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  1. My wife has made the quick decision to divorce after only being separated for a couple months. There is lots of anger, resentment and blame. She has drifted from God and has lost hope. ... God is carrying me.. and he is all that I have right now
  2. I know a couple who saved their marriage by attending. Praying for my wife to be willing to salvage the marriage.
  3. My meeting went well. We were civil to each other and had a nice time together. I just wanted healing for her. There was no talk of reconciliation but God has work to be completed in me prior to that conversation taking place. I am standing firm that our covenant will keep her patient and that God will work in her heart to forgive me for her emotional wounds
  4. I have found that educating myself before embarking on the process helped me. Two good resources for information are Allen Carr's book and the website www.whyquit.com .Both of these prescribe to the notion that the only way to quit is cold turkey without any taper. One big piece of advice I can offer is to drink fruit juice every few hours for the first 4 days. The sugar helps you to think clearly Then after stopping it's all about leaning on God to get you past each urge. It gets easy with each urge that you resist. After a week it isn't too bad at all.
  5. Fellow believers My wife left me a month ago and tonight we are having our first meeting. I need prayer for wisdom and humility. Also for my wife's heart to begin healing. We have been married a long time and I was obviously insensitive to her needs. Thank You I will post the praise report tomorrow !!
  6. Thank you so much for the warm welcome brothers and sisters in Christ. I will check out the chat room, reading and posting is not the same as a live chat
  7. I have known Christ for most of my life but like many others I have waxed and waned in my relationship with him. As crisis comes we know where to turn and that is part of my reason for coming to this site. Usually when we go through trying times we have persons to support us through it. Right now in my life I have never felt more alone. I am desperately seeking God and wise counsel. Thanks to the mods for this site and I hope to be able to bless as well as receive
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