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  1. if science could prove God, that might be terrible, proof means no faith, and it is on the basis of our faith, that God saves us.
  2. I do not think there is anything dangerous about the doctrine of OSAS, what is dangerous, is assuming that any one of us, is included in the class that it applies to. That should especially be true, if a person is relying on something like a mere profession of faith, a prayer asking Jesus into their heart, some ritual like baptism, etc. There should be evidence that one has been born again, a love for God, a love of others, a love for fellow believers, some gifting of the Spirit, fruit of the Spirit, a hunger for God's word, a desire to do good and shun evil, obedience to Jesus, etc. etc. If we are not new creatures, then maybe we are old ones, not regenerated at all. Self examination should be a practice undertaken seriously. We should be diligent to confess our sins, and repent. These things do not save us, but they are evidence that God has saved us by His grace, though the faith He gave us, and this, not of ourselves, lest anyone should boast Seems to me, that if we are unregenerate, blind, deaf, dead enemies of God, with hard hearts who are slaves to sin, people of the flesh, hostile to God because it does not submit itself to God's law and is unable to do so, as the Bible says of us before we are born again . . . . how is it thinkable, that we can be made to hear and to see, have our hearts softened, be freed from slavery to sin, be given eternal life, now having a new nature of the Spirit, no longer God's enemies, but His friends, even His adopted children . . . if we can come to this state from the old state, how on Earth with all of these benefits and changes, and new understandings and love, choose to go back, or even think that we can thwarts God's renewing power in us, and override His choice to save us. Call me ignorant, but I just do not see it!
  3. . . . and yet in Malaysia, Christians do use the word Allah, in reference to our God, and I am pretty sure, that this is true in Bibles in Arabic everywhere. Muslims do not own the language, and might enact laws, might inflict persecution, but the mind and heart are owned by God, not by Muslims.
  4. I just feel a need to interject here, that "Allah" is not a personal name, it is a word that means "God". Just as the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is not named God, - God is not His personal name. Arab speaking Christians, worship the same God that English speaking Christians do. They refer to Him as Allah (as God). It would be kind, to not refer to their God, the God of the Bible, the God they refer to as Allah in their language, as a demon. If is of course correct, to say that the god of Islam, is not the God of the Bible, and I know that is what you mean, but in love of our Arab speaking brothers and sisters in Christ, perhaps reconsider calling their God, a demon. It is not that hard to use terms like "the false God of Islam", to avoid offense.
  5. Welcome!
  6. I would pose a question though of you, not something for you to reply to, as this is not the forum for that, but something for your own self consideration. If it should happen, that your prophesying does not come to pass over these next few months, will you then denounce yourself as a false prophet, and then repent? Think on it! This is not, by the way, an American forum, it is international, but it is English speaking.
  7. Welcome dee100
  8. Not that this topic is at all new to the forums here, but I have to say, that there have really been some quality answers, good job people!
  9. OKAY Bill, see if your message works now?
  10. Excellent point Cletus, and scriptural!
  11. Okay Marilyn, but I was just responding to Warrior12's question, you don't actually expect people to read threads, do you?
  12. LOL, I wonder when the last time something was posted (other than pertaining to a current event) that had not already been said, numerous times before! Maybe the DID Google it, and Google brought then here! (Did we notice this thread is about a year old?)
  13. Oh, I never saw this thread before, guess I can take some time out for a mindless post then:
  14. Daniel, please keep to the topic instead of criticizing what others think on the topic. Nothing in the quote I just posted, even addresses the topic at all!