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  1. Oh I will have to check that out, I love prophecy. The one that we listen to really gave me a desire to reach the lost. Just hearing what they will go through after the rapture is heart wrenching I do not want people to go through that .
  2. Yes I have been dealing with it since 1986 so it is a long road, and God has used me through this many times so it is just something to thank God it is not worse, but does get frustrating ..
  3. Thank you .. cannot wait to get into the chatting and learning more about our Lord God .
  4. Hello, my name is TracyAnn and I am so excited to join in and be able to chat with other Christians online. I am from Oregon and right now attend a Nazarene church in our town, but I raised myself Baptist growing up. Our church had the AWANA program and so I started going there and got my mother who we all call Nana involved and saved too. I have Lupus and cannot live on my own so we live together in a little house and Praise God it works really well. We listen to a lot of Dr. David Jeremiah and love his prophecy teaching, I am a Bible strong partner with them so we get things from them every month and love it ..
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