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  1. Amen Pumpkin! I wish U were in the chat room the other night when I was trying to explain this same sentiment to someone who was trying to spread the Word to deaf ears. Not all are meant to get it, but we try just the same. That discernment to invest time and effort or to move on is much needed in newer Christians who are eager to spread the Word. So sorry for your loss. I know your brother is proud of you and your message.
  2. Thank You for the Warm Welcome! I am new to "Forums", so hopefully I am replying to everyone above. I just want to do more. More for God, I know He does not need me, but I know I need Him. And I know He has a purpose for me on His behalf, and I think I am finally taking the first steps toward what He has in store for me. Thank You for listening! Blessings to You All, in Jesus' name! Amen!
  3. Am I the only one who sees the lack of faith in this modern day age? All over the world, there is strife, anger and rebellious lewd spirits roaming about. America, our "Great Country" is getting closer and closer to becoming the modern day Sodam and Gomora, full of lust and pride. How have we become so separated from God? When I was a child, nearly everyone was a Christian, not downing other people's beliefs, (even though they are worshipping false gods, and thats for God to judge). But Christ was the driving force behind this country's motives. Now money, power (the abuse of it), lust, are the motives of the people. How do we combat this? By spreading God's Word, His Love, and His Message, even if it is in the most subtle of ways. God is returning to claim his true followers. I am not going to bury the coin, (the gift that God has given me), and wait for His return. I aim to spread His message. In truth and humbleness until boldness is called for.
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