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  1. Hello everybody:) I am trying to find the right Church for me and I have started to look at the different sections of Christianity. I was wondering if someone who is a member of the Church of Christ could tell me their beliefs and experience in the Church. Thank you! Edit: Sorry I'm not sure if I'm able to reply directly to anyone (or I don't know how lol) Thank you everyone for the answers they were very helpful:) Would anyone be willing to tell my about their current church and that churches beliefs? I have got a much better understanding from your answers then from research alone. Thanks so much!
  2. I am currently facing illness as well and it's been hard not to get into the head space "I'm too young to be sick" or "I'll never get better" so I knew the Lord would give me strength and studying the Bible could help me come to terms with everything. This was actually the first forum I tried. I looked around, liked it so I signed up:) Thanks for the post:)
  3. I pray we both find what we're looking for:)
  4. Thanks so much everyone for the warm welcome
  5. Hey everyone I wanted to introduce myself and give a bit of background:) I went to church until about 7 or 8 years old then my family stopped going. I drifted away from God but never stopped believeing in him and now I need to be a better Christian for god and myself. I have alot to learn haha. Thanks for reading and I hope y'all are having a good day
  6. Hello all I am new as well, just wanted to say hello and I hope everyone is having a good day:)
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