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  1. Oh they did and it will never be the same.
  2. Most unbelievers can not even comprehend what happens to the soul of a person who is dead. And most of them do not care.
  3. We have had just the opposite. It has been much cooler and more rain than last summer. It is often in the lower 70's. It looks like we will miss that heat dome they are talking about. I understand that we are not in El Nino any longer but La Nina. Maybe that is why the change of weather.
  4. I see you finally came out from under your rock. Do you think anyone would tell you if the peepers didn't die?
  5. "The Muffet" has an adversity towards spiders. It is not her choice to "hang out" with them. That Araneae has chosen to accost her. The peepers had the most unfortunate experience of being eaten up by that lion. Her flock was abused as well. RIP peepers.
  6. I would not go to a Church if the senior Pastor has not been through a seminary and possibly even have a doctorate. The more education the better for leading his flock towards the Word of God. A person without a formal training and schooling would perhaps be a good teacher but I would prefer a formal training from a pastor of a Church .
  7. Having bipolar is a serious mental illness. It is a challenge. God is with you through this illness. He knows more about your illness than you do. When we can not pray the Holy Spirit takes over for us so in some instances we do not have to say anything. God knows your mind and your heart. God loves you. I hope you are getting professional help for your illness.
  8. A Pastor is someone who has spiritual care over a congregation. A shepherd of God's flock. A Pastor has been through seminary.
  9. How have I changed?
  10. I am off now enoob. You can come on and visit.
  11. Love it
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