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  1. Hurricane Maria

    We have a while to see what she will be like when she hits the United States.
  2. Is Yoga evil?

    Question: "What is the Christian view of yoga?" Answer: For many Christians in the West who don't understand the history behind it, yoga is simply a means of physical exercise and strengthening and improving flexibility of the muscles. However, the philosophy behind yoga is much more than physically improving oneself. It is an ancient practice derived from India, believed to be the path to spiritual growth and enlightenment. The word yoga means "union," and the goal is to unite one's transitory (temporary) self with the infinite Brahman, the Hindu concept of "God." This god is not a literal being, but is an impersonal spiritual substance that is one with nature and the cosmos. This view is called "pantheism," the belief that everything is God and that reality consists only of the universe and nature. Because everything is God, the yoga philosophy makes no distinction between man and God. Hatha yoga is the aspect of yoga that focuses on the physical body through special postures, breathing exercises, and concentration or meditation. It is a means to prepare the body for the spiritual exercises, with fewer obstacles, in order to achieve enlightenment. The practice of yoga is based on the belief that man and God are one. It is little more than self-worship disguised as high-level spirituality. The question becomes, is it possible for a Christian to isolate the physical aspects of yoga as simply a method of exercise, without incorporating the spirituality or philosophy behind it? Yoga originated with a blatantly anti-Christian philosophy, and that philosophy has not changed. It teaches one to focus on oneself instead of on the one true God. It encourages its participants to seek the answers to life's difficult questions within their own consciousness instead of in the Word of God. It also leaves one open to deception from God's enemy, who searches for victims whom he can turn away from God (1 Peter 5:8). Whatever we do should be done for God's glory (1 Corinthians 10:31), and we would be wise to heed the words of the apostle Paul: "Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise" (Philippians 4:8, NLT). A Christian should exercise caution and pray for discernment regarding involvement in yoga. https://www.gotquestions.org/Christian-yoga.html
  3. I can't find video 5 and 6 so I will post this.
  4. That is correct Horse but heaven and Abraham's bosom are the same place in the OT. Then when Jesus died on the cross He went to Abraham's bosom and took those people to heaven.
  5. In the OT Abraham Bosom and heaven were the same thing.
  6. I will post the other 5 parts of Thomas Ice pretribulation speech so you can get the whole meaning of the rapture.

    I am sure he has answers to questions that you have. I know that is not your view point.
  8. If you like part one Horse I will post the other 5 parts for you

    There is no evidence Omega. I just have to take God's Word is they are literally written in the Bible. I posted a new video in the Biblical topic of the video section of Worthy for Horse if he is interested in viewing it. He is a pre trib believer so if you are interested as well please go over an view it