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    I know God loves me. I’m pretty sure I’m not born again. I openly admit I love my sin more than God. I believe that’s what’s truly preventing me from being born again. I don’t know what else to do except ask him. I’m tired of the pain . Ask Him to help me to love him more than my sin that is .
  2. I was saved in 2015 and had joy that followed but fell into a works salvation and lost the joy. I also keep thinking about think reprobate thing which I knows can’t be true since I’m saved but I don’t want this dark feeling anymore.
  3. Tyler22

    Long question

    PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST BEFORE ANSWERING BECAUSE IF YOU DONT NONE OF THIS WILL MAKE SENSE So I had a thought in April.... (more than just a thought... a dire experiential timeframe of things) that led me to think I’m a reprobate. The following are very raw words so they might not make sense completely to you, because they are journal entries, as I’m reflecting on this deep DEEP issue with God. I got a journal that has bible entries in it that are helping me to reflect and describe what this “reprobate feeling” so I ask for help Ok. If you don’t know .... So I’m the guy who deals with am I a reprobate or not. It’s chaotic. I’ve done some reflective prayer with God and ask believers for help. This is a prayer reflection I posted on Facebook ” Day 2 of my reflection personal retreat. For my benefit and for others.... Today in my book, I am reading about God's word. When we read God's word, how do our heart's feel while reading it? A very complex question to answer, indeed, as our hearts our very deep and complicated, as is God's most HOLY word... But how we feel when we listen to OTHERS can be indicative of how we are listening to God's word. What brings your heart peace? I was deeply contemplating on this, this morning. I was visualizing my heart. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. So as I was visualizing my heart, and praying, I pictured a divided heart. Almost like when you go to the mall and see the two escalators next to each other. Right along each other, BUT one going up and ONE going DOWN. As I continued talking with Abba Father, I said, "So what is the problem?" He told me that "When your doubting, when you're not completely present, your heart is not whole. It is like an escalator, one part going one way, and one part, another way." And that was A HUGE MOMENT FOR ME! Whenever we feel our hearts aren't right, we need to focus on making them whole... whole in relation to God and others, but we have to do this. With God's grace of course. So for me, I simply try to picture my heart, and feel the movements... (this is work and effort. We are not asking God to do it like a genie) ... and feel God's presence there. And I am being real with God and acknowledge that he is there with me in my heart, this is the way my heart feels. When I am in Him. I feel this.... a lightness of heart in me... it's a movement of Him in my heart. And in my own life I need to work on not just having this presence of His in my heart when I'm praying to Him, but also in the daily routine of life. My prayer: May I spend more quiet time with You, asking You... "God, when do I feel most at peace with you? And when I am not feeling Your peace, what are the movements of my heart?" Dear God, let Your presence be in my heart. By Your grace, let me not only feel Your presence when I'm in prayer alone with You, but through my life, day and night, throughout all the daily routines and motions of this life. God bless.” Ten minutes later after googling this i find an article that says ‘don’t trust the peace in your heart’, and then doubt invades my heart, rushes to my head, and I start thinking God wants me to kill my self. (Because I’m a reprobate maybe) I want to live, and frustrated. It’s like I want peace but this issue is irreversible. I feel like sin is a separate issue, think I’m reprobate again. Then i flee to reassurance seeking. At a bare minimum atleast I know what I’m going through . Faced with two decisions, fake the “peace” heart feeling or suicide asking mature believers for input
  4. How can I truly believe Gods word in my heart and be saved? I want to get born again but I’m so lost and really am afraid of calling out to the Lord with all I’ve got and i don’t know how
  5. Tyler22


    Hi everyone. It’s Tyler just checking up. Some of you might rememember me. I can’t say I’m doing any better, but I’ll just give you a little update. I haven’t been on here since October, and I’ve went from Periods of Catholicism to Bible obsession to prayer obsession. I still have a desire for heaven in my heart. I don’t know what’s exactly going on still. But I don’t want to go to hell when I die as no rational human being does. ... oh and PS. ... I’ve kinda been living off memories of the past lately and I don’t know if that that in excess can be idolatry or not.... help? Mainly of if the first part of the question not the nostalgia part
  6. Tyler22

    Romans 1

    This question has nothing to do with me but... Are all reprobates homosexuals, and are all homosexuals reprobates? Referring to Romans one. Can someone be still attracted to women and be a reprobate. Again referring to people in general and Romans 1
  7. Tyler22

    New Bible

    Guys I got a new Bible this day, and I’m still dealing with the seared conscience hardened heart things, but can devoting my life to the Bible reform my conscience?
  8. Hello. I am trying to renew my mind with G0ds word. But I keep getting the old thoughts that strike again. Also i woke up today just feeling somethings missing. I tried to rest in Gods love this morning but i could figure out how. I feel that Gods love is the solution to these evil thoughts that i have. do you have any advice friends? i also really want to read Gods word more but i just cant find the drive. Ps i have a job that i am not doing so well at. i am thinking of quitting. at first i thought it would motivate me to pray to God more..... but now im not so sure.
  9. what is the best way.... to soften a heart... my own... that is so hard that you can literally feel Gods word bouncing off of it? thanks
  10. Tyler22


    John Mcarthur says there is sin and punishement in hell at the same time how can this be? here is one of the quotes from his sermons... Paraphrasing because this site i cant copy and past.... Describing punishment in hell... John McArthur "The word ungodly is used repeatedly there and when they get to hell, they're just as ungodly as they ever were, in fact, more so in that environment without constraint and continue to get punished because they continue everlastingly their rebellion." So he is saying they can sin as much as they want? How will they get punished? And sorry if i dont reply back i dont know how on this site.
  11. Hey What is the best way to have a peaceful house? Like to be a peacemaker in the home. When i read my Bible it annoys people i guess i read it too loudly. And it annoys me because i love Gods word and dont want to be yelled at for reading it. I cant read it silently thats just not my thing . I loud to read it aloud for faith (romans 10:17) I want peace in my house i feel there are strong holds of demons but i dont want to be too superstitious. I just wish i could worship freely in my room and home. Its almost like there is a "spirit" of annoyance here? advice?
  12. Hello friends. My story is one that I "bore witness" to being a reprobate in April of 2017. I have tried unbelieving that but im having trouble. For Christians, what is the best way to "unbelieve" that I am reprobate? Thanks. Desperately seeking for answers here.
  13. Tyler22


    I don't desire God anymore but I don't want to go to Hell.
  14. How will those in Hell pay?
  15. Tyler22


    What is hell like?
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