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  1. I was a member of the Missouri synod Lutheran Church for 25 years. They believe much like the Catholic Religion that there is not a literal 1000 year millennium. I had even talked to a Pastor about it once and he got very mad at me even bring it up. I left the Lutheran Church. I did not grow as a Christian in the Church. I believe there are several on Worthy who are amillennial.
  2. I thought about doing Opera. But then I did some research and some friends said "Don't go there".
  3. Do you remember the party lines? You would pick up the phone and hear everyone else on the line. I would yell out " Hey! what is your name? Where do you live?". Met a bunch of people that way
  4. Oh those times were very different. Some people say that there is no difference in then and today and our crime rate. I beg to differ
  5. I used to ask my mom and dad to have a really long cord attached to our phone. Then I could hang out in the closet or the hallways and talk to my girlfriends and boyfriends
  6. Some people have absolutely no sense of humor
  7. Exactly. That is the way I see it. I am sure their are some good cops out there.
  8. Very cool Bibanan. I like it
  9. Well, they say that there is 70% of porno on the internet
  10. Kudos for you
  11. Cute face!
  12. Is that what they are doing?