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  1. Renewing my time here

    welcome back
  2. Relationship advice

  3. Is Yoga evil?

    It is obvious by your tone that it will do me no good trying to have a meaningful discussion with you. Good bye Posts like this are the ones the leave me thinking if worthy is the place for me??? SMH
  4. Is Yoga evil?

    I guess the think I struggle with is the fact that you could do a yoga position and not even know it. Like playing with a little kid on the floor and then before you know you are in the downward dog position. Then you are doubly wrong because you may cause that younger one to stumble. Or if my hip flexor hurts so I decide to stretch it by bringing my leg up like whatever that yoga tree position thing is to stretch it out. I just think we may be getting a little legalistic about things.
  5. Is Yoga evil?

    So how do you feel about acupuncture?
  6. Is Yoga evil?

    Agreed. Partially. I think we can get into symantics here. What if the exercise/stretching you are doing, happens to be one that is called yoga in the class down the street. My point is I guess if you are intentionally going into looking for some higher spiritual association or whatever then that is wrong. But if you are looking for ways to release stress and loosen up your body, I think the stretching really helps.
  7. Hello brothers and sister in Christ!

  8. Is Yoga evil?

    I think doing yoga is fine and helpful. Just not the meditation aspects that some people bring into it.
  9. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    I think he gets joy out of being rude arrogant and argumentative
  10. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    And when someone does provide evidence to you, you dismiss it saying it is fallacy or you use some latin phrase that I am not even sure why you use.
  11. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    There you go with your rude comments towards the rest of the posters.
  12. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    Ok seriously Enoch. So let me get some of this straight. Correct (which I am sure you will) if I am wrong. You don't believe earth is a globe. You don't believe earth spins. You don't believe we have ever gone to space. You don't believe in gravity. Does that about sum up what we have covered so far?
  13. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    Wait. Are you saying there are no such things as satellites now?
  14. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    When I was doing wireless installations, the farther we would shoot a wireless link the higher each end had to be above the ground due to the curvature of the earth. When I stand at the edge of the ocean I can only see so far even with binoculars due to the curvature of the earth. How about the existence of time zones. Different constellations seen from different points of the earth (thank you Aristotle) Or the stick shadow effect?