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Absolutely Amazing!

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:emot-highfive: from damo1

greetings from damien

i was going to do this in dec and put up a prayer request yet if i can have people praying that wil be awsem too

these are the requests i would love to have coverd

i am going to be married next year in the philippines my partners name is kristina and she is a pastor in bacolod and i am just amazed how the lord bought this women into my life

ok around this time say jan 5th or jan 7th 2008 i wil be preaching in a jail to over 200 inmates that is the number i was given but i do not know how many more wil turn up as my partner has 7 pastors under her and one of her pastors who does prison ministry has invited me to share

please pray that al goes well

for visa pray that god pushes threw the red tape as these days you have to tell of your past and being an x inmate i am having to state this but its so foolish as i have been out of trouble since 1988 and not been arrested

i am also asking my brothers and sisters hear on worthy to pray for my prottection while i am there as i am going to stand out and wil be going to an island wear the heavy fighting has been as we have friends pastoring a church in mindano wear the italian preist was kidnapped as the wife is going to be singing at our wedding i can handle my self very wel as i use to work in the security industry hear as a security gaurd yet i do not want to have to run into these guys or come to a situation wear i would have to defend my self as people have been kidnapped in the past mainly people from other countrys i am over 6 foot 1 so i can not blend in as one of the smal filapino men

for my partners permanent residentual visa to be accepted and approved by department off imagration as i have had to save al our emails all our letters and everything for department of imagration hear to look at in australia this wil be done when i come back but she has to fill things in from her end in bacolod

i wil be taking off on the 5th of jan 2008

and i would appreciate al the prayer support i can get my church hear is going to pray for me before i take off and i wil keep in touch with my pastor hear while i am over there

this is the first time for me that i have flown and left Australia to viset another country so i am also a little bit nerves but i am going to enjoy this at the same time

i thank you in much advance damien stipic and my partners name is kristina valderama

blessings from your brother in the lord damien damo1

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