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  1. thank you ,I think I will order 1 or more,are they very small , would it fit adults also?
  2. We have the Bible to prove we are all born in sin,including you. Psalm 51:5 5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me. So what does this verse tells you?
  3. Not to go off topic too much but are not all people born in sin and therefore belong to the enemy? And what was Satan's plan for this world? It's him which can influence people to work for him to fulfill his plan for this world and he is using non -born again people and principalities of darkness to reach his goal,this world is under his influence and only if we are born again the chain is broken,if we become a child of God we will be protected by the blood of Jesus and only the Holy Spirit will be in us,we might get oppress but not possessed. Can you see how the the enemy is using people to get what he wants?
  4. Did you see this for sale? I love it!
  5. Maybe ask God to help you to say the right words...
  6. Amanda,this person is not born again ,you might start asking her to tell you who Jesus is...and tell her the gospel message.
  7. Maybe people in the church think they’re Christian but practice Wiccan, I believe the New Age believes are creeping in the churches these days and casting spells and being a born again Christian do not go hand in hand ,a born again Christian will want to bless other people.
  8. You are getting too personal to accuse Sonshine of anything,could it be you who is wrong?
  9. What really bothers me underneath it all is that the enemy is out to deceive the children and is using the children to deceive the world. He knows Jesus is coming soon and his time on earth is short,whenever you think you heard it all, something new pops up involving children,now somebody was in the news who wants to eat the babies to save the world (I have trouble posting this).
  10. Hello Mathew ,welcome to Worthy ,we're looking forward to get to know you
  11. It might help you ,I hope you feel better soon,I know all about nerve pain,it's horrible,do you have sciatica? Praying and may God take this pain away from you
  12. Praying for you,did you ever look into the supplement ALA?
  13. “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.Gen 8:22
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