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  1. good message to George and other staffs. Good one sister!

  2. Where did that come from?
  3. Any feedback for my general discussions post?Maybe people are afraid to reply
  4. It got really messed up. I had to do some editing.
  5. Thanks I think
  6. But you have concerns which many others do. That is why there has been so many deaths so far.
  7. Any feedback?
  8. I have been getting the flu shot for a long time and have not gotten the flu. The flu is a virus so antibiotics do not work on it which makes it even more dangerous.
  9. Oh bro like I told Willa if you do decide to go on a daily regiment of taking cinnamon be sure it is Ceylon cinnamon and not Cassia cinnamon which your common cinnamon you get at the grocery store. It can actually do damage and act like coumadin and thin out your blood too much. I would also recommend that you get it organic. A couple of shakes of the cinnamon three times a day will really help. It may be hard to find but I get mine either at a health food store or on line at Amazon. My son uses it and loves it.
  10. No, you do not have to use that much cinnamon everyday. About two shakes of the bottle three times a day will do it. But it must be Ceylon cinnamon. The average stuff you get at the grocery store is Cassia cinnamon and if you use it on a daily basis it can do damage. It can have the same effects as Coumadin which thins the blood. If a person were to use Ceylon cinnamon on a daily basis I would also recommend that they use organic. I AIC is excellent. You would be surprised at all the older people who end up in the ER because they are not taking their daily medications properly.
  11. Enough to give a person nightmares
  12. Yes, it does. How sad
  13. Gracie is really pretty and she looks very sweet.
  14. Don't speak too soon. The risk of the flu shot verses the dangerous effects of the flu does not even compare.
  15. Only the bodies of our loved ones are in that grave. That is only a shell of who they were.Those bones decay. The most important part which is their soul has gone on to another place. The memories of those who we love and have died live in our memories and in our hearts.