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  1. Thanks wingnut
  2. Not sure if this should be posted here or in prayer requests but here it goes. Kind of confusing so try to hang in there. My wife's nieces husband (got that). He had multiple affairs. One being with the nieces step sister. Another with the nieces (former) best friend. And multiple others. So he finally came clean about it and is going to an accountability group and has been meeting with other men etc. I don't believe he is doing enough yet but that is something they are working on. But anyhow, instead of supporting the daughter her parents, grandparents, etc. are making it about them. The stepsister is getting married this month and the grandparents asked the niece what they she should say when people ask why she isn't there. She said to tell them the truth. They said oh we can't do that we will just say you are having some family issues. The parents were having easter brunch at their house. They told our niece that if she couldn't be civil to the stepsister than they would prefer that she wouldn't come. The list of this type of stuff goes on and on. So I am not sure how to support her. I have thought about sending an email to the family with my thoughts and feelings but that may not be the best idea. I told my wife this morning that I am truly at a loss of what to do. She is too.
  3. I believe a saved person will go to heaven. If not, then that would mean we need to repent of all of our sins on our death bed.
  4. Praying against spirits or using salt to get rid of them?
  5. welcome
  6. welcome
  7. Boundaries. Cloud and Townsend
  8. Comancheros
  9. Dr. Dre
  10. Carly
  11. I hate windows. LOL
  12. rolling on the floor wrestling
  13. elliptical