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Seeking Communion - March 8, 2019

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Albert Finch


While we all have different assignments, we all have the same ultimate goal. In this race, it says, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus." Jesus is to be our focus. He is to be our "One Thing." Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He is our destination, destiny, and dreams come true.

More than ever with what we are facing in 2019;
the tribulations of this world, advancing in God's purpose for our life -- above all else, we need to be fixing our eyes upon Jesus and adoring Him no matter what shaking comes our way. As we keep our eyes on Him and run wholeheartedly the race set before us, we will experience acceleration deeper into the heart of God and into our destiny.



While our focus is to remain on Jesus, it's also amazing to ponder the fact that we were the joy that was set before Him that caused Him to endure the Cross. In light of the extreme price that's already been paid for us, as we dive into the rigors of this year, let's consecrate 2019 by throwing off everything that might hold us back. Let's choose in all circumstances to run after Jesus wherever we might find Him.

When we lock eyes on the One who gave everything for us and when we run unhindered toward Him with everything inside of us, no matter where we see Him – whether that be in a storm, a valley, or a mountain top – everything else will fade away. It's simple, really, when Jesus is not just our "One Thing" but our Everything, the all-consuming desire of our lives, all else falls into place in perfect alignment with Heaven (Matthew 6:33). Let's fix our gaze on the One who loves us more than we could ever comprehend, and let's run with total abandonment into the arms of Jesus, with a relentless passion that stops at nothing until we have taken hold of Him.

As you welcome a fresh baptism of fire and focus over your life, may you see Jesus like never before, may the gold emerge and sparkle in the radiance of His glorious presence.





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