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  1. I'm a university student in Canada. Since you probably don't know much about Canada, I'll give you some background. I live in the city of Vancouver, which has historically had lots of Asian immigrants. For example, when the British handed over Hong Kong to communist China in 1997, the Hong Kong people were so scared of living under communism that they immigrated here. In those days, everyone got along. But these days, there have been lots of immigrants from mainland China. Through their real estate speculation, they have made house prices so high that the locals can't even afford to buy a house. They also don't assimilate into the local culture. Their kids attend our schools, but they're not really here to learn. This has led to an increase in racism. So in university, I'm friends with a girl from Japan. She's an atheist, so she doesn't believe in God, but that hasn't affected our friendship. And she also has a disability. Unfortunately when she was younger, she had to have one leg amputated below the knee. That's why she has a prosthetic leg. We were recently working out at the gym. A guy suddenly approached her and yelled at her to go back to China. She said she's Japanese and not even Chinese, but he just kept rambling. He talked about how the godless Chinese commies have invaded Canada. He told her that she's going to Hell for being a godless atheist who worships money. Then, he mocked her disability in an offensive and disrespectful way. It was all so shocking and horrifying that she almost cried. After this incident, she asked me if I believe she's going to Hell, and I didn't know how to respond. So as a good Christian, how should I talk about this with her? Also, how should I comfort her after this event?
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  3. Hi there, No, it's not wrong to want to be like Christ. I hope you grow with Christ in your journey.
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