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  1. EdnaRuth

    Input needed

    May I ask what denomination your church is? Although we all fall short and have sin in us I believe that the pastor of a church acting on his fleshly temptations is a great disservice to his congregation. I would most likely leave the church if I knew this about my pastor. Hypocrisy is not something I want to see in the leader of a church...I know this may sound harsh and I totally believe in forgiveness but there are consequences to our actions....
  2. My parents were in their 40's when they had me.. Based on my own experience I always believed their age had a direct impact on my own health issues....Although i am very active I override a lot of my issues because of my belief in the Lord....Also some of my issues have lead me to find a better way to deal with improving my health habits..I will keep you in prayer.
  3. I guess I wonder what could be so bad that you would think that....
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