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  1. I think you should confront your boyfriend and let him know how it makes you feel that he is doing this. Maybe he needs to attend everyman's battle. And as Yowm pointed out. There are a lot of red flags with and maybe you should look at those.
  2. a little picture:

  3. The Clinton Body Count

  4. False doctrine

  5. False doctrine

    Agreed. But there are many instances where they are not contradicting. It's just a different interpretation. Another example. The church I go to now takes communion every Sunday. The church I used to go to only did it once per month. Is one of these churches teaching a false doctrine?
  6. False doctrine

    Correct but it is also interpretations. Just like people have been debating in this thread about emersion versus sprinkling for baptism. You may see they have to be fully emerged and someone else may say they have to only be sprinkled. Neither one is contradicting the word of God. But people went point at the other one saying they are teaching false doctrine.
  7. Saturday or Sunday?

    I think I would have to agree with you. I have family members and have worked with folks that are members of SDA.
  8. False doctrine

    Some people may view interpretations different from their own as false doctrine. Kind of like the old debate that KJV is the only Bible to read from. That being said, I notice that many forums allow people an anonymous outlet to post what they think with not any real repercussions.
  9. I have a question about these verses. Why do they say there are 6 things God hates 7 that are detestable to Him. Why not just say 7 things God hates?
  10. Is Time Infinite?

    Here is something I dug up from Cornell University Short version: What we actually measure is the distance from the Earth to some other body, such as Venus. Then we use what we know about the relations between interplanetary distances to scale that to the Earth-Sun distance. Since 1961, we have been able to use radar to measure interplanetary distances - we transmit a radar signal at another planet (or moon or asteroid) and measure how long it takes for the radar echo to return. Before radar, astronomers had to rely on other (less direct) geometric methods. In more detail: The first step in measuring the distance between the Earth and the Sun is to find the relative distances between Earth and other planets. (For instance, what is the ratio of the Jupiter-Sun distance to the Earth-Sun distance?) So, let us say that the distance between Earth and the Sun is "a". Now, consider the orbit of Venus. To a first approximation, the orbits of Earth and Venus are perfect circles around the Sun, and the orbits are in the same plane. Take a look at the diagram below (not to scale). From the representation of the orbit of Venus, it is clear that there are two places where the Sun-Venus-Earth angle is 90 degrees. At these points, the line joining Earth and Venus will be a tangent to the orbit of Venus. These two points indicate the greatest elongation of Venus and are the farthest from the Sun that Venus can appear in the sky. (More formally, these are the two points at which the angular separation between Venus and the Sun, as seen from Earth, reaches its maximum possible value.) Another way to understand this is to look at the motion of Venus in the sky relative to the Sun: as Venus orbits the Sun, it gets further away from the Sun in the sky, reaches a maximum apparent separation from the Sun (corresponding to the greatest elongation), and then starts going towards the Sun again. This, by the way, is the reason why Venus is never visible in the evening sky for more than about three hours after sunset or in the morning sky more than three hours before sunrise.
  11. Is Time Infinite?

    But you are making a claim that it's not that far away. So you need to provide where you get your evidence that it isn't that distance. What factual information do you have to support that it isn't 93 million miles away?
  12. Is Time Infinite?

    I don't have the ability to validate personally. But a large number of scientists way smarter than I have. I guess I don't understand how you have come to your conclusions. How can you validate that the sun isn't that far away? How far away do you believe it is and please give some evidence to support your claim.
  13. Is Time Infinite?

    So even if they aren't "suns" They are still up in the sky. Our "sun" is 93 million miles away. It takes 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach earth. Do you just believe that what we see up there is still in our atmosphere? Do you even believe in an up?
  14. Is Time Infinite?

    When I look up in the sky at night I can see lights up there. If I look at the moon through a telescope I can see craters on it. If I hold my hand parallel to the horizon at sundown my thumb points towards jupiter. How do you discount all of the "evidence" that has been around for millennia. Even God said he put the stars in the sky.
  15. Is Time Infinite?

    I am really trying to understand you. Honestly. How do you come up with your conclusions? You say there are no other planets. You say there are no black holes. You say that we have never been to space. Can you explain where your conclusions come from? And don't answer with some snide, snarky comeback about Liberace riding a unicorn or something. Just post it in normal language so you can enlighten the rest of us.