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  1. I am not in church at this time , I guess my depression has pretty much taken over my life to where I cant seem to do anything unless it is staring me in the face. I do read my Bible and pray 24/7 but I must admit that I feel very alone . I dont feel Gods presence and I strive everyday to hold my head up and move forward in my life but all I want to do is cry.Sorry for being so down but I am being honest ,I wish I were dead and the pain was gone but I am very much alive and hate where I am in my life .
  2. I wish I could skip the holidays this year. But no chance of that. I am going through one of the worse depressions of my life and each day is a struggle to survive and get through. My Husband and I are being sued for a credit card debt that we were unable to pay.And there will be more to follow . I have no peace or joy to even get out of bed and trying to function and do what needs to be done is hard. Sorry to sound like a whinner but this is how I feel. If I had the guts I would have probably ended my life long ago but I know that would be the worse thing I could do but I do wish that I could find a way out of this mess and I see no way out. I found this board in my search for God ,peace and a way back to living my life . I just wish I had the peace and joy in God that I see so many here with.
  3. Thanks so much to all that took the time to post and share encourgement. My computer had a virus and I was unable to log in, but very glad to be back. I a 45,married ,mom to two sons and helping to raise my grandaughter. A few days after Thanksgiving my Husband and I recieved a notice that we were being sued in court for a credit card debt that we have been unable to pay. I pretty much have hit rock bottom and have been about as low as humanly possible and still be alive.That is the short version........ I know -----many people in the world that are worse off but I am so sad and depressed that I cant function,I have been trying to find my way back to God --peace but he feels so distant to me . Again thank you all for your posts they meant a lot
  4. I may have posted this in wrong place. If anyone has anything helpful that can help me find my joy and peace in life I could really use some.
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