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Seeking Communion - February 25, 2019

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Albert Finch


"He that dweleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." - Psalm 91:1


Freedom is found in "stepping in" -- your intimacy with Jesus is your greatest weapon.


The Lord is always calling us to live outside our comfort zones; to live in a place of total dependence upon Him. Many Believers are wrestling with the question, "How do I take steps out in the natural to GET FREE AND RECEIVE BREAKTHROUGH?" It is in facing the fear, the wrong beliefs, the hurt, pain, trauma, and fear in the secret place with Him that is going to set you free!


The enemy is wanting many warriors to step back onto the battlefield. Through some ways, these battles have been fought in the past with the intention to get free and overcome, but the past STEPPING OUT hasn't brought freedom but pain, trauma and wounding because of the uncovering of the heart (which is the enemy's strategy again) but there is a new strategy upon the warriors.

Focus on STEPPING INTO THE SECRET PLACE more than ever before. Position yourself before Jesus and He is going to meet you and overwhelm you with His love. Many warriors are being called to rest, and move into a hidden place before the Lord, so He can heal their hearts and souls.




The reason the Lord is focusing upon the stepping in rather than stepping out right now, is because there are cracks in foundations that He sees. These "cracks" in foundations need to be healed by the revelation of His love and kindness so you can be strengthened, healed, filled again and then sent out again.


Don't allow the enemy to tell you that by focusing on the STEPPING IN that you are losing ground. The opposite is true. You are gaining ground by stepping in. Don't let the enemy tell you that you won't get your breakthrough by stepping in. Right now for many, your breakthrough will come in double portions in the secret place.


The scariest place right now is allowing Him into those wounded, fear-filled, hurting places of your heart—the real broken places. In some ways, it would be easier to do what you have done in the past to overcome, but there's a new strategy upon you. It's to open up those parts of your heart to Him and let Him in, and watch and see the resurrection life that will burst forth and the healing that will come.


Many have held it together for so long "fighting the good fight" when their hearts have been breaking inside and you have been so wounded. Let Him come, soothe your hurting heart and soul and make you whole. His plans for you are good, to prosper you, and not to harm you (see Jeremiah 29:11).



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