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  1. Lol @ you not wanting to seem rude. I liked your first reply. I don't know if there is a right way. I think that's just the way it is? I felt like I was eating a slug.
  2. No matter the nationality, eggplant is good eatin'. I'd allow you to make that for me. Beets are tasty, too. A big no on okra, though. I tried them once... too slimy. And they were deep fried, too. (Which usually makes everything taste better.)
  3. Chocolate yogurt doesn't sound that bad... I'd have her send it back.
  4. This is a similar to how we make crepes, skim milk and all. For for the filling, a sprinkling of sugar with fresh lemon juice is quite tasty, so is just honey alone.
  5. I'd swap you with my low calorie, non-fat chocolate milk mix, but it'd prolly turn into chocolate buttermilk by the time it got there.
  6. I would take a whole jar, but I'm still not feeling optimistic about liking it. I don't even like any kind of tea. Do you make different flavors?
  7. I could, but I'm usually too lazy for such things. When I do get an itch for making something, it's usually sweet, solid food. The most I can be bothered with as far as liquid goes is adding my cocoa powder and artificial sweetener mix to milk. I'll just bum a sip from one of your batches.
  8. I had no idea that age mattered that much. I know absolutely nothing about kombucha except what I've read here. Just though I'd give it a try because it was a good price and how great it was. It was supposed to have a lemonade like flavor to it. If I ever feel like digging that deep in my pocket, I might purchase a fresh one in the future.
  9. I tried kombucha for the first time last week because I found a bottle marked down at the grocery store for 50 cents. It was the most vile thing to ever pass through my lips. It tasted like carbonated vinegar.
  10. Obviously the kid didn't like their picture being taken... Was the person that took the photo badly injured after being stabbed with the fork? The food looks glorious, BTW.
  11. I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm eating it; that it's just seasoned lentils and not something that includes everything but the kitchen sink.
  12. I'd be willing to try it, but then I Google'd a pic of it... Looks a bit too much like Nutraloaf.
  13. Nor should you. Cyber doughnuts are consequence-free. Get gluttonous with gluten.
  14. I'd cal him a threat to my life. As for an actual name... Dogzilla.
  15. Ah, gluten... I was thinking until the last post that MorningGlory had an issue with gluttony and couldn't control herself around doughnuts.
  16. Thank ye. I've been coming here since early September, but the time I do spend here has been mostly in chat. Did a cat sit on your eye, too?
  17. I wonder if he had to get his eye treated for a bacterial infection...
  18. Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for the info petula & KPaulG. Also, thanks for the greeting FresnoJoe.
  19. Sorry, can you rephrase that? I'm not sure what you mean by "how about" and what question/s it is in response to. Oh, and thank you for the welcome, BTW.
  20. How does one create a topic in the advice section if they don't have that privilege yet? I don't want to make meaningless/empty posts here in the welcome section just to be able to post elsewhere, so is it okay to ask for advice here? (Or the seekers lounge?)
  21. I hope posting for my first time in here is fine as I don't want to take up unnecessary space by posting an individual topic. Not much for this noob to say except everyone here seems quite nice. I mainly joined for the chat room but I was told I have to make several posts on the forum to have certain privileges in the chat room. Since I'm not much of a forum user, is there anyway around that?
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