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  1. Scottish Leanne

    Sister diabetic

    I was advised to post this here so I will. We found out earlier today that my little 6yr old sister Abigail is diabetic, she was diagnosed with type 1 so she is very upset and I am worried about her and how she will manage to cope so prayers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    Its certainly not that temperature, it is cold enough to need the jacket zipped, especially with the rain we get here.
  3. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    That's my opinion too.
  4. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    Our parents back me up on this :).
  5. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    So, do you agree with me for wanting sister to zip her jacket?
  6. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    She is very careful with it, it's in her favourite colour so she loves wearing it. She'd be upset if she lost it. @Yown, I would normally not be bothered by what others say but it got me thinking if they had a point or not but I would continue zipping the jacket anyway.
  7. Scottish Leanne

    Am I doing right?

    As I said in my introductory post in the worthy welcome section, I babysit my little 5yr old sister but I've been getting comments from other kids at her school, and their parents saying I am a bad sister/guardian :(. The reason these comments get aimed at me is because I always zip her jacket whenever the weather is unpleasant but she always complains at me doing it but I am just doing my duty and keeping her warm and cosy. I have even told the criticisers that I am being a good sister and looking out for my sister and making sure she is warm but they just shrug shoulders. So, am I right or are the other kids/parents right?
  8. Scottish Leanne

    Newbie here.

    Will do @RockyMidnight :).
  9. Scottish Leanne

    Newbie here.

    Thanks :).
  10. Scottish Leanne

    Newbie here.

    Hi guys/girls, I am new to this forum so here is it a bit about myself and my family :). I am currently doing a college course on childcare which is kind of handy because I am also a babysitter for my little 5yr old sister whilst our parents work so I am responsible for taking and picking her up from school which ties in well with my college course.