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  1. Thats a warm and loving prayer.
  2. I totally agree, on the days.But have you ever gone 7 days a week?
  3. Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your Law: 'I said you are gods'? .... have been saved from utterly misconceiving his words I said, Ye are gods. OR When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, "Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?" What is the positive side of this story? Jesus does not mind having children of God doing his work but even trained apostles made foolish mistakes. I think Jesus was full of love not to let them call down fire from heaven. Do you really believe that his apostles had the power of Elijah answered the captain, "If I am a man of God, may fire come down from heaven and consume you and your fifty men!" Then fire fell from heaven and consumed the captain and his men. Where are the miracle workers of our times? If God is the same now and forever and favorite no man all are equal then why have not the new Christ walking this earth rose above the populace to show themselves, that comment almost sounds like the devil looking for publicity. Bringing the light of truth to dark minds for his light is our light. Do you believe in God so completely that you would be able to handle the power of God and not be consumed by pride for wielding it ? I am sure a Christian with power would hide his gift under the bed so he would not attract the gaze of the media cameras and going viral for Christ. I wonder maybe there are children of God out there doing his good works but keep a low profile because the Lord is humble. OK so please let me know what miracles you would do if you had the power of Christ. and of course, you would only do what you seeing your father in heaven do.
  4. Just me doing my 4th post. I am sorry I did not introduce myself. Yes I am as old as Moses, been in the wilderness for 40 years or more. Christ has been adding precept upon precept to my training, and now I am ready to go out and be as wise as a dove. But when I go and put my hand on the side of a hospital and say let all within be healed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Nothing happens. Am I the only foolish believer too big for my britches maybe I need more training? I knew a man once who had a huge Bible and he carried around downtown blessing all the buildings in our city. He was picked up and put into an asylum. But I like to do all my good deeds in secret for the Lord rewards in secret. Don't let my form of Christianity scare you away, My intentions are for the good of all Gods Children. With prayer and suplications I beg to be of some use to the Lord my master even if it is foolish in the eyes of the world and probably downright ridiculous to Christians also, but if my naivety is in the simplicity of Christ. Please feel free to laugh until your heart is content. Maybe that will do some good. Somewhere along the line, it will do someone good if my intentions are pure and If I am dead to myself when doing them. Didn't he say even if it is preached wrongly as long as it is preached his word will have an effect? Is it not written he picked the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. OH BOY I hope that isn't my job. I was hoping for a much nobler position in the Kingdom of heaven. This is where my lot landed for now. GOD BLESS.
  5. Hi Again I am just doing my three comments so I can have access to all the forums. Please guide me to where I might fit into. To prove I am not a robot.I am sure no robot ever said let us pray and win favor with the God of the humans.
  6. Hi all my fellow believers. I am looking for the meat of the Gospel. I have drank the milk and eaten the mana but am still hungry for the deeper meaning of what they are talking about in this passage. Repentance, salvation, baptism, is for babes in Christ. Could the meat be , understanding HOW Christ was able to do his work? If Christ wanted to save the whole world. Should we not have big huge dreams along the same lines. My dream is to go into hospitals and lay on hands and cure the whole place, wow is that ever far fetched. But why do we want to help our fellow man if it was not given in our hearts to do so. I hope I am not crazy but these dreams of wanting to do big things in the Christ frame of mind with no other motives than to fulfill the good works he has prepared beforehand. I can just feel in my spirit the words, do the small things first, just go visit the sick start there, Give a cup of water in his name, give a blanket to a homeless person, . I love thinking I was that man that Christ helped in the story of the good Samaritan. I love having these wonderful dreams of being active sons and Daughters of God. What's wrong with wanting to do miracles like Christ? Is that not our calling and duty like the apostles were told to cast out demons heal the sick preach the word. I guess for now I will be happy with whatever you do for the least of these you do for me. Now there is a good way of meeting Jesus.
  7. Oh, thank you, my dear friends. Now that I know there are true Christians here goodwill to all. I am dreaming the highest dreams of what Christ will have me do his good works prepared beforehand.
  8. I want the power of Christ. Is that wrong? I want to heal the sick and raise the dead. Is that wrong? I want to be one with Christ and experience his saying did I not say you are gods also. I want to have the power of Gods gifts and do greater things than him. As he said in the gospel, is that too far fetched? I want to be a son of God and serve him with greater works than these. Is this possible? Show me how to do this and I will be in church every day. I want the meat of the gospel is there any left? What does it take to do the miracles of Christ? Is it wrong for me to dream this dream? I want to be so humble that no inequity can be found in me. Is that even possible? If wishing to be one with God in his work a sin ? Or an eternal attribute? How do I get this power to change the world? Are all men vain and prideful who want to perform the works of Christ? He said greater works than these you will do. How come nobody is doing them? Why does God give us these great dreams of working for him in Christ? If my heart's desire is to do greater works than him like he said we will do could that be Satans Lie to entrap me? I wish goodwill and peace and joy to all men may Christ feed me through this sharing of my hope. Thank you all that will answer my heartfelt questions.
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