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  1. I was advised to post this here so I will. We found out earlier today that my little 6yr old sister Abigail is diabetic, she was diagnosed with type 1 so she is very upset and I am worried about her and how she will manage to cope so prayers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Its certainly not that temperature, it is cold enough to need the jacket zipped, especially with the rain we get here.
  3. So, do you agree with me for wanting sister to zip her jacket?
  4. She is very careful with it, it's in her favourite colour so she loves wearing it. She'd be upset if she lost it. @Yown, I would normally not be bothered by what others say but it got me thinking if they had a point or not but I would continue zipping the jacket anyway.
  5. As I said in my introductory post in the worthy welcome section, I babysit my little 5yr old sister but I've been getting comments from other kids at her school, and their parents saying I am a bad sister/guardian :(. The reason these comments get aimed at me is because I always zip her jacket whenever the weather is unpleasant but she always complains at me doing it but I am just doing my duty and keeping her warm and cosy. I have even told the criticisers that I am being a good sister and looking out for my sister and making sure she is warm but they just shrug shoulders. So, am I right or are the other kids/parents right?
  6. Hi guys/girls, I am new to this forum so here is it a bit about myself and my family :). I am currently doing a college course on childcare which is kind of handy because I am also a babysitter for my little 5yr old sister whilst our parents work so I am responsible for taking and picking her up from school which ties in well with my college course.
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