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  1. da_man1974

    It's been a good run

    No YOWM. i think i am taking a break from “christian” sites for a bit. I have been on quite a few. Always seems there are more pharisees than disciples. I have some good pastor friends that i converse with. I think between that and my own personal studies i should be good for a while.
  2. da_man1974

    It's been a good run

    Well folks. It's been fun (kinda). I think the time has come for me to leave this forum. Nice getting to know some of you. If you need to get a hold of me my email is in my profile. If not, see ya on the other side.
  3. da_man1974

    A helper

    I don't have my concordance in front of me. But God told Adam he would give him a Helper. Then Jesus told the disciples that He was sending a Helper. I know one was probably written in Hebrew and one in Greek. But do they go back to the same meaning in the concordance?
  4. da_man1974

    The serpent

    Well I guess I mean didn't the devil come in the form of a serpent
  5. da_man1974

    The serpent

    Wasn't the serpent the devil?
  6. da_man1974

    The serpent

    I wonder why the serpent was allowed in the garden. If everything was perfect before the fall, why was the serpent able to be there.
  7. da_man1974

    Family life

    My wife and i just got back from our 3rd weekend to remember. Always enjoy these. Lots to learn and lots to work on.
  8. da_man1974


  9. I don't mean to start rivalry. But personally the only thing I thought that was close to as good as the eagles winning is the Patriots losing. After all of the cheating and scandals that they have been involved in I can't stand to watch them. And there is the redemption of the 2004 Super Bowl when the patriots beat the eagles.
  10. da_man1974

    Prayer needed

  11. da_man1974

    My husband's ex wife

    That is a tough one. Are there any mechanics around that could do the work for her so you guys don't have to do it?
  12. da_man1974

    New member

  13. da_man1974

    Hello everyone

  14. I am so glad the Eagles finally got a Super Bowl ring. I have like the Eagles my entire life. Rooted for them even in the Chip Kelly days. I love the fact that they are so many Christians on that team as well. Oh and I cannot stand the Patriots.
  15. da_man1974

    Lost friend

    Pray Pray Pray. Maybe you could talk her into seeing a youth pastor that could help her see the truth behind the lies that she is believing.