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  1. None as in you have no training or degree in biochem. If you are going to claim an advanced degree and specialized training you should be able to at least follow the conversation. I went back over your old posts and I have found a very common thread of snotty and abrasive behaviour, even towards those sympathetic to your positions. You are constantly being sarcastic and eye rolling peoples statements and otherwise puffing your chest out. You would think that with such an attitude you would be proud to declare to all of us why you consider yourself so qualified? The reason you won't tell us is because you know I can look it up. Or you just don't know what to answer. Either way we know you aren't qualified, which is what I wanted to get out.
  2. So, none whatsoever. I guess we can move on.
  3. Really? Where did you work in biochemistry? Most people with that degree work in research or forensics. Why don't you wanna tell us where you got your training? That seems... peculiar.
  4. Also known as the Gish gallop or argumentum ad nauseam.
  5. Enoch2021, I'm curious what your background and training is in any of the sciences? Could you tell the rest of us?
  6. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  7. How many posts or how much time is required before I can post in other areas?
  8. How do I get to post in other areas?
  9. We need more Canadians in the world. Eh.
  10. You want your church to arrange marriages?
  11. A lot of people write off young offenders. Most of the time their parents are just as much to blame.
  12. Here is my bio in short form: I am 26, born in Canada to a Muslim mother and Jewish father. My parents left Israel to get married and had me shortly after. I have dual citizenship with Canada and Israel. I was raised as a reformed Jew. I got married 2012 and my husband shot himself just before Christmas of 2015. I enjoy competitive shooting and travel. I have a masters in psychology and work with children trapped in the legal system.