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  1. An update on our beautiful baby boy - we have heard this morning (they are in another country) that the operation was a complete success and he is now in recovery! Thank you Jesus and thank you all, you lovely people of God for praying for him. God bless.
  2. Hi Mara May our wonderful Saviour avail for you in all your needs. We will pray for a breakthrough.
  3. Please pray for my husband's 1 year old great nephew - facing heart surgery today. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, but it's probably more of a 70s term... like controversy instead of controversy lol. God bless - I was also thinking of all the cyclones and floods you guys have endured. We had a bad fire today a few ks north of where my sister (sibling) lives. They are ok.
  5. Not long ago my little dog Poppet got sick and the day came when I couldn't see her suffer anymore. I know how your mother feels. My eyes fill with tears even now with sympathy for her. Prayed.
  6. Not a banana bender? I lived there for a little while before I got saved. Great place; bad memories. But that was way back and God has washed it all away, with His blood, praise His Holy Name. You guys in the ES have really borne the brunt of the worst weather Australia has seen in the last couple of years; in my living memory. God bless. Later I was there with YWAM (great memories).
  7. Hi Simon B and His First I live in WA too. I still think Feb is mostly the hottest month of the year here. Today was only 35; not too bad.
  8. Sorry, simplejeff. I am sure I would not like to be caught in a blizzard like people in the USA do. I know recently there was some sort of Arctic weather through central USA. I would not wish it on anyone. I should have thought about it a it more. I shall consider myself chastised.
  9. Sorry, MM - I really meant I felt sorry for the people in super hot countries who can't afford aircon.
  10. Islam will not be happy until they have one of their mosques in every place in every land on earth. So many Christians now subscribing to the humanist view.... we need to pray for them to see the truth!
  11. Hi all I, too, would rather live somewhere cold. You can always warm up, but cooling down in the 41C degree heat is difficult. If you don't live near a pool or something you have to use the aircon, which can be quite expensive. Spare a thought for the poor people in the World who don't even know what aircon is. I went to Bali in 2016 to watch my darling daughter and her lovely man get married. It was so hot and humid, I couldn't wait to get back to the cool wintry weather of home. I guess I must live a rather secluded life and could be considered "unAustralian", I suppose, as most Aussies love places like Bali and the other tropical places! My daughter now lives in Europe and sent me pics of her playing in the snow. Lucky duck!
  12. Yes, Churchmouse. A lot of humanists who subscribe to the "live and let live" doctrine think that if they are nice to people, they will automatically respond in kind. They will tell you that they believe that what you do unto others, they will do unto you - probably not even realising that Jesus promoted that. It's all in the interests of promoting multiculturalism... we can live with each other if we embrace this - kind of mentality. Well, the Italians came here and integrated into our society. So did other Europeans, so did the Vietnamese in the 70s. But now we have a different kind of immigrant. Actually the word "tolerance" has become a byword for anyone to use with regard to accepting almost anything! Oh, I remembered the quote. It goes more like "evil prospers when good men do nothing". Being a senior citizen, I sometimes have senior moments. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol
  13. Some people sought for repentance and could not find it. I wonder if Judas had "godly sorrow" (repentance) or "worldly sorrow". Thanks people for helping to clarify this for me.
  14. Amen, amen, amen Ezra! ..............oh, and "fake news." The new words for lies.
  15. I am so sick of the world bowing down to what Islam wants. It's called political correctness in a lot of places. You guys are so right; we should all stand up against this tirade of terrorism.... who was it that said something like bad things happen when good men do nothing? If we continue to let them dictate, they will continue to kill, steal and destroy. They have already taken enough of Israel's territory. Let's continue to pray for God's people Israel!