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  1. Hi, I just would like to know when can I start posting in other forums, have 5 posts now and have asked a couple of questions in the Q&A forums, but cannot reply over there except for giving thumbs up?
  2. We as Christians have a very important job to go out and tell others about our faith and that it is the only worthy faith, but how am I suppose to convince others apart from just being a good example?
  3. Lots of people from all over the world here, I'm glad to meet you all
  4. Thank you all for letting me join this forum and would like to know in general why God has demanded Israel to kill people including everything especially the children with such violence? I can certainly understand God's hatred for them, but there were a million other ways God could have killed them like for example a disease that killed them in their sleep or a heart attack, lots of ways to kill them without pain and suffering - this really makes it hard for me to increase my believe and growth in Jesus.
  5. Thank you all for joining your forum
  6. Hello I'm John and believe in Jesus Christ our Savior and have a lot of questions regarding the bible
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