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  1. SisterActs2

    Beware of the DEADLY D's ...

    Keep on writing these beautiful poems, turtletwo. Here's that "E" again - encouragement. Thank you.
  2. SisterActs2

    Prayer for Understanding and Discernment

    Hello maryjayne Both the above posts are absolutely wonderful and deserve to be read and taken to heart. On the one hand, do all that you can to get to know our wonderful Father, Saviour and Holy Spirit. On the other, don't run ahead of God. So many of us feel that we need to know everything all at once! But it is line upon line, precept upon precept! God will bring things to you. Just relax in His presence, knowing that you are in the palms of His hands, He has every hair on your head counted and He will never fail you. Obey His commandments, let Him develop character in you. You will find that by spending time in His Word and in Prayer and getting uplifting encouragement from fellowship with other Christians, that God will teach you of His ways, and you will walk in His paths. Just stick close to Him and don't believe "another gospel" - just the one He has given in His Word. God bless you.
  3. SisterActs2

    Scripture Songs

    Hi all Turtletwo, I used to sing that song "I will call upon the Lord" when I was in YWAM! We also know the other one. Praise God He gave us songs with which to lift Him up in praise.☺️
  4. SisterActs2

    Emergency right now!

    Praying, turtletwo ....
  5. SisterActs2

    Mom Has Pneumonia

    Praying, turtletwo .... love.... SA2
  6. Hi DiscipleOfChrist Welcome, that's wonderful, bless you in all your efforts brother, thank you and we agree!
  7. SisterActs2


    Hello Follower Of Jesus Welcome to Worthy. We have great fellowship here.
  8. SisterActs2

    Prayer for my brother-in-law

    Thank you everyone! We made the journey Saturday to see him. He was looking quite good, and did his own dialysis while we were there. He's quite practiced at it now. Also, his team won and will be in the finals next Saturday. I am sure this will have cheered him up a lot as he has supported them for a long time. We chatted for quite a while but there is still no indication that he is entertaining even a thought about Christianity. We will not give up though. We will never give up praying for our family and others' families. We gave him a get well card. Down the bottom, in small words, I have put "we have prayed a lot" - so thank you everyone for all your support. I believe God has definitely given him more time. He seems to be "guess-timating" that he should be able to leave hospital within about 1 week. Unless things go differently, I will leave it here. God bless you all everyone. I thank you so very, very much.
  9. SisterActs2

    A Sense of Urgency

    Hello naominash and other brothers and sisters I have been so encouraged by the conversation going on here. This is very uplifting. I believe it is what our Lord wants. We build each other up by the love that is shown through each post. I am so blessed. Thank you.
  10. SisterActs2

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome maryjayne. I have found real friends, fellowship, support and great discussion here. Glad to have you with us. Just talk to Our Father in Jesus' name ... He is right there with you; He will hear you. He also puts the lonely into families, and you are welcome in to the Worthy family
  11. SisterActs2

    My first testimony

    Hi Kristin. I'm looking forward to more testimonies about what has happened in your life since that time. I'm glad you're okay; my hope is that you are following Jesus and loving Him more and more every day!
  12. SisterActs2

    Betha broke her arm

    Prayed, turtletwo.
  13. SisterActs2

    True Prophecy / False Prophecy

    I am a Pentecostal/Charismatic and agree that there is the office of the prophet (scripture). However, I am very conservative within that type of church and am very wary of people "prophesying". I have had prophecies over me 30 years or so ago that have never been proven to be right. But some have said things that have been right. So, if it appears false and we recognise it straight away, well and good. If not, we need to test the spirits and ask the Lord to show us if we are unsure. If we are Holy Spirit-led, then I believe God will show us. I was in a church a while back where a woman called herself a Prophet. Although she brought encouraging words at times, I don't believe she was "a prophet". And I agree with you, iamlamad, that we should always have two or three witnesses if we are looking for God's guidance in something. (Sorry, you alluded to this) - That said, we do not have prophecy in our church anymore (by people speaking out). I have not been in any P/C church for a long time where people were "prophesying" in the old Pentecostal way. With the problems the church has now, I am wary unless it is a word of encouragement that lifts the Lord up and lines up with the Bible.
  14. SisterActs2

    Prayers requested about complicated situation

    Hi NorthwestKat You probably don't know me. I have been here for 2 years and find Worthy a great source of learning and friendship. You have friends here to talk to if you would like. Some of my friends and I like talking to our sisters, and encouraging each other. We are praying for you as we understand none of us are perfect and we all go through different things in marriage. God bless you, keep seeking our King and praising Him. Praying.... SA2
  15. SisterActs2

    my son is sick

    Praying for him, turtletwo.