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  1. SBA0905

    What is going on?

    Thank you for your responses, and prayers. The last several days have been taxing on both of us, to say the least. I'm trying really hard to believe and understand all that has happened. I have never been more confused about my faith. I don't even know if it makes sense to say I have never been more sure that this is the work of God but also I have never been more sure that this is the work of Satan. I appreciate the prayers and know I need them. Thank you.
  2. SBA0905

    Can the Devil read my mind?

    If the devil is going to attack my faith, or the faith of someone I love; can he read my mind to know what my weakness is, or do I have to speak it out loud for him to know?
  3. SBA0905

    What is going on?

    My husband was spiritually attacked Tuesday night. Since he was a young child he has been having dreams of the devil chasing him. As an adult the dreams became battles with Satan. In his early 20's he had an experience when he claims that God visited him. Afterwards he began reading the Bible and spreading the word of the Lord. He has been devoted to God ever since. He has always been rock solid in his faith, he prays hard and he believes in those prayers. I believe in God and want to go to Heaven, but I have never made that spiritual connection he has made, though I have prayed for that to happen to me. I want more than anything to have the faith he has. He feels very strongly that he was put on this earth by God for a special reason, though he does not know what it is. Two years ago he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer and last year his surgeon found a second primary cancer in his pancreas. This was not the colon cancer that had spread to the pancreas, but rather a second growing cancer. He prayed and healed and while his doctors cannot believe that the tumors they removed had not metastasized to other organs, they say it is a miracle that he has survived and currently seems to be cancer free. He believes that God protects him and healed him. So a little back story before I tell you what happened Tuesday night. We took a three day weekend and visited Chicago last weekend. He lived there for several years and said that he left that city and returned home because he did not like the person he was becoming and it was a dark time in his life. So from the beginning of the weekend he began acting strange. He was moody and irritable. He was making crazy accusations about my actions and the next minute he would apologize and be loving. We argued alot and he did not sleep at all the whole weekend. We returned home and he continued to not be able to sleep Sunday, but then got a few hours Monday night, but all along his moodiness was getting worse. So Tuesday night he wakes up around 3:37 am from an awful "dream". His battles ALWAYS happen between 2:50 and 3:45 am. I can literally count at least 7 times when he awoke in that time frame from an awful dream/battle. He woke up, told me he had a battle but did not want to talk about it and then he became very sexual and aggressive. In the very next moment, he was angry and upset and and ended up sitting up the rest of the night. Wednesday evening I pushed him hard until he finally opened up and told me what happened. He claims that there were 7 or 8 demons, they were much larger than him and they were showing him pictures of themselves in the house while he was not there. They were trying to force him to engage in homosexual behavior with them. They were making disgusting gestures to him, then one of them turned into my likeness and the others told him it was me and then proceeded to fornicate with "me" in front of him. There were all kinds of crazy things happening and he was making them mad by telling them that he was not afraid of them because he was protected by God. Eventually they gave up or he woke up, but he said the battle was the worst one he has ever experienced. He spent the day home on Wednesday and said that during the day he would pick up his phone and find google search results showing my name, my picture and stories about all of these people I was having sex with...he SWORE he saw it on his phone, pictures and all. THIS WAS PURE CRAZINESS. I tried to reason with him that possibly it was just a bad dream, or a result of his lack of sleep, but he is determined it was just another attack like the rest he has had over the years, only now he says that the Kingdom of God is at hand and he is preparing. He questions my faithfulness and is suspicious that I am a servant of Satan, only with him to weaken his faith. Then the next minute he is praying for my salvation and telling me I need to pray for myself. He told me that if I get struck down by God he will know that I was evil and that God is protecting him. He begged me to confess and ask for forgiveness so that I did not get struck down by God. After he settled down he fell asleep and slept all night. The next morning he said he felt better and acknowledged again that the previous day was pure hell and he was glad they were gone and the battle was over, but says that it will only get worse next time because the Anti-Christ is here and it is the time for rapture....whatever that means. I don't know what to think about this, I don't know what to do. I don't know if I feel safe with him if it happens again and he thinks I am a demon, but I don't want to abandon him in a time when he may need me the most. I am confused and worry that Satan is using my confusion to further cause harm. I am way out of my comfort zone and I have never experienced anything like this before. I never could have imagined what happened would ever happen. What do I do? Please, I would just like to hear what anyone thinks about what I experienced. Thank you!
  4. SBA0905

    New to Site / Not New to God

    Thank you for the warm welcomes. I've been searching for help all day and I am so hopeful I will be able to find some answers here.
  5. SBA0905

    New to Site / Not New to God

    I am trying to post a question on the Doctrinal Questions forum, but I understand that before I can do that, I have to make three posts on this forum. I apologize for the urgency. Thank you for understanding.
  6. Hello. I am a Christian woman in need of some counseling on how to deal with something that is happening in my life. I cannot speak to my pastor about this problem. I have been searching for books or sites all day and I am hopeful I will be able to get some guidance here. Thank you.