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    Tried new place for friends birthday

    Obviously the kid didn't like their picture being taken... Was the person that took the photo badly injured after being stabbed with the fork? The food looks glorious, BTW.
  2. West

    Your best advice in 4 or less words?

    No. Wire. Hangers. Ever.
  3. West

    Simple lentil loaf

    I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm eating it; that it's just seasoned lentils and not something that includes everything but the kitchen sink.
  4. West

    Simple lentil loaf

    I'd be willing to try it, but then I Google'd a pic of it... Looks a bit too much like Nutraloaf.
  5. West

    The New Animal thread

    Nor should you. Cyber doughnuts are consequence-free. Get gluttonous with gluten.
  6. West

    The New Animal thread

    I'd cal him a threat to my life. As for an actual name... Dogzilla.
  7. West

    The New Animal thread

    Ah, gluten... I was thinking until the last post that MorningGlory had an issue with gluttony and couldn't control herself around doughnuts.
  8. West

    The New Animal thread

    That's good to hear.
  9. West

    The New Animal thread

    Thank ye. I've been coming here since early September, but the time I do spend here has been mostly in chat. Did a cat sit on your eye, too?
  10. West

    The New Animal thread

    I wonder if he had to get his eye treated for a bacterial infection...
  11. West

    What is Logan getting for his birthday???

    Something made in China?
  12. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for the info petula & KPaulG. Also, thanks for the greeting FresnoJoe.
  13. Sorry, can you rephrase that? I'm not sure what you mean by "how about" and what question/s it is in response to. Oh, and thank you for the welcome, BTW.
  14. How does one create a topic in the advice section if they don't have that privilege yet? I don't want to make meaningless/empty posts here in the welcome section just to be able to post elsewhere, so is it okay to ask for advice here? (Or the seekers lounge?)
  15. I hope posting for my first time in here is fine as I don't want to take up unnecessary space by posting an individual topic. Not much for this noob to say except everyone here seems quite nice. I mainly joined for the chat room but I was told I have to make several posts on the forum to have certain privileges in the chat room. Since I'm not much of a forum user, is there anyway around that?