him to leave. He was not bitter or anything, and fairly softly spoken etc. but, in my mind, should have known what was going to happen. We have every right to employ Christians only in our Christian schools; however they interviewed an LGBTI person who was obviously determined to make an issue out of it. On the very day the act was put through Parliament and succeeded in becoming law! I don't think any protections (for religious freedoms) were part of this bill so these people now have a license to call us names and persecute Christians and Jews every way they can. And this is just part of what is going on right now (I mean added to your blog and everything else in the world). We must expect things to get tough now. My husband is a Gideon and tried to go to some local places of accommodation last week. He is finding it more difficult to convince them to put the Bible in the drawer. Their answers are varied, but one was "I have Muslims coming here, and don't want to offend them". We will all be watching closely as events move our clock closer to the end of the age. Thank you for all your efforts, sis. You are a star, imo.
  14. The Sabbath is not on Saturday or Sunday

    Hi Paul. I was apologising for my bad attitude and rudeness. My beliefs with regard to the Sabbath day remain the same. I agree with Marilyn and several others. God bless bro.
  15. The Sabbath is not on Saturday or Sunday

    Hello When Is Jesus Coming? I need to apologise to you. Upon re-reading my response to your OP I realise I have been abrupt and rude. Please forgive me. This is not normally my character.... I also thought you were another SDA sister or brother trying to push your point, and some of us don't want to go there any more. Instead of posting my comment, I should have simply refrained from saying anything at all. God bless you.