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  1. Why don't you ask his spirit, who lives in you.
  2. Contradict the bible as a whole?
  3. Well, you all should have the same holy spirit (Correct?) It should be teaching you all the same spiritual beliefs.
  4. So is it OK to look elsewhere for answers that the bible leaves blank.
  5. I have read many threads on Christian forums that debate about the non bonus information. There are so many different points of view about the doctrines of Christianity, it's hard to tell what is sound.
  6. If this is true then there should be no contention regarding beliefs among the believers of Jesus.
  7. I've heard that the bible has answers to all our questions, if this is true why does it raise so much debate and apologetic discussion?
  8. nudgee


    You're welcome earthling.
  9. nudgee


    Yes, the chat room is a great idea.
  10. nudgee


    A"Newbetronic"is the device that can send us all over the galaxy, and back again.
  11. Hello, I am nudgee, a newbite from the planet noobieoon. I come in peace.
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