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  1. missmuffet

    Dream catcher

    You might want to read this regarding dream catchers. It will give you some good Biblical answers. https://www.gotquestions.org/dream-catcher-Christian.html
  2. missmuffet

    What does it mean that God is not mocked?

    To mock God is to disrespect, dishonor or ignore Him. It is a serious offense.
  3. missmuffet

    Will we ever get to this place , this as law .

    Anything is possible. We are just seeing the previews of what is to come today. You think it is bad now just wait until the 7 year tribulation.
  4. missmuffet

    Praying for a former infatuation?

    It sounds like you were obsessed with this person. Do you have OCD? It sounds like you have given this whole situation to God. That is good. Just sit back and see where God leads you. He will open and close doors in your life for the plan He has for you.
  5. missmuffet

    christians and online dating

  6. missmuffet


    I don't have that problem....but. I recently bought a new lap top with windows 10 on it. I HATE THE KEYBOARD!!! I have always typed without looking at the keys. They keys don't seem to be in the same place. And the flat design of the keyboard
  7. missmuffet

    christians and online dating

    It is really, really risky
  8. missmuffet

    Derailing thread

    What's the matter with you guys? The cat got your tongue?
  9. missmuffet

    How will the Holy Spirit work during the Millenium?

    After the seven year tribulation ends all those who are believers will enter the 1000 year millennium as mortals. They will marry and have children. Those children will need to make a personal decision toward Christ. The Holy Spirit will work in their lives. Although some will not come to Christ and will rebel against Him. They will partner will Satan in the end.
  10. I am afraid most are not saving themselves for marriage. I am sure there is a hand full that do. It is just the path our world is taking today. Many even have children outside of marriage.We know as Christians what God calls for us to do. That is what is most important.
  11. missmuffet

    Christians and Politics

    On the other hand for those trying to escape a horrible life in Mexico and do not want to break any laws my heart goes out to them. I have compassion for their situation.
  12. missmuffet

    Christians and Politics

    God wants us to obey the laws of the government. The only exception is when a law of the government forces us to disobey a command of God Acts 5:29. Illegal immigration is a sin. If they are here legally and obeying the laws if the United States that is another controversial issue. It seems ok to me.
  13. God will bring His judgement and wrath on the whole world during the 7 year tribulation.The book of Revelation doesn't mention any country or nation. Only Israel is mentioned. There is a special warning in the book of Revelation that no one should add or delete any words that are in the book of Revelation. That is a dangerous position to be in.
  14. missmuffet

    post something random

    God is in control of this world and that would be Christians and unbelievers. God doesn't always cause suffering but He allows it for His glory. From the time of Adam and Eve there has been sin. Satan can also cause suffering but not without God's permission. It all comes down to Romans 8:28. When bad things happen Christians need to be on their knees in prayer. And perhaps it will bring an unbeliever to Christ.