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  1. What Should I Get Rid Of In My House?

    Who is Jan Markell? Is she a woman Pastor?
  2. God created everything and that includes darkness.
  3. What is your circadin biological clock?

    Really kind of silly stuff. Nothing I would do.
  4. Derailing thread

  5. Derailing thread

    No, I think the guy is up to something suspicious.
  6. The New Animal thread

    Hey, good debate on possums secretopossum and Sue
  7. The New Animal thread

    We are meeting common ground way too often.....we have to stop meeting like this
  8. Derailing thread

    He might need an ummm... good size band aid.
  9. The New Animal thread

    I'd rather have the bubonic plague.
  10. Derailing thread

    How about this?
  11. Got Shingles

    I am sorry. Shingles is very painful. I got the vaccination. My prayers are for you.