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    Sailing on dry land, photography, artistic painting, decorative concrete, craftmanship in all things, things with motors, working with my hands, Worthy Ministries, the church I attend, my friends and family, the church universal, Bible study, fossils, marine aquariums, computers, building websites, politics a little, but especially my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, Creator of the universe. These are a few of my favorite things. I enjoy free will, and what I believe about it is:

    You are free to choose to do what you want to do,
    but you are not free to choose what it is, that you want to do,
    nor are you necessarily able, to do what you choose to do!

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  1. Heresy is basically, something someone says, with which you disagree, and if you disagree with me on this, you are a heretic!
  2. Well, that probably crossed the line of what is acceptable behavior, and I might have banned you from the thread for it Jostler, However, seeing how the thread has probably run it's course, and long ago lost any claim to value in my opinion, I am just going to close it, we can all run along now!
  3. What is pathetic, is that short of the absence of men due to a war or something, that there should ever be a shortage of men able to to the things that God requires.
  4. I think in the Bible, the notion is that ALL Chritians are priests, so we do not need anyone in our assemblies with the title of priest. We can take confession, we can intercede for others, we represent God (in specified ways), we can pronounce conditional forgiveness, though we do not forgive sins in place of God, but . . . . we still have a High Priest, Jesus! By the way, under the notion of the priesthood of the believer, that includes women!
  5. oh sorry, my mistake then!
  6. Not sure if he said anything, I did not check into that, but his profile says he visited then!
  7. Besides, he was last here January 6th!
  8. Since the great tribulation has not happened (or maybe I just did not notice) I doubt the rapture has happened yet either, so be encouraged, you did not miss it!
  9. What makes such predictions "reliable" anyway?
  10. Best way to test, is compare the message with scripture. If it agrees no problem, but then, has limited value, because we already know that. If it disagrees BIG problem, quite possible from the father of lies!
  11. Yes, and I said as much. Also, as I said, the Bible is God inspired, that makes it trustworthy. I do not know from a video of a person who claims to have a vision (which I have no way to verify it the did, or are hallucinating, or lying, etc.) who they are inspired by, perhaps is is Satan, appearing as an angel of light. I think it is us common sense caution, to not trust these things, and just get our spiritual information from God's word. Skepticism is healthy! I hope you are skeptical of everything I say, as I am not Jesus!
  12. I tend to think and any person who genuinely believes in the Jesus' virgin birth, Jesus' sinless life, His death on the cross to pay for the sins of all who would believe by faith, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven to be at the right hand of the Father, where all authority is given to Him, and His visible, future return, are on the same page as I am, and are brothers and sisters in Christ, whether of not they have any specific denomination that they want to belong to. I am not sure why though, anyone like that would want to belong to a denomination that does not hold those same views. I am also not sure, why anyone who thinks themselves a Christian, would choose to be part of a denomination, that promotes many doctrines which are foreign to God inspired scripture.
  13. Yeah Youtube is a free (and available to all) way to access the public (unless you are a persuasive, political conservative with a sizable following). If you want to say nutty, deceptive things, go for it. It gives us (Youtube) a chance to get people to watch paid ads. Just be certain to not say a lot that is hate speech (like critical of liberals or LBGQXYZ agenda). End of rant!
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