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  1. HI Jez. Nice to meet you. I took one of those personality tests, and it said that I have the perfect personality for a psychologist! That's a very interesting and very challenging line of work. I have a friend or two in the field, and it sounds like it really is.
  2. Glad to meet you. I like to start my day with a few scriptures, a small amount so that I can really think about them thoroughly and carefully. Later, I like to compare those passages with another Bible to see what another way of saying it would be. I might cross that with a concordance, a Bible dictionary, or map. I might go online to find a devotional that might add to the subject that I'm reading about that day. It's always good to keep going back to the word of God.
  3. Hi, Jim, nice to meet you
  4. Thank you everyone for the kind and warm welcome
  5. Hi, from the South. My name is Lani. I've studied college level canon and other Bible study classes. My grandma was a pastor and my mom has a ministry, so I grew up in the church and love God with all my heart. I've come to this site for fellowship, to make friends. Have been busy with college for several years, and since graduation called to help my family for over 2 years. I've only recently left that situation. The situation was very complicated, and very draining. I'm glad I could help, more glad to be moving on. Due to the complications of the situation, have not been able to settle with a regular church until recently. I was glad to have Christian TV to fill the void but more glad to have a real church once again. My home was not close to my family, and while I was gone there was a lot of damage from storms. There was no way to drive back and forth to do the repairs while I was in that situation. I'm a homeowner, so I'm busy doing these repairs myself. It's just me here. Someone tried to break into my home not too long ago, while I was sleeping, during a storm. My neighborhood has imported a bad element, apparently. God kept me safe. I'm not afraid. I've endured so much and have seen so many great works of God, seen impossible things happen. God indeed does work out all things for good for those that love Him. If you're wondering what my age is, I was still in grade school when Michael Jackson's thriller came out. LOL Hope I like this site, and wishing all a day with the will of God.
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