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  1. How your spirituality disturbs
  2. IDENTIFYING THE CRUEL CURESES... The first step to break the cruel curses is to identify the cruel curses. Following are the best examples of cruel curses by which you can easily understand your condition & scenario. . Working hard but getting little results in return. . Frequently getting sick without any reason. . When same disease and sickness facing by you, which your past generations, ancestors have received. . People hate you without any reason. . Addiction and anger which you have also recieved by past generations, ancestors etc. . If there is doubt of some thing wrong but you cannot catch it, it means curse in operation. . Lots of efforts but no progress. . Punishment without offence. . Strong feeling of sleeping come while meditating in the word of God. . Sleeping between personal prayers. . Sleeping while worshiping God in church & home. . Don't want to listen Godly talks again and again, suddenly anger comes and eyes become red. . Eyes balls become big while singing, praying, deliverance time, when a man and woman of God lay hand. . Quickly falling in ground after laying hand by man and woman of God, this is the trick to show that anointing is so heavy and evil spirit has come out, but in real its not come out. . Laughing during worship without any reason. . Vomitiong in prayer, worship, deliverance time. . Broken marriages. . Divorce many times. . Fight between husband and wife. . Childrens not obeying parents. . Lack of love between relatives. . Lie, theft, adultery are sign of devil wroking inside the body. . Poverty. . Attraction. . Sexual disease. . Sexual sin. . Premature death in families, past relatives and ancestors. . Gambling habit. . Not respecting the ladies. . Desire to kill himself/herself. . Desire coming again and again to kill ourself. . Desire to kill any body. . No job, failure in interview, failure in busingess. . Unsuccessful in every sphere of life. . Staying naked in home. . Pornography life style. . Watching pornography. . Masturbation . Gay, lesbian, homosexual etc. . Sex change practices. . Legs become heavy before going to interview, job or any special work. . Gold and cash stolen from bank locker. . Suddenly money disappear from house. . Suddenly important documents missing from home or any where. . When no body loves you, no body wants to stay with you. . Bad dreams, evil dreams, threat dreams, sexual dreams. . Feeling of black shadow inside or out side the body or while sleeping the shadow coming upon you to press you etc. . Sudden feeling of respiratory block while sleeping. . When you see others copying your dreams and desires. . Lack of interest in Godly things. . Fear of Holy Spirit. . Fear of failure. . Feeling of what will happen again and again. . Constant thinking about wrong kind of prophets, man of God and woman of God. . Constant thinking about wrong Holy Spirit working inside the man and woman of God and in congretaion etc. . Feeling like i have received wrong Holy spirit inspite of correct Holy Spirit. . Deep thinking of any thing day and night. . Spreading rumours, wrong gossip, hatered words from one person to another. . Internet addiction. . Drugs, alchol addiction. . Double image of person like some time good some time like a theif and rapist. . Adultery done by man and woman of God. . Talking with uncontrolled tongues and manners. . Habit of bulliying others. . Feeling like ants running in body day and nigh and while sleeping. . Killing attitude by any small arguments with anybody. . When we are not feeling something is good, its the sign of devil work and witchcraft. Many others things are also there but the information provided here is to open your eyes and to understand how satan works in peoples life. Thanks....
  3. New Year Resolutions - 2018 December 05, 2017 Meaning: New year resolutions means simply making a vow of something which you keep forever in life. It includes a permanent removal of bad, ungodly materials, behavior and habit from our life. It also include a vow to do something better or start something better in life for rest of life. The question comes in mind that every year resolutions were made and broken. How to make a resolutions and vows which we can keep for life long time. Is it really possible for christian mindset to make a vow and keep it long as we can. The answer might surprise you that is possible only in Jesus. Read this 1 Samuel 10:6 "The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. This is really a fact which no body can ignore or reject. Holy Spirit is the person, when He comes upon any one, any one can change forever, like i am. My advice for your Resolution is this: Receive Jesus Christ as your personal savior and believe that He died for your sin. Receive Holy Spirit in your life and live a life like a king size on this planet, no sickness, no poverty, no temptation, no betrayal nothing and nothing and all beloveds, but only in Christ. So receive Him big this year. Receive Holy Spirit nowww. Following are the things you can change in this year - 2018: Quit smoking, smoking is injurious to your health. Quit the habit of drunken master, its not the will of God for you. Quit drugs of all kinds, injections, tablets and smells. Quit Pornography from your life completely, Holy Spirit told me once that pornography killed many husband wife relationship. Quit cheating your precious wife, same apply to wives also. Quit extra marital affairs, its make the Spirit of Lord sad and sad. Quit pre marital sex, its not good because when you involve, you become one Spirit, so be careful about this. Quit to allure the small girl for sex from your neighbor or near ones. Quit unnatural sex with animals, you are playing with the loving nature of God. Quit homosexuality for its same as Sodom and Gomorrah, so the results will be same as Sodom and Gomorrah. Quit the lust of the eyes, when you see some one beautiful or feel some one beautiful, you committed the sin. Quit the lust of the flesh, its make you one Spirit. Quit pride of life, its never accepted by Jesus, its against the will of God. Quit the habit of beating your wife, its make Jesus cry Quit the habit of taunting your husband or wife for not earning high, or not doing a job. Quit the habit to divorce your wife or husband, its not the law of God, read the Bible for details in the book of Genesis. Quit cheating to others in office work or in home work. Quit the habit of jealousy from life forever. Quit cheating your owner in terms of money, its sin sin and sin. Quit using social networking chatting between the church sermon, its really a heart breaking sin in front of God. Quit the tapping of mobile phones all the time in home, work, church and in prayer. Quit the habit of bad plot against some one, God knows every bad and good intention of heart of the peoples. Quit the habit of bully, its not good all are equal weather they are short or big, rich or poor, black or white. Quit the habit of lying some one. Quit the habit of stealing. Quit the habit to fight with others and home. Quit all kind of ungodly things from your life. There are many others things in life we can quit in this new year resolution and make our beloved God happy. Followings are the things which we can do this year - 2018: Accepting Jesus as our personal savior, believing Him as He died for our sins. Start reading the Word of God more and more. Keep fast for Jesus, it gives inner godly strength. Speaking in tongues, it helps in edification. Try to preach Gospel of Jesus to some one in any time. Tel others about Jesus and His sacrifice for ourselves. Helping others, specially poor peoples outside in streets and parks. Doing fellowship with Holy Spirit and with family members, like family prayer etc. Never sit in home idle when Sunday comes, going church every Sunday is a good habit and loving to God. Helping small churches, house churches in financial matters. Helping those who are needy. Never throw away your old clothes, always remember some one is needy, they need clothes, so give it to them. Give foods to poor peoples, keep a piggy bank and keep some money in it and when it is full of money, use it for needy and poor people. Learn a lesson from hard times in your life and keep on thinking how Jesus faced problems in life and became a winner for us. Living a life clean and pure in front of Jesus. Never to get in tension and depression in any situation as our God will provide all our needs. Always keep trying to grow in Jesus, we all need to grow Spiritually in Jesus. Always accept what is good for the humanity. Accept which is Godly and loving to all. Always love others, love is from God, its commandment of new testament. Always keep on thanking to Lord Jesus for His sacrifice for us and always help people by keeping in mind the face and love and Word of Jesus. Make a resolution which develops you and your family. Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things. God bless you all in making a resolution which you can keep forever. Pray to God and ask direction and guidance and make a note before making a vow. God will surely help, Holy Spirit is waiting for your prayer and He wants to answer you this new year.
  4. Check this pins for spiritual growth...... https://in.pinterest.com/rahulxlohra/pins/
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  6. Thanks for asking me, i am rahul from india, serving lord jesus and love to write spiritual blog..Thanks
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