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United Arab Emirates decides to rename top Islamic mosque 'Mary, Mother of Jesus' to foster religious tolerance

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33 minutes ago, other one said:

throughout history occasionally someone comes along that those you speak of didn't intend to come into power.....      It is my personal opinion this is what happened with President Trump.   It happened with Ronald Reagan also.   and that's why there is so much against him undoing 50 years of work the globalists have put in....   Hillary was in my opinion going to be the death of our Republic....        and I do believe God answered the millions of prayers to give our nation one last chance.

Call me crazy or whatever, but that is what I think is going on today.     We are being given one last chance as the world turns to the dark side for the end.    And if we stop praying and stop standing up for our beliefs, we will be destroyed by the lack of our own actions.

Totally agree also! :thumbsup:

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