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  1. Is Mormon considered to be a Christian?

    Mormons often consider themselves to be Christian. They do believe in Jesus, they will say, and go to church etc. However, the Jesus of Mormonism, is the Spirit brother of Lucifer, the devil. In Mormonism, male mormons, can become gods, and God was once a man, like we are. Mormon men when they become Gods, get to be like Adam, who was the god of his own planet (earth), and Mormon men will do likewise. What about Mormon women? Well, it the husbands call them by their secret names, then the can be with their husbands in the new planet, and raise spirit children. There is more to it than that, but these are some of the reasons why Christians do not consider Mormons to be Christians, since the religions are really not much alike. Jehovah's Witnesses, are also not considered Christians by Christians, as they also have mistaken theology, but they are at least a bit closer.
  2. Hello

    Enjoy your new freedoms to post in other areas Marriene!
  3. New here

    Welcome Lizza!
  4. Perhaps people who where on the side that did not prevail, feel like losers and irrelevant, and being able to voice their opinion in a public way, helps them feel they matter in the court of public opinion!
  5. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    Don't you just hate that?
  6. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    Ah, came back so see what has happened in this thread since my last visit. I see the king and queen of derailment have moved on from discussing dirty fingernails, good job! That aside and commenting on the thread in general. I am guessing, that the thread on the review site, has gotten more traffic from Worthy, than it ever would have could have attracted on it's own. Is there a way we can charge them for marketing their posts?
  7. Can we consider Christian who smokes, Drinking wine?

    I would say, read 1 Cor chapters 5 through 8, then draw your own conclusions.

    This morning, at 10:00 A.M., he was looking very un-lively, but comfortable and restful. When I came back from shopping at about 1:00 P.M. he had already breathed his last, if I had to guess, I would say that he probably just went to sleep, never to wake up again. So, everyone praying, no longer any need, thanks!
  9. When I was creating this club yesterday, it asked for a logo. I had to think of something, something that might look like something that someone made. All I could think of in short notice, was I could take a picture of some candle I have around here, so, that is what I will feature as the first post. The tall on on the left, is a candle stick holder, make from cement and sand into a clay-like material, then molded into shape by hand. It was covers with varnish, and later, I made a rubber mold from it, which I can use to make other candle-stick holders by just pouring concrete into them mold, and removing once it is cured. Clockwise from that (top center) is a glass object, the original purpose of which, I do not recall. In the center of that, is a standard cylindrical candle, around which are place some artificial leaves of autumn colors. It was a gift to my wife, who likes such decorations, was used sometimes, as a dining table center piece. Clock wise from that is a similar candle without a glass surround, as you no doubt know, you can color candles in most any color, and add scents to the wax. I prefer ones that smell like food, for example, cinnamon or apple scents. Clockwise from that, is a candle that my daughter made for our coffee bar. As a side note, no one in the house even drinks coffee now. However, the candle was made using a drinking glass, and a clear candle gel fuel, in which are suspended some coffee beans for decoration. Finally, clockwise from that is another candle holder. This one was also made with a cement/sand mix, but is designed to how a tea candle, instead of a candle stick. I should probably take some pictures in daylight, so you can see the details better, maybe one day I well. However for now, you will have to me satisfied with that warm and homey glow that I tried to capture in the photograph.
  10. The globe is a lie - God's word tells us so

    I used to like Chuck Misler a lot, even though I knew he was a self described mystic. Of course, that fact that he was an adamant pre-tribber, did not elevate his credibility in my eyes, but I can look past that. However, it recent years, I think he might have evidence of a flat earth, since he seems to have fallen off the edge!

    Also, I would point out to others in this thread, that if you want to have fellowship and discussion about cats, there is a cat club for that here!

    Yeah Kwik, I am quite aware of probably most of the possibilities, read different things at cat sites and vet sites yesterday, spent hours at it. Some times the blood is just blood I think, sometimes it is watery, sometimes there is some mucus or something similar. The more bloody episodes, were early, latter more watery. The color tells me the source is well oxygenated, and has not passed through the digestive tract. He is not big on swallowing thing, playing with random junk etc. None of his stool looked odd, but he has also not passed any lately. Seems also, that he has not been urinating much either. He is not full of energy, go figure, he is a little weak I would say, also go figure. If I had to guess, I would say that he is uncomfortable, but not in pain. I think, ate this point, that he is blocked and unable to go, of course that could be from a blockage of any sort. He does not seem to be eating, and is now, drinking very little, where as yesterday, he was extremely thirsty. It seems to me, that he has a little liquid, fecal leakage, when he is resting, but when he gets up and moves around too much, then a little bleeding starts again, but nothing like yesterday, just some diluted looking spotting. Currently, I am not optimistic. I let him sit on a towel in my lap, and I pet him, it seems to comfort and calm him, and he even sleeps. Besides his discomfort, I think he is bored and lonely, since I cannot be with him every moment, but I get to him as I am able. Basically though, I am basically just waiting, for him to die or recover unexpectantly, and I am glad he does not seem too uncomfortable. Oddly though, it is very reminiscent of my wife two years ago, she was constipated for a long time, and we took her to the hospital, a bit too late. A different category, but it brings back memories anyway. With Carol I was okay, confident that she went on to better things, with Morty, I am confident that there is no kitty Hell. However, even a cat can teach us, that we all have mortality, and time can be short for any of us, and anyone we know, that should prompt us to check how we are living, and who we are living for. Thanks for the prayers and suggestions, but from here on, I would prefer if people did not make a big deal out of this, as this is a thread for sharing photos, not discussion of ailing cats. You said I could PM you Kwik, I have not need, but if there is a reason to, you may PM me.
  13. Need prayer

    Welcome Sarah, you should be off Newbie status now!

    Thanks for the concern and reply 1to3, and the prayers.

    Well, some time back I posted a few pics of Underfoot, my oldest cat. Now, I am following up, with my youngest cat, Morty. The reason I skipped the middle, cat, is because I would rather give Morty's biography, than his obituary. Today, Morty (short for Mortimer - the name my daughter gave him) started off this morning, with some loud meowing. I mostly ignored him, as it is common for him to complain about things, but unlike Underfoot, Morty is not good at letting you know what he wants. While I was not yet quite fully back to sleep, I heard some disgusting sounds, sort of sounds of a cat expelling liquids, from one end or the other. So I roused myself awake, to see what was going on. Morty was in the bathroom, and there was some bloody liquid on the floor. Looking at Morty, his fur was matted, over more than half his body. Disgusting as it was, I picked him up, and carried him to the front door, so that he could be messy outside the house, not inside. As I carried him toward the door, he was dripping blood over my shirt and pants, and spots on the floor. Then, blood on the front porch as well. I set him down, and he had no coordination, eyes were crossing and he was apparently going limp. I do not drive, the vet is over a mile away, and I lack funds, that would have allowed any sort of evaluation, to my mind, he was on death's door, I was content that he would probably be dead in a few moments, saving me what would have been stress, effort, and expense. I went to the laundry room to get my clothes in the washer, before the blood set in the fabric. While going to the laundry room, I saw pools of blood, on the floors of the kithchen and breakfast nook, so, I started to clean the floors and find places to store the other cats, who were becoming interested in the various blood issues around. Then, it went to look in on Morty on the front porch. He was lying down, but upright, and conscious. Not looking great, but clearly better than I had left him. I went and got a bath towel, so I could carry Morty through the home, without him dripping on the floors as I went. I took him to the shower stall, and got the shower hose running on slightly warm water. He was very interested in licking water from the shower floor, so, I got him a bowl of water. He drank a lot, and extreme amount. No doubt, he was quite dehydrated from various fluid losses. I got down on the shower floor with him, and started to rinse off his fur. To my surprise, he accepted this rinsing with out protest, might even have been enjoying the comfort of the attention of my touch. I washed and shampooed his fur, took quite a while. This whole process to this point, was probably a couple of hours, or nearly so. I left him in the shower for a while, while I did some internet research on what to do about him, and also to check on the symptoms of spider bites on cats, since there is some reason to believe that he might have encountered a black widow. There were to red dots on his nose, that I did not remember him having. His symptoms, did not match black widow bites. When I went back to the shower, to check on him (I left him there wet), he was seeming better, but, shivering a little, understandable. I dried him off with a towel as best I could, then put him on the back balcony, where there was a warm breeze. Now, that part of the story is over, he is still, hopefully, recovering, but not fair to say that I think he is out of the woods, but he is not bleeding any more that I can see -by the way, his blood issue appears to have been anal. No, while he is alive, I will give him a little biography, as I did for Underfoot, just after posting a few pictures, for illustration, the point of this thread to begin with. Now, Underfoot is my older cat, as I said. Underfoot found me, as an adult, already "fixed". Morty, however, was born to my middle cat, MuChi, I believe the Morty's dad, was a local orange tabby, that I saw prowling out property many times. So, while I cannot swear to how Underfoot and MuChi started life, I know the Morty, started life, as a kitten. Below, is photo documentation of his kitten status: Next, we have Morty (shown with his mom), as a more grown up kitten. We did not know at this stage of his life, that we would come to refer to Morty as MuChi's idiot son. Years later, as Morty matured, he became responsible, and had a need for a home office: Next is a picture of Morty, taken just a few days ago: Now, just to fill our Morty's bio, he was born outside, under a trailer in the driveway. He had three siblings, that we called the cow kittens, since they had markings that resembled Holsteins. They, unlike Morty, were very fluffy, and we had no difficulty finding them homes. Morty grew up, without incident, and is now quite a large cat, at about 18 pounds. He and his mom, used to get into fights, usually initiated by Morty, he would chase his mom around the house. After a few months of this, MuChi finally has enough, and though she is half his size, she stands up for herself, and after a few bloody noses, Morty eventually figured out, that chase mom was not as much fun as he thought.Generally, he has not demonstrated much of a learning ability, this was one exception. My cats free feed, that is to say that I try to keep the food bowl full, there is not set feeding time, they have access to food pretty much 24/7. I mention this, as it ties in with the other thing that Morty has learned. In addition, to the regular food, I give the cats treats, little nibble thngs that I buy for them, some sort of cat junk food I guess. I make the cats 'earn' there snacks. The have to sit up and beg, in order to get a reward. Underfoot was the first to learn the behavior, but it took him a while to learn to sit up. He preferred to lean against my leg. Once I got him to understand that that was not what I expected of him, he would stand on his hind legs. I would reward him for that, but not quickely, it took a while to get him to sit up on his rump to ask for food. MuChi, seemed to learn to try, watching Underfoot, but while she tried, she was not coordinated at first. She would wobble a bit, took here a few weeks, to learn to balance on her butt. Now, Morty, on the other hand, watched all of this the whole time. I would hold the treat up above his head, but he would just look at it and exibit a slent "duh"! So, not performing to my expectations, he got only food from his bowl, never got the begging treats, though I continued to try to get him to beg this way. One day, suddenly one night, he just sat up on his butt, with perfect balance, like he had done it all of his life! So, while he is still the idiot son, he is capable of learning. All the cats, seem to know how to ask for some things. Underfoot, will come and meow, and if you rise out of your chair, he will lead you to what he wants, water, food, or being let outside. MuChi, is a more concerned cat, not so selfish. Typically, she just comes over and meows, in order to let me know, that one of the other cats wants something - being let our, or let in, that seems to be her function, she is the messenger cat. Morty will come over to ask for something, but he will not let you know what he wants. Truthfully, I think he shares a trait of mine. I suspect that he has something in mind when he comes to ask, but, by the time I respond, he forgot what it as he wanted. Basically, he just seems to be a very indecisive cat. For example, it you can get him to lead you to the door, and you open the door, he will typically stare out the door, and may or may not, actually choose to exit. Maybe he will stare 20 seconds, and I can start a countdown, from 10, and start slowly closing the door. About half the time, before the door is fully closed, he will decide to go through the remaining opening, the other have, he just has to sit there, wondering what went wrong. Now, if you are wondering how he is doing, I have checked on him several times while writing this. He is sitting on the front porch in the shade. He has not moved from there for hours, but he is alert, and seem well, just not energetic. It is unusual to see him sit like this, he is generally one the move. Still, he seems sort of well, responsive, and appreciative of being petted, I am encouraged that he seems to be recovering. If he takes a turn for the worse, I will update that, otherwise you should probably assume, that he is doing okay. Thanks for reading this.