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  1. I think it all stems from the fall. We are born into a sin nature. We are all trying to get more, acquire more, know more, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Sometimes God tells us that that isn't the way for us. Then when he shows us the way we should go we rebel back into thinking we can run our own lives. Not sure if that makes sense or not.
  2. Hi, 

    Thank you for the welcome. :)  Cute puppy in your profile pic. Minpin? God bless you. 

  3. I need advice, heartbroken

    I would seriously cut me lisses if i were you. He doesnt seem concerned about you or your feelings imho.
  4. I'm Audrey

  5. Maybe i misspoke. I meant like see more detail of the craters.
  6. Here's a thought to ponder

    I'm not talking about physical death. I mean their spirit.
  7. Here's a thought to ponder

    But if the person is never going to wake up....
  8. Here's a thought to ponder

    So something I was thinking about...Say a person who is a Christian gets in a car wreck and is in a coma. Since God knows the future and knows that this person is gonna die. Does He bring this person up to heaven before they are actually dead. He knows that the person will never wake from the coma so does He just spare them the time and bring them up to be with Him.
  9. Seriously!?!? It is so tiring. I think I will check out of this convo since there is no useful information. And the going back and forth with you is continually fruitless.
  10. More elephant hurling. Don't you ever get tired of this. It's early in the morning and you have already worn me out. Have you nothing better to do than to get on here and argue with people?
  11. It it's not a scientific theory what do you call it then? Just so you can educate all of us so we get our semantics correct.
  12. Jesus and the woman caught in adultery

    Just to be clear I am not saying that the verses aren't true. I just find it interesting that they may have been recorded by a different author.
  13. That's your belief. And you are entitled to your opinion. Just as we are entitled to ours. There is no CONCRETE evidence to support your theory or people wouldn't still be discussing it. I think we could tell you the this forum is called worthychristianforums.com and you would still argue with us.