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  1. Forgive a cheater yes or no

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  2. Posting question

    How many posts or how much time is required before I can post in other areas?
  3. About me

    How do I get to post in other areas?
  4. Hello from Canada

    We need more Canadians in the world. Eh.
  5. Church's Irresponsibility toward Singles

    You want your church to arrange marriages?
  6. About me

    A lot of people write off young offenders. Most of the time their parents are just as much to blame.
  7. About me

    Here is my bio in short form: I am 26, born in Canada to a Muslim mother and Jewish father. My parents left Israel to get married and had me shortly after. I have dual citizenship with Canada and Israel. I was raised as a reformed Jew. I got married 2012 and my husband shot himself just before Christmas of 2015. I enjoy competitive shooting and travel. I have a masters in psychology and work with children trapped in the legal system.