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Wisdom from Above

Dr. Charles Stanley

June 5, 2018


The lips of an adulteress drip honey

and smoother than oil is her speech

Proverbs 5:3

Some people say that they don't accept Christ as their Savior because

they don't want to live by a bunch of rules. They want to be free to

do what they wish, whenever they like, with whomever they please, and

they don't like the idea that there is a God in heaven who would prevent

them from experiencing the pleasure they desire.

As a believer, one may hear this and wonder, Is there something I'm

missing? It seems that the whole world is enjoying things that God forbids

in His Word. Friend, be careful! The enemy may be trying to get you

to believe that the Lord is an unappeasable taskmaster who is keeping

you from experiencing pleasure. Satan will do whatever he can to convince

you to stray from the sanctified life God has called you to by telling

you that you aren't going to hurt anyone. The desires of your body

are natural-just meaningless fun-and the Lord is being unreasonable.

However, the truth is that the Father gives you His commands to

help you avoid ruining your life with something that will never really satisfy

the deep needs you're trying to fill. Because whether you know it or

not, those sins influence who you become in a negative way, hindering

you from being the courageous, powerful witness God created you to be.

Don't do that to yourself! Open your heart to the Lord and be willing to

put aside what the world has taught you (Amos 5:4). Tell God that you

believe His commands are for your good, and ask Him to teach you to

live a godly life that honors Him. There's freedom for you if you'll trust

Him, so in prayer commit yourself to Him.

Lord, sin is certainly tempting. But I know Your commands

protect me from destruction and are always from my

good. Teach me to walk worthy of Your name.



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