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  1. But shouldn’t you also be 100% attracted physically to your future wife? So God forbid one day you start looking at other women just because you wasn’t in love with the girl you married?
  2. Hey everyone, (Truly sorry for my broken english) I Direct messaged a girl from instagram. We clicked instantly and talked for 4 months without dating(she wasn’t ready to see me). The moment i saw her i was let down by some physical stuff i didn’t like. She isn’t ugly by any means. She just didn’t look like her pictures. She had an overbite(which she says she’s gonna have jaw surgery for it) and her face wasn’t as pretty in person. But i was already hooked by the time we met... and now her looks are bothering me. She is the perfect woman. She is kind, loving, thoughtful, smart, intelligent and most importantly she is a believer. I don’t know what to do i really like her personality and character but her outer beauty wasn’t what i was expecting. am i the problem here? Is my brain malfunctioning because of social media and seeing perfect women online the whole day so my expectations are not realistic...(btw i’m 24) or i don’t know what love is? I believe that i shouldn’t be concerned by her looks because she is such a great woman but I feel that i’m not worthy of her because of my attitude now and even tough i say it shouldn’t concern me it still bothers me... I am praying every hour so the Lord may guide me and help me in my decision. I would greatly appreciate any help🙏🏼
  3. WOW, I am very grateful for all of the responses. You have truly helped me a lot. (Sorry for my bad english i’m Armenian and living in Belgium) May God bless you all😁❤️
  4. Hey everyone, This is my first post. I’d like to ask if God truly forgives every sin if you really feel bad and repent? thanks in advance :)
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