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  1. Dear brothers and sisters, fellow christians and non-christians, God bless you. What is troubling you this past week as we soon head into the Lord's Day this upcoming Sunday and begin a new week? Anyone is welcome. The Lord Our God Jesus Christ never turned anyone away with a troubled heart. How can I pray for you? Submit your prayer requests here or PM me. Only tell me what you feel confortable disclosing. God bless, - BM.
  2. Brother, God's always been waiting for you all his life(God is the one true living God. There are none other but him). Run to your father through Jesus Christ that loves you as an adopted prodigal son. God bless.
  3. According to Once Saved, Always Saved, an evangelical protestant like me who converts to Roman Catholicism is still saved because, as Behold said, " Salvation does not depend on your behavior, It only depends on you being forgiven." So, someone can convert to Islam to avoid islamic persecution; Or someone could give in to the world in their professions and work in an abortion clinic, or someone could fornicate because they just give in to temptation for having blue balls all the time, and someone could steal in order to save money, or someone could become a homosexual and marry. The Anglican Church in USA and Canada bless homosexuals and have gay-ordained clergy. According to Once Saved, Always saved, at one point in your life, you could give in to your anger and murder someone by taking the law into your own hands (say, for example. getting revenge on your enemy for doing something unjust to you or your loved ones). You could go to a hindu temple and worship a hindu deity, because OSAS. End of story according to this logic. Someone can't lose their salvation. Living a life displeasing to the Lord won't matter because the blood of Jesus covers you---you have imputed righteousness. It's imputed. You're sealed. According to Baptism not playing a role with salvation and only being a symbolic act, you should be able to take communion in all the protestant churches without having actually been baptized. And you can ignore Paul's warning to not treat the Lord's Supper with respect expecting no judgement to come upon you if you disrespect it, because according to people in here, The Lord already forgave you of all your future sins. You're already justified. And being already justified, you could do all these things I've said. Who are you, fellow christian, to judge a christian who does it. They're already saved and me the requirements. So who are you to judge me if I become a Roman Catholic. I'm already saved, and once saved, always saved. There is nothing I can do to snatch me out of the enemy's hand and separate me from the Love of God.
  4. You said "They knew which books were inspired." Who are "They"? You said "The RCC did not sit in judgement and decide that." So according to you, how was the canon of the New Testament decided? By whom if you don't think the Orthodox, catholic church did(Which includes the Eastern Orthodox Church as well). You said "Peter tells us that Paul's letters are Scriptural. Paul quoted from Luke and called it Scripture." So, show us where in the Bible is tells us that. How do you know Luke drew from Matthew and Mark. Where in the Bible did you learn of that---or perhaps you learned that from a tradition handed down to us that teaches that. What is this so-called historical data you refer to that says the early christians knew which books were inspired and which weren't? Who were these so-called christians and what specific time are you referring to? You said The Bible does not command us to derive our doctrine from men and The Bible is the only source of doctrine for true Christians, but Paul said " So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter." (2 Thessalonians 2:15). You said "followers of Jesus appeal to Scripture alone" but Paul, as above, said differently. Paul also said " the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth." Nowhere does the Bible teach to appeal to the New Testament alone. In fact, the New Testament as we have it didn't exist at the time of Paul and was not considered scripture. Scripture was referred to as the Old Testament writings at the time of Paul.
  5. It is absolutely absurd to dismiss the Nicene Creed as meaningless. Are you going to dismiss the Apostle's Creed as meaningless as well?
  6. You should care about the Nicene Creed---and the Apostles Creed too. What about the decades in the Early Church when there was no written New Testament as we have it today. How do you know which books would be inspired and which wouldn't be when there was no written New Testament at first? Where in the Bible does it say the written New Testament is the final arbiter in all matters of faith and practice?
  7. I haven't even begun to discuss what the bible or catholicism has to say about the blood of Jesus--or The Eastern Orthodox Church says as well. You do know that The Eastern Orthodox Church is also catholic, don't you? Do you accuse the Nicene Creed of being in error? "One baptism for the forgiveness of sins." Let's see what you have to say. What is in error about the Nicene Creed, or do you accept it as a statement of the christian faith?
  8. I'd like to have a discussion without anyone being judgemental or accusing one another in anger, if that is alright with people here.
  9. LOL, you talk as if Baptismal Regeneration is a heresy; It isn't. It's even included in the Nicene Faith. "One baptism for the forgiveness of sins." Are you telling me that the Nicene Creed is unchristian and in error? I'm not going to judge you, but I do question your beliefs if you're going to call the Nicene Creed into error. We should really start a new thread about why you think the Nicene Creed is in error if you want to go that route. This discussion is increasingly turning hostile, which is not my intention.
  10. You can be catholic and christian. Catholic means "universal" and also includes the Eastern Orthodox Church as well, among others too that I haven't listed. So, you can be both. You can be both catholic and christian. It is both the blood of Jesus as well as baptism in the name of Jesus, not only blood only.
  11. Was that written before Vatican II? Catholic Church teaches that Protestants are separated bretheren and that the ills of the Protestant Reformation are not a fault of their own I think. And did the Magisterim of the Church infallibly define that statement as a statement of faith, or was it just something the Jesuits created themselves as a statement of oath for their own beliefs? Now let's get back on topic, OSAS is a fallacy. And I demonstrated Bible verses that show it is as even historical christian documents attest that Baptism plays a role in the salvation of the christian and the forgiveness of their sins. Not once did I ever say that the blood of Jesus plays no role in the salvation of the christian. The blood of Jesus and Baptism are both related to the death of Jesus and both play a role in the salvation of a christian.
  12. Catholics affirm what the Bible literally says, that we are saved by faith. Once again, you seem to lack understanding what they teach.
  13. And the Word Of God says in there are those who "believe for a while and in time of temptation fall away" (Luke 8:13). So, essentially you are your own pope who determines what is biblical truth and what isn't, right. How does that work out with another denomination that claims you are in error. Anglicans, for example, adhere to the belief that infants can be baptized. Ah, but Catholics they do have an assurance of salvation, but not one that has infallible certitude. They also teach salvation by grace. You seem to have a lack of understanding about what catholics actually teach. If you still don't understand what the difference is, it just comes to show how very little you understand either their theology or what they actually teach.
  14. By whose authority do you say this, your own? Your very own interpretation disagrees with what the Bible says as well as this ancient christian creed: " we acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sin"- Nicene Creed. I have shown you examples in the Bible, and now I have shown you an ancient christian creed that supports this teaching.
  15. Behold, Jesus our Lord said "He who believes AND is baptized will be saved" (Mark 16:16)." Show me where in the written New Testament where it says that Baptism doesn't save you and is only symbolic.
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