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  1. No, one today knows what kind of fruit it was. We today refer to it as an apple but may have been another fruit.
  2. I was trying to determine which one sinned first Eve or Satan. But you may be right. It could have been Satan.
  3. (1) Whom sinned first and whom is the 'father of sin'? Eve sinned first. It was the sin of pride that led her to eat the apple. Adam is the father of sin. (2) Was death and sin present in the world and universe before the fall of Adam & Eve? No (3) Who was a murderer from the beginning? [Hint: No, Cain is not in the beginning]. Satan (4) Was Adam made and formed 'mortal'? Adam was mortal before he sinned and ate the apple. He was immortal after he sinned and ate the apple.
  4. Chuck Baldwin is a Baptist. It seems like he was a former Pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Florida turned politician. I would cautiously say I do not see anything wrong with him at this time.
  5. Another meaning for superstitions is idolatry. We know what the Bible says about idolatry. It is very bad in the eyes of God. No, it is all bad.
  6. Superstitions and Christianity do not go together. Our faith is on God not being concerned about worldly superstitions.
  7. I hope I hear the roaring trumpets and that I end up in heaven.
  8. The ladies lounge has been dead for awhile. If you want to post something that no one will ever see post something on the ladies lounge.
  9. No, believing in Jesus Christ is a condition for salvation. But if you truly believe in Jesus Christ you love Him and you want to please Him. You then want to be obedient to Him.
  10. Are you going to do it? It may bring in some extra bucks
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