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  1. SisterActs2

    Beware Little Bear!

    Me too! Thank you turtletwo. I wonder how many more beautiful birds we will see in heaven.
  2. SisterActs2

    Beware Little Bear!

    Hi turtletwo I stopped giving 'likes' 'cos I thought I might run out. These are absolutely beautiful, funny and cute. And I love your captions! Can you please tell me the name of those beautiful blue birds? God's amazing creations and colours; He proves Himself through His creations!
  3. SisterActs2


    Hi Continuing Corletta I understand, along with you and others here who suffer the debilitating effects of this. I go through bouts of it. I find that I need to recognise it more quickly, like Abby-Joy does, and pray, thanking Jesus for what He has done for me. I concentrate on the cross, and all that He has won for me there. He won my freedom, He won the victory over everything for me there. Begin to praise Him, thank Him, telling Him that you are so grateful for the love He has given you, the blessings you have known, pray, praise, worship Him every way you can. If we practice this, it will become our response to the attacks more readily. It knocks the enemy out of the ring! I think it comes down to changing our thinking; not giving the enemy an inch, or power over us. When it happens to me, it is because of past sin .... I know I am forgiven by our Lord but the enemy hounds me, telling me about the consequences of all the things I did wrong, and I need to "switch" my thinking to what I have outlined above. We are living in difficult times and these attacks on us by the enemy are designed to bring us down. But he is not going to succeed, (he is a defeated foe) because we know that Jesus has us seated in heavenly places with Him, and as long as we endure to the end, He will be with us, even unto the end of the age. You are not alone, we are praying for you sister. Be encouraged. God bless you.
  4. SisterActs2


    I am with you, LivingbyFaith. I have never been interested in fb. My daughter has it, and my husband. But our other daughter cancelled hers and so have some other people I know. I find that, whenever I meet up with people I haven't seen for a while, they always know the news I was going to talk to them about already, thus making meeting up a bit of a non-event. I am also wary of big brother. They have enough on us already!
  5. SisterActs2

    Depressed about life

    Hello trialsOFlife - welcome to Worthy. This is a good place to share how you feel. Sometimes I feel like this too. However, Jesus told us not to live by our feelings, but by faith. We know when we make a commitment to Him that HE will see us through to the end, because now we belong to Him! We can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. As the others have said, these are difficult times* and we must live through them, knowing our Hope is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Anyway, we are glad you are here and would love to encourage you some more! Don't despair. Sometimes we have some valleys in order to appreciate the mountain tops. *thanks wingnut- Hi Woman of faith - we welcome you to Worthy also. Pleasure to have you here, and great that you are an encourager too.
  6. SisterActs2

    Hi I'm new here

    Welcome Autumn Smoke - we're ready and waiting!
  7. SisterActs2

    WHO AM I ?

    PS Just wanted to let you know that I really DO know who I am and WHOSE I AM!
  8. SisterActs2

    WHO AM I ?

    Hi Hazard This sounds like me, but being female I like it when guys open doors for me which makes me old-fashioned. I also watch Sky News on Win which means I am an intolerant right-wing conservative invisible old woman no-one wants to listen to long enough to allow my sentence to make sense. I also have a disdain for the word "tolerance" (this word now means live and let live).🤔 Grumpy old woman lol.
  9. SisterActs2

    Wonderful Forum

    Welcome ngodap. We are glad you found us as well!
  10. SisterActs2

    Urgent Prayer Need For Mom's Surgery like Procedure

    Hi turtletwo I missed this - I am sorry - I have not been able to get here as regularly as usual. I am praying for your mom's complete recovery.
  11. SisterActs2


    Hi turtletwo I join with our brethren above in prayer for your mom's pancreatitis. Beautiful prayers and support.
  12. SisterActs2

    First time being here

    Hi Joe And I like your profile pic! A fellow Aussie? Welcome to Worthy. This is my online church, where I learn a lot. May you be blessed!
  13. SisterActs2

    Strange occurrences...

    Hi Abby-Joy and angels4u If you feel lead, could you pm me about what to look for so I don't accidentally respond to them? Thanks for the warnings. Thank you. SA2
  14. SisterActs2

    Wished God made me someone else.

    Hello Figure of eighty Sometimes it's not until we get to the "end of ourselves" that we "give up" - that's saying something like Willa said. We need to see that only Jesus can fulfil us; only Jesus can give us the life we are longing for. Believe me, I had two groups of 'acquaintances' - one lot were drinkers, the other lot were smokers etc. Though I tried, I did not fit in to either group, and had no real friends. Then I met the friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is the friend of everyone who comes to Him. He sees us as worthwhile, because He sacrificed His life on Calvary for us ... even when we were His enemies! Why else would He have done that? It was to reconcile us to the Father! God wanted a family and paid the price for us, such a great price we cannot comprehend it. I believe that total surrender to God means total abandonment of oneself to the Lord and Master who created this universe, and created you and me. He is the door, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. If you feel you are giving up, then give it all up to Him. BTW, God has gifted you. You have a brain, to think and 'figure' things out. I don't know what your name means, friend, but you found a way to express yourself and this is thinking. When you surrender your life to God completely and follow Him, He will give you real life. Come to Him as you are, and repent and ask His forgiveness and He will show you the way.
  15. SisterActs2

    Immediate prayer for Mom's Liver CT

    Praying turtletwo.