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  1. " And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books". My post was in reference to this. This tell me that those who are judged in the great white throne judgement will be judged according to what they have done on this earth. A little old grandma who was loving and kind and did many things for others but was not a believer in Jesus Christ will get a different punishment than Hitler.
  2. Or even better have a person go to the edge and take a picture and post it on Worthy
  3. The Jehovah Witness religion is a cult. The do not believe in the same Jesus Christ as a Christian does.
  4. I believe because of Revelation 20:12 not everyone will get the same punishment in hell or the lake of fire. It will all be very, very bad but like those in heaven who will get different rewards those in hell will get a different punishment.
  5. This subject has been debated several times. They will always have an answer for your question
  6. Ummm I don't think so.
  7. If my son was well enough he said that he would like to get on a train trip from Vancouver BC to the most east part of Canada. Like Quebec. That would be a beautiful train trip.
  8. I am thinking you can get some good lobster there Lobster is extremely expensive here.
  9. Cape Cod would be a nice place to see. I am thinking it is expensive. Am I right? Where is Martha's Vineyards?
  10. Oh ok now it looks like your hair. Where were you?
  11. Oh, it is very pretty. Mine is salt and pepper. But it gives the affect my hair has been frosted gray so it is not too bad.
  12. Hey shel, assuming this is you I see a resemblance of a woman from France. Is that a beret on your head?And of course a camera around your neck