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  1. so understandig God as a whole is somthing we never can do... truthfully he will reveal aspects of him self but that is it.
  2. SO I dissaperd because i moved am now at a chritian camp for spring and summer just serving people, my back is really in alot of pain and i have to pay off some deabts but i have no money so, Prayer for that would be nice my back and the financial situation Thanks guys!
  3. (I am still researching things on this and trying to make things clear more for me but i am just stuck... i think- So 2 Corinthians 5:11-7:4 cover a lot of areas on people
  4. so in my class we write two sermons on Esther and i choose jot points but yea.. i preach for about 30 mins >.< its just a over veiw Sermon - Esther chapter 9 and 10 are Possible Additions to the book, it is guessed that someone else wrote the last two but it is unclear. -In Esther we see a huge turn in events starting out with the 13th day of Adar which this chapter is recorded on - This day was the day that Haman
  5. Thanks. I also posted it up cause some people dont see the compassion in it all... they dont seem to share the love to those who need it! Thanks
  6. My car broke down in Arizona, Have to ride the bus again, At ten-o-clock on Tuesday night, With thirteen cents and a broken pen. I put my backpack on the bench, Tell two people I don't smoke, See the cop across the street, He thinks that I am selling dope, I could have walked another block, To get away from the scene. Why does it always come to this, Where zero meets fifteen? And so I gave my thirteen cents, To the man who peed his pants. He passes out and falls on me, I watch my change fall from his hand. I see the lady next to me, Holds her baby black blue. The junkie gutter-punks keeps asking, Where I got my new tattoo. What does it matter anyway, Thirteen cents or all I own? How can I ever save the world, On cup-o-soup and student loans? I want to try and save the world, But it never goes that way. God I don't know what to do, Down at Colfax and Broadway. Now the man with no shoes on, Says I don't know how to play. He says I fumble all the time. He thinks that I am John Elway. I put my face down in my hands, Water wells inside my eyes. What do I have to give them? Does it matter if I try? I can't stand to see you suffer, I try to intellectualize, A formula to end you pain, It doesn't work, God knows I've tried. Sometimes my cup is overfilled. Sometimes I'm too afraid that I'm going to spill. So i sit here and look at it, i am one of those people who seems to always! Have something go wrong to me and around me i have no idea how to react to any of it.. it just makes me Pray and feel for those who are lost and with out JEsus. for me i always m being acused for selling drugs of some sort but i dont... always am explaining that and people judge me as they walk by me... But i live this life that Christ JEsus has called me too. i help out the homeless when i can even if it means not eating my self i give up so much in wonder HOW can i help people around when I cant really help my self.. I am a giver but i just want to know how can i help more but i know If they are unwilling to hear i cannot help... ALways ASKING GOD WHAT CAN I DO... to help and to be who he wants me to be so i am aplying for the rcmp haha in a way i can help its the national police force in Canada I Cry for what its like out there people drunk hurting unloved and give nothing but hate back... a Nation a international countries a WORLD That lacks love... and we are meant to give the love and light to the world... But what stops us from doing that? What holds us back? is it Well other people are doing it so i am not going to? sometimes we are empty and meant to trust God when we serve other times WE ARE too full and we may feel as if we will just loose it all... LEts keep our Eyes upon Jesus Christ the author and perfector of our faith... and reach a world that needs something more... Even if they are mean to you ... turn the other cheek... If they dont wana hear then its their loss we tried. but we shouldnt give up... What stops us from Doing what God commands us to do?
  7. These studies and college are just a small passing in time for you, but it's what you do right now that will help to determine what you will be and show how much you love God and man! So make your choices wisely, as this very day is shaping your future. You may be fighting with evil spirits within you which tells me that you are not allowing God full occupancy to work within you. Don't treat God and HIS works as a task or a subject that you just have to pass with the best grade you can get out of it. Put your entire self into HIS works! Take time out during Spring Break to assess your love and devotion for God . Perhaps you may have someone who you may be able to help whom you are very close to right now at school or near hope. Someone who is worse off than yourself. If God is leading you toward this person to give assistance to, it might help you to take your mind off yourself , which is what God doesn't want us doing, and focusing on others, who need us more and is exactly what God wants us doing if we are able. I hope this helps and I will begin praying for you if I may? Prayers In God's love Larry of course you can pray we should pray for eachother. thanks for the encouragment I dont get a spring break it is a mission trip so it is a bit hard i am taking all my school work with me
  8. So sitting here i look around me, i drag my feet and it is hard to speed up i drag my feet and try to pull my self up unable to go on but I will seek after God. In school i am struggling i am Trying to get 6 assignments due but i have no creativity or even ability to get anything started i am falling behind and struggling in my mind i get angrey quickley and i am rarely around. i have no idea what to do.. i am just struggling to be with you God. Bible college has blinded my ears to hear and my eyes impaired so i cannot see you here. Un aware to see you. i am fgalling down. and lacking faith.. i am tired burnt out broken and unsure what to do...
  9. i just get encouraged by those who respond.. i dont know if thats shallow
  10. thanks, It was for couple of months 6, ion ontario toronto, and then i jsut snuck in the house late at night i am 21 now. But i have changed completely. Still a fighter but on the otehr side. Thanks that comment made sense. The people one. and yea I have a otn of comments about it all, well about the John comment and that.. it is learning to go beyound our selves. and reaching to God and shaking off of our pain and the things that hinder us. i have so many other things to write about but my fear of people what they think stops me but i know i have to reach out beyond it.
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