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  1. Praying for you
  2. Welcome
  3. Praying
  4. I have never read the msg and dont plan to
  5. Thank you for the info YOWM. So the msg would be a paraphrase also?
  6. NLT is just the latest version i have been reading. I also spend time in the niv and nkjv.
  7. I am done discussing this with you. You obviously have a biased chip and I can not discuss an open topic with a closed mind.
  8. But if we don't know how to study the Greek and Hebrew, then it would be a paraphrase. Some words in the Greek and Hebrew cannot directly translate to English. par·a·phrase ˈperəˌfrāz/ verb 1. express the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.
  9. Aren't all bibles paraphrases? Or do you have access to the original texts?
  10. I am reading it now. I like the flow of it. Wasn't too impressed reading 2nd Corinthians. But now I am reading Genesis and I like how it makes the history and the different tribes easy to understand.
  11. I am not trying to start a war here. But have any of you studied from the NLT bible. What are your thoughts?
  12. It isn't affiliated with this website. But they have a great ministry. They were the creators of the everyman's battle series, restoring your life, etc. It really is a great ministry. They also have a podcast and a call in radio show that plays and 10 AM pst.
  13. Have you looked into New Life Live? They can connect you with a counselor in your area.
  14. I think this could have all been avoided if the person had stayed the way God created them.
  15. Nice