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  1. So, you don't believe me ... after all is said and done. My opinion IS based on my observations. So, it appears that your realization is incorrect. You're most welcome ... and mostly OK. This post is based on logic, not emotions.
  2. I truly must apologize ... because I forgot to include: Most women on Christian forums are focused on THEMSELVES, whilst I am clearly talking about people in general, believers in general, etc. IOW, I don't spend mucho time on individuals ... I'm talking about the masses. Da problema (or blessing) is not with one individual woman, but with the masses. Just possibly, da problema in the churches is not with you, but with the masses. Do you get both points about women in Christian forums that I'm trying to make?
  3. "Unfortunately, almost every woman I've encountered on Christian forums ... is much more focused on her emotions than on what Scripture actually teaches!" What does your response have to do with my statement in red? If it didn't make you so emotional, you might have understood what I said. And it has nothing to do with whether you're saved or not. I.E. understanding Scripture doesn't make you saved, etc. etc. Bottom Line: IMO, the idea of losing salvation freaks women out more than it does men.
  4. Yes, sorry that I wasn't clear! And sorry that I cannot give a post # to those trying to follow. I meant people consider carrying your cross, etc. to be works, but it is not works to co-operate with the Holy Spirit and be obedient.
  5. ... you will lose any eternal life you may have had. This is absolutely guaranteed to be true in the NT. E.G. How many born-again believers will stand by and watch their families die of starvation? So much easier to take the dreaded mark of the beast, get some food, and survive! Those of us who are alive will get to CHOOSE between surviving physically or surviving spiritually. In that day it will be one or the other. Scripture says so, not me!
  6. Sorry, but you don't have the first clue what "Salvation through works" means! E.G. When Jesus says those who follow Him have eternal life ... (when following Him includes picking up their crosses and carrying them down that narrow path), ... is He talking about "Salvation through works"? Sure sounds like work to me! Obeying Jesus and co-operating with the Holy Spirit ... these are NOT considered WORKS!
  7. Yes ... -- Satan and the angels who were deceived by him, -- the Israelites who chose to be disobedient and chose to be sinners, -- new covenant believers who choose to be disobedient and choose to be sinners ... all of these will NOT be in heaven (according to Scripture).
  8. It's blatantly obvious that your heart is hardened against ... God's 100+ dire warnings in the NT (written to believers in the churches) all of which combine together to threaten loss of salvation. One of the most obvious proofs that salvation is a PROCESS until death ... 15 NT verses teach us the believer MUST endure in the faith until the end of his life to receive eternal life! But, of course, you don't wish to see those verses, do you!
  9. Throughout the Bible, God requires co-operation between He and man (except for the creation, lol). His covenants always required co-operation between He and man. But, we're not in a new covenant, are we? We're in that same covenant as the Israelites ... disobediently sinning our way to heaven! Many and lols.
  10. Not strange at all to me ... because ... Unfortunately, almost every woman I've encountered on Christian forums ... is much more focused on her emotions than on what Scripture actually teaches! This wouldn't be why Paul says women need to follow the male lead, would it?
  11. Yes, maybe they're thinking about these verses ... (which I cannot put in my Signature 'cause that function doesn't work) ... Jesus says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15, 21, 23, 24) Jesus says, “if anyone keeps My word, he shall never see death.” (John 8:51) Jesus says, “My sheep … follow me. And I give them eternal life” (John 10:27-28) Jesus says, “this is eternal life, that they may know … Jesus Christ” (John 17:3) John says, “we know Him, if we keep His commandments.” (1 John 2:3) Does anyone get into heaven who does not love Jesus, who does not know Him, who does not follow Him, who does not keep His commandments? Work, work, work ... gee, what fun! .
  12. A more obvious one is Jesus' warning ... STRIVE to enter though the narrow gate, etc. (Luke). This is in the context of gaining/losing eternal life ... proof available upon request. Don't think He meant ... STRIVE to be involved in more habitual sinning! But, I could be wrong.
  13. FYI, American churches are absolutely FULL of people who are involved in habitual (unrepentant) sinning! Even many of the pastors! ... Ever hear of porno? So, if you claim they are NOT born-again, maybe we're on the same page.
  14. YES! ... How do you like the dire warnings about losing eternal life, if you do NOT endure in your faith ... during the tribulation of the antichrist, and during the incredible pressure to take the mark of the beast?
  15. But, there certainly are some NT verses which easily can lead one astray into believing in OSAS. IMO, it's up to the most precious Holy Spirit to reveal spiritual Truth to those who are OPEN and ready to receive it. The WARNINGS are interspersed amongst all of the many edifications, exhortations, encouragements, etc. ... so as to be NOT so obvious that they might discourage the new baby believers who are slurping milk. Some believers NEED the bold more than a bunch of dire warnings (at some point in time in their lives).