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  1. I am going to take a break from Worthy for a couple of days. Please know that I am ok.
  2. I am glad that Abby got a nice home. But you must had dealt with some sadness of having to let Abby go.
  3. True friends are out there I am sure. They are hard to find but when you do find one you have a treasure.
  4. You really, really don't like her do you MG? No wonder you are rooting for Trump. It was either....or.
  5. That is an ancient post from enoob.
  6. I have had many friends who turned out to be "fake friends"
  7. Maybe you live in a "sick house". Ever heard of that? It is a house where the ducts collect a lot of dust and gunk and then the forced air blows it out. Also I have been tested to be very allergic to dust and dust mites. I have to keep my surrounding areas pretty dust free. I would love to have a furnace that had a built in allergy filter. And I have electric heating which I find is worse for allergies.
  8. Yes, that is correct. Jesus was sinless.
  9. Pray to God and ask Him to reveal whatever you think He is trying to tell you.
  10. Cute dog pics
  11. You can't confine God to four walls. God is everywhere all the time.
  12. My daughter and granddaughter and I were taking a trip to Spokane Washington once. We were traveling on that highway heading North. I forgot the number.90 something. I could not believe the strong wind. There were campers that had pulled over. I felt like we were going to get blown off the highway.