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  1. I’m from uk Sojo, I’m in England. I think we’ve spoken too? I don’t think there’s too many others from UK, unfortunately I think it’s mainly Yanks here. 🙄😂
  2. Omega I thank you for your input on my comments (I haven’t read your last one) but I still agree to disagree. Be blessed Omega.
  3. Omega “Bad eschatology”?? Is there such a thing?? As I’ve said this is something that is all speculation and denominational viewpoint. People get far too rapped up in it. I would say we need the word AND the spirit. Without the direction of the spirit the word can get taken really out of context. I still don’t see a rapture pre, mid or post. I also don’t see a tribulation as the Church accepts it as today. I notice you only quote from the KJ. This is quite a bad translation, though not quite as bad as the NIV. we are obviously looking at it from very different viewpoints. From what you’v said you seem to be looking at it from a salve/master point of view, I look at it from quite a different view point Son/Father. It changes things quite considerably. I will still agree to disagree. Blessings.
  4. Well Omega I would say we would agree to disagree. I don’t do the whole endtime stuff that the church nowadays excepts as a standard thing, it’s far too debatable. The rapture idea came about just after the reformation, it was thought up by the then Catholic Church that was less popular due to the said reformation. It was resurrected in the early 19th century. My opinion is that if something so catastrophic to the planet as the rapture would be, then scripture would say a lot more about it.....but it doesn’t. As for us being “caught up” there are various interpretations to that, dependant on various ideas, some see it one way, others see it another. And don’t get me started on the so called “Tribulation”. The trouble with eschatology is that it’s like the theory of evolution. “Because we believe this, then we believe that, etc...”. It’s a made up thing all dependant on your denominational veiwpoint. There are gaping holes in the prophecies in scripture. They also jump about between timelines. The book of revelation is not a complete work on eschatology, it’s a revelation about Jesus Christ. I believe God purposely left the holes to stop the devil learning the whole story and trying to change it. But let me clarify a couple of things. Do I believe in a Rapture as the modern church sees it? Nope. Do I think we will be lifted up to meet him in the sky when he does finally Yes I do. Do I believe Jesus is coming back? Absolutely. But only one time. Will he come like a thief in the night? Absolutely. No one will know when. Do I believe it’s soon? The jury is still out on that one too. But the point I was originally trying to make it that I find a lot of Christians seem to be so rapped up in the Rapture, that they seem to have just stopped and are just waiting for the rapture. I see it a lot in a lot of churches. I myself want to be shocked when he turns up, because I’m so busy getting on with life. After all that’s what he promised us “life in all it’s fullness”, fullness of life with God. This is just my opinion, I’m sorry if it offends. Some people look at me as though I’m killing the fatted calf. Im a big believer in scripture when it says “Do not argue or fight over debatable things, let each man make up his own mind and be at peace with it” Whether I believe in a rapture or not will not affect my salvation. Certain things will, like Jesus being the only way to Salvation, which he definitely is!! To me there are far more important things to be thinking about. Like slavery, the crisis of identity within young people. We can change these things with the Gospel, it is the power of God. Blessings.
  5. I would say that there will be no rapture, we will not be whisked away. There is no yo-yo Jesus. So get on with the job in hand, Jesus will return when the full number of the gentiles has come in. So carry on with the job that God set out for you to do.
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