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  1. The Gunfighter

    Hey Patriot, Cool Post, Fight the Good Fight of Faith!
  2. Hi George,

            Hi my name is Neil Doherty from New Jersey, can I join the Men's only site?

    1. angels4u


      Hi Neill , I don't know how often Geoge is on the forum these days as he is very busy in the States, you may usually go in the mens room after you joined the forum for awhile,so we get to know you first  a little bit,this is to protect the people asking sensitive questions which they may have posted in there , I hope you understand?

  3. post something random

    The random post is hysterically funny!
  4. Do You Remember This One?

    That is soooooo funny!!!!
  5. As i read in the Gospel homosexuality and LGBTQ sexualities are prohibited for God's people even in marriage. How do others respond to Christians multiplying gay marriage in their Churches?