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  1. i feel sorry for you guys that is all i am going to say
  2. either did our pm i thought at least our pm would have traveled and shown support due to what happened in the siege not sure how true this is but this is what i am reading According to an administration official, President Obama spent part of his Sunday afternoon watching a National Football league game on television. Both games were broadcast hours after the march.
  3. seems i am not alone i had some one ask me at the church i have been going to why i do not bring my bible to the morning service i laughed and the pastor over heard the conversation he laughed as well were the spirit wants to set us free religion tends to want to stop what the holy spirit is wanting to do in our lives like most i also get bored off reading the two bibles i have i have read them over and over and over too the point were i just stopped i pray i also talk with god being up early is when i find i am able to come to god the very same person was shocked when i said i work 7 days a week does it mean i am weak or not a true christian cause i do not have my bible with me i attend the men group i go too the prayer meetings their are times when i have not had the chance to pray or attend a morning church service though i go out off my way to catch up with what is going on
  4. my x boss who gave me a start as a cleaner is a Jehovah Witness also my x wife was raised as a Jehovah Witness i often would wonder why she would get mad as she did not want to open up to me at first she would get very mad at the Jehovah witnesses as she knew them we are close friends and she is a born again christian something she told me when a j w is nice or help full its a coy they use my old boss who had the contract to the UNI i use to clean at when he found out i was a christian he avoided discussing their doctrine with me as he saw i could do the work i shared openly to his son how i became a christian his son began to question why i was so against their doctrine i found out that the boss had several penticostal christians challange him to the point were the ones who challanged him did not back off he saw that i was though not like the ones who had challanged him as at one stage i thought he was going to ditch me due to me being the only christian as their were 9 jehovah witnesses working at the Uni i was working at i have my own way when it comes to witnessing to j w
  5. Jehovea witnesses do not like it when you question their doctrine or tell them to their face they are being deceived i had two female Jw knock on my door when i asked what their purpose was they told me who they were and wanted to leave me one off their tracks i said i am a christian and that track you hand out and are leaving on my neighbours screen doors will be burnt i told them simply do not come a knocking and preaching your deluded doctrine in this street i offered to pray for them but i guess they took off and were not willing to be told the truth
  6. i am a commercial Cleaner one rule we put to the managers off the buildings we are asked to look after if their is a kitchen we do not wash their dishes or cups i have several toilets i look after the worse are the males what gets me and the other cleaners these are public servants i wonder what we have to put up with do they treat their own toilets the way they do at their work my place is spotless i have no family been on my own since i was 14 i tried to find some one but ended up with nothing but trouble so i am enjoying living the single Life been working as a commercial cleaner 12 yrs and not once have i complained
  7. damo1

    i am back

    thank you for the welcomes i am just doing some reading quietly noticed their are some new people hear as not so much off the older members i was getting to know i had to get my priorities right as i was seeing i was spending to much time glued to my screen surfing the net i will tho pick the topics i respond to god bless
  8. damo1

    i am back

    hi its been a while since i have been involved in this forum thought id say hi god has been good i found a good church i live in a small country town as you see the picture i choose i am paying off a car got my licence at the age off 45 which most get their licence when they are young the car i am paying off is an x police car i am talking with my pastor looking at setting up a house that will be open to help men who have some issues they are finding hard to deal with as i have noticed that in the town i am living in their are no out reach services set up to help men like my self who have had a wild past treated their partner and kids bad were their has been verbal and physical abuse its something god has been putting on my heart for some time its going to take me time to get involved in this forum some off the older members will know who i am wish every one a happy new year
  9. damo1

    Lets be men!

    we started something similar in the small town i was living in fez were the older males in my church discussed how men can be more effective were they reach out to the younger males with in the church and with in the community what we did was what these young guys are already doing but focused on the community close to our church for example mowing lawns fixing fences gardening setting up even a vegtable garden offering to take an elderly person shopping what we also did was reach out to the single fathers some of the older guys passed on their skills wood work metal work and even cooking as not many males know how to cook a lot of males depend on their mothers or partners or get take out computer classes fixing a computer running programs basic computer skills home care how to keep your home clean also personal care
  10. that is true i have seen these videos used as a tool to draw young people away from sport my son loves his sport long distant running events and has one prizes i am a N R L fan and love state of Origin but i know not to put these sports i love above god or do i worship the teams i like watching as the secular world does and goes nuts
  11. lol how was the mother able to fool the drug sniffing dogs? thats a new one
  12. thanks patriot and joi doing what nebula and otherone had suggested seems to be working as the cats i have had never have i had any problems they had eaten what we had given them left over rice vegtables pasta one cat like me use to like broccoli that is what his old owner fed him she feed him nothing but wet food which is something i do not believe in doing when you get a kitten i got him again another expensive brand from the pet store he seems to like it mixed chicken and tuna and the other one beef when i got home from work he sat near the chair at the computer table checking out my mouse button as it changes colors guess i just need to be patient with him as he has his own personality which i like he rubbed his nose against my foot and jumped up on my lap which shocked me
  13. LoL, with crazy hunters around only a fool would dress up in a bigfoot suit and go running in the woods.. LoL we even have these crazy hunters in Australia otherone were i use to go hunting me and my father use to fire two shots in the air and hope to god those bullets do not hit no one but its a warning shot to let other hunters know your their as i have had some close encounters were hunters thought it was a rabbit or pig even with our own Australian legend the yowiee no one has seen it but lots of storys floating around were we would go hunting for wild pigs you hear some strange noises
  14. How long have you had the cat? Cats do not handle change well. If the cat is hiding, it's likely because he hasn't adjusted yet. In other words, he hides because he is frightened, insecure. Perhaps attempting to play with him with one of those wands with a dangling string and tassel or something on the end will help him get used to you? But basically, it will take a few weeks to a couple months for the cat to truly adjust. So just be patient. As for the glass door, it could be one of two things: 1. If he is used to going outdoors, he's probably wanting to go back outdoors 2. Cats just enjoy looking outside. Try moving a small table or something (and stack things on top if need be) for the cat to be able to sit/lie by the window. I bought a cat ledge for my previous cat (you can get them at pet stores), and she loved it. Cats prefer heights anyway (in the wild, they will hang out in trees), so something like that might help encourage the cat to come out from the bed once in a while. i have had him for 7 months know he is mainly an in door cat nebula as his previous owner he use to stay under the bed or under the lounge this is what my friend told me who was above her and had to make sure she was looking after the two cats and dog i do not trust the neighbour hood i am in as two cats got run over my land lord has two small dogs and jack comes to the glass door and barks constantly when my cat is their my land lord tells me as i work during the evenings come home by 12 am my time i have him sit with me when i get home and give him a good pat as he likes it i will try that as i never have taken on a cat like this one i mainly get a kitten that is what i wanted to get but my friend rang me and asked if i wanted him he is slowly coming out from under the bed and sits know near my chair but when i stand up to go and make coffee he runs back under the bed i will go to our local pet store
  15. thank you other one i will go to my local pet store and check it out
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