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  1. Ok so this is just a quick update on the situation now. I have talked to both of my parents separately and I now know a little more about the situation. My mom has never been very open with her thoughts and emotions but I got my dad to open up a little bit. From his point of view my mom doesn’t act like she loves him anymore and he said that for years she has not shown any affection for him. He did have a very valid point when he asked me when was the last time I saw my mom go sit by him or go up to him and hug him. I couldn’t remember. He says that he just keeps on trying to show his affection and she just sits there on her “stupid phone” (he was getting a little upset at this point in the conversation). Apparently a lot of the fighting has been because my mom was ignoring my dad and then he would get mad about it. I asked him if he could try to be more patient with her and he said that he has tried, but he is tired of being basically ignored besides to fight. So based on this information from my dad’s point of view (and I am trying to be as non biased as possible) can anyone give me some advice on how I should try to proceed.
  2. I just heard my dad saying something and he sounded more upset than I have ever heard him in my entire life. I could just heard the words “I don’t care” and I could tell he was crying while he said it. I feel that if I wait even one more week it might be too late. I know I can’t say anything until my parents calm down but WHAT SHOULD I DO. OH GOD, WHAT SHOULD I DO!
  3. I have thought a lot about approaching them about this but I just have no idea what to say to them. Especially without upsetting them more.
  4. Actually Onelight only my 19 year old sister has moved out but my two younger siblings (or at least one of them) are not old enough to understand.
  5. Hi I am a Christian looking for some good advice. I came here because I can’t ask my parents about this. They are the problem. I am 16 years old with three siblings and all of them and my parents are saved. My parents have been married for over 20 years and I noticed a few months ago that they were acting different. They have started to fight on a regular basis and it is getting worse every time. They have also started to sleep in different rooms and on one occasion my dad left for a few days and went to stay at a hotel. I have overheard a couple of fights and the last one seemed pretty bad. They were saying things like “This whole relationship I have been trying to dance around and try to not make you mad”, not in those words but it had that meaning. Most of my life before my dad went to work every morning they would hug each other and tell each other that they love each other and they would say a prayer together every morning. Lately they hardly ever talk to each other unless it is to fight. I just don’t know what to do and I’m afraid of a divorce. Me and my older sibling (who is moved out now) are afraid to say anything because we know they will probably get mad at us and say it is none of our business. It has gotten so bad though that I feel a responsibility to take some action. Can someone please help!
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