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  2. Hi! I hate to even type this out but..to give you a background story I had an "emotional affair" with another man through Facebook about 6 years ago. He ultimately asked if we could turn things physical and I said no. I recently told my husband about this and we are still healing from this even though he has been completely forgiving and supportive. It's actually me right now that is having a hard time letting go of the wrong I did. Since then the man's family has even moved to the same town we live in and his wife and I have become somewhat friends but I wouldn't consider her really close but we have talked a good bit. My question is, I have already confessed to my husband and asked God for forgiveness, am I biblically obligated to tell the wife? I have just been depressed about this issue lately. I have pulled away from the wife so I don't make things complicated but we do sort of run in the same social circle. I believe as a Christian that you can "fall from Grace" so I want to do everything right by God. I am currently depressed and feel like a horrible person. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!