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  1. She is doing ok. Hoping to be out of the hospital today
  2. I made a ring for my wife out of this
  3. Here is a slab of some tube agate i foind this weekend.
  4. My wifes mother just got admitted to the hospital with MRSA in both feet and legs.
  5. Why would someone criticize for reading other books? I read tons of books besides the bible. I think they give great insight into what is written. And i like fiction books too.
  6. I have been using nosler bullets with IMR powder. I have a buddy who works and Nosler so he can sometimes get me a deal on their seconds.
  7. I have reloaded a lot for my AR and my standard 223. I have a digital powder scale that takes like 30 mins to warm up so I usually wait until I have a pretty good bundle to reload. With one of my reloaded 223 rounds I hit a golf ball at 100 yards.
  8. I reload now. IT is a lot of fun
  9. Yeah. I have thought about doing like a bunch of pushups or something and then hopping up and shooting.
  10. Welcome
  11. My o only concern with the .25 is your likely to just make the attacker mad unless you are really good at shot placement under stress. It's kinda the same way I feel about my 32.
  12. Yeah I thinking my next handgun will probably be a 40 or a 10mm. But I also have my eye on 6.5 creed more. And have been wanting a 25-06 for a long time as well.
  13. I haven't bought a 40 yet. I talked to a friend of mine who is a state trooper and he said the 40 wouldn't be as much fun for my wife and kids to shoot. I just love having guns. It's getting to be a bit of an obsession.
  14. I think it's a different model then. It's a bit bigger.
  15. I don't remember exactly what series my sig is. I think it's a 238. I really like how it feels and shoots.