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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply...things are kind a overwhelming. First I have to do some tests; toefl and gre...then I was too late for gre...I cried coz this means that I couldn't apply for 2017 (deadline:january). But the Lord is so gracious and good!!! I found out that NYU has a second admission date in may 2017 (my birth month ). So now I'm back in the game: getting ready for Toefl and GRE, writing my personal statements, thank God for 2 referees (I wanted 3, but ok...2 is fine), getting my dutch transcripts translated and certified, etc. It's a great feeling really..I'm trying not to stress about it. I just want to enjoy this and let God be God. I'm 46 you know, so getting a scholarship for a PhD in economics will take the greatness and mercy of my heavenly Father . I thank and bless everyone who is praying for me
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a fully funded scholarship so that I can redo my MA and go on to get my Phd. It's been a life long dream...that I had given up, but I see the Lord awakening this hunger in me again, Oxford offers some really good prospects. Please pray for me. Thank you and God bless you. Ecclesiastes 3:15Amplified Bible (AMP) That which is has already been, and that which will be has already been, for God seeks what has passed by [so that history repeats itself].
  3. Welcome
  4. Thank you ever so much, KpaulG
  5. Guys, I'm not saying don't go to church, ok. Some people have really wonderful wholesome healthy churches and she is the bride of Christ. Don't mind me I have some issues I need to work out.
  6. hi RustyAngel, yeah, I'm really said about it too. I grew up in the charismatic church and I'm sorry to say that it was mostly all bad and negative: use and abuse of women and even kids and the begging for money. You can't feel more dissapointed about than I. I suffered for years under that so called christianity, but you know what...I never turned my back on the Lord...not once! I never blamed my Savior for anything, because He did it all for us on the cross! Everybody makes his own choice to be a true believer or a hypocrite...and if what I experienced in the last 30 years was good...I would've said so. I almost always tell the truth...and that's what most people don't like about me...but that's there problem. Isaiah 5:20Amplified Bible (AMP) Woe (judgment is coming) to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! I know you mean well, but this was my reality. Blessings.
  7. Thank you all And yes your correct Kwikphilly: the Love of money is the root of all evil....coz we need money as an instrument to sustain life on this earth.
  8. hi guys, I've noticed a lot of streetministries popping up. I think that's great! So many people got hurt in church and they don't attend the services anymore. Others are afraid to attend because of all kinds of rumors and scandals going around. Let's be honest..in most churches it's all about money and the root of all evil is money. I don't want to get into that, but I do want to emphasize that streetministies are the answer to it all. Why? Well...you can't fake it when your on the streets. Everybody can inmediately see if you're legit or not, coz people will get healed/delivered...or not. I hope to start a streetministry someday soon.
  9. Thank you for the info. Is there also a requirement before i can post a coverphoto?
  10. Crystal


    sorry for this very late reply, but thank you all. God bless you!
  11. Crystal


    New here 😊
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