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  1. For an atheist, there is no God. They believe God is “real” like how Zeus, Hermes, and Poseidon are real. In their minds, the Judeo-Christian deity is but one of countless gods invented by humans. I, a Christian, object to the atheist worldview because I’ve had many experiences where I’ve personally witnessed the undeniable power of the Holy Spirit working miracles in my life. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling like an atheist recently (meaning it feels to me like God doesn’t exist, though I know in my heart of hearts that he does). Why is this the case? Because it feels like God has abandoned me, and he won’t speak to me, either. For years I have been experiencing a horrible ordeal day after day, night after night. Demons continually assault me and make my life a living hell. They are real, not hallucinations. God told me he would get rid of them if I live a day without sinning. When that happens, God removes the demons, but it’s only temporary: the demons return shortly later, then I have to continue walking on eggshells the following day and be on my utter best behavior to have a chance at God removing the tormenting demons—and it never ends. Not sinning is very difficult, so it’s rare that the demons get removed for a short period of time. Recently, though, I’ve been doing very good and not sinning at all. In fact, I’ve been going through many days of not sinning once. But here is the sad part. God is no longer removing the demons. He leaves me to suffer, and I don’t know why. God will not communicate with me and tell me what sins I am committing that are making him so angry that he will let me suffer with demons. God has been utterly silent on the matter, and I’m very distressed. I am entitled for God to remove the demons because I met his requirements by not sinning, but God isn’t removing them, nor will he even talk with me just one little tiny bit. Please everyone pray for me and ask God to either remove the demons or tell me what sort of sin I am committing that is making God hold a horrible grudge against me and allow me to suffer horribly with monstrous demons.
  2. Yes, I myself have three index funds (500 index fund, mid-cap value index fund, and small-cap value index fund). If you want to make a lot of money for retirement, index funds are the way to go. You can earn a steady, consistent 11% to 12% a year with them.
  3. Well, yesterday I bought some nicotine gum. I'm using it to help reduce my daily nicotine intake signficicantly so that when I do quit, it won't be so hard.
  4. I’m a Christian who suffers with nicotine addiction. I’ve been using smokeless tobacco for five years now, and quitting has been difficult, to say the least. In fact, I made up my mind to quit yesterday, and all day yesterday I didn’t use any tobacco. Today things were going smoothly until lunch, at which point I ate a big meal, so afterwards my cravings hit hard. I subsequently relapsed. Did you ever have an addiction to nicotine, cigarettes or smokeless? How did you manage to quit? Do you have advice for someone who want to quit? I’m thinking about getting some Xanax from my doctor. Last time I was prescribed this pill, I barely noticed any cravings or withdrawals while I was on it. I only took Xanax for a week, but I was still able to quit nicotine for six weeks until I relapsed (that’s the longest I’ve ever been off of it). However, I won’t be able to see my doctor until next month.
  5. ajmch

    Hey, I'm new

    Thank you everyone for your warm welcomes! This place genuinely looks like an interesting Christian message board with some fantastic people. One thing, though: how can I create a thread? I have a topic in mind that I wish to start in the "do you have a question" section, but it's not letting me create one for some reason.
  6. I joined this discussion board because I am interesting in talking religion with other fellow Christians. You people seem like a nice group and I'm looking forward to spending time here!
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