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  1. Doing great guys. But i still have the thoughts of unbearable punishment. I am saved. So thats not the issue. Someone help a fellow Christian out here? Have you ever dealt with scrupulosity?
  2. I apologize about lately getting real angry and lashing out. It just really angered me cus some of you had no idea of what I was even talking about and TOTALLY misinterpreted what i was trying to explain and present and rebuked me. Anyways my tormenting thoughts are better. But i still have the "what if i go to hell and suffer extreme punishment". All i know is i gotta continue to persevere and pray and seek God, but do any of you have a mature word of wisdom?
  3. anyone have the gift of "prophetic words of knowledge"? received it today and am working on it.
  4. Personally for me, it is to be one with God. But for you, what are you most thankful for in your salvation?
  5. Tyler22


    in terms of spiritual praying aka praying in the spirit of is tongues, what has personally helped you? Usually for me to get "into" it I use a worship song but what works for you?
  6. Is it true that when we die we "sleep" until the resurrection? Then judgement? Please explain
  7. why did god bother to create us SINCE HE KNEW SOME OF HIS CREATION HE WAS GOING TO END UP TORTURING? SOME LOVING GOD. and this article states that as humans we are somewhat loving. We wouldnt endlessy torture someone who doesnt agree with us. wed even forgive them. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-big-questions/201103/loving-god-eternal-torture
  8. ok. so i have two minds. one that believes im going to hell and one that has faith for heaven. i want to connect them. i dont want two minds. one says i love the bible one says im going to hell. and quit telling me to accept christ cus i aleady did.
  9. I know all Scripture is inspired by God. But Jesus said in the Gospel of John 14, "Whoever loves me will keep my Words." Are Jesus words more significant the the other parts of the Gospel. Moreover, is the Gospel the essential theme of the Bible? Doesn't it all point to the gospel? Sincerely, an enquiring mind...
  10. What does this mean. "John 6:65- no one can come unto me unless my father draw him." I know a lot of this is self explanatory, but there has to be more to this. Why did the disciples that followed him, hearing this, turn back? How do you know if the Father draws you? Thank you
  11. I finally found a verse that can describe what I'm going through. Romans 2:5 talks about storing up wrath... I've felt this in my gut for so long... Lots of you here think I'm crazy but I have a bad feelings that this stuff I'm fearing (hell) will be my worst nightmare come true. What if I was ,'storing up wrath'? Doesn't that make your soul twinge? What would a person do if this was the case? Now do you understand why I'm thinking about suicide? How much 'wrath' could one possibly store up? This TERRIFIES me. I've said the sinners prayer and stuff like that. Im not living a sinful lifestyle. I'm too depressed to get out. But can you put yourself in my shoes for a second? If you were me, and you've tried repenting, seeking the Lord, and even read his Word daily, but these thoughts are STILL coming, and no matter what anyone says, you can't believe anything else, despite all effort,? What would YOU do? I've tied EVERYTHING, from doctors to pastors to praying... Think about how scary that COULD be. Deep down in me i feel evil. Everyday day storing up extra wrath.
  12. Tyler22


    first of all I just wanted to thank everyone for encouraging me when I'm down. My hope is that the Word of God renews me and transforms me and I feel God is calling me to this. To love his Word. I still get the thoughts of hell but my faith is in his word. I have to ask a question now. What is the best way to love his word? Sorry that sounds silly, but honesty I HAVE to ask one since this is the questions forum lol.
  13. I want someone to answer with ACTUAL experience, and not give me a verse or their mere opinion. Jesus says in Matthew 7 blessed are those who are rooted in His word. How long did it take you to get rooted in Gods word? I've been reading the Bible for about6 years now, and still not rooted, and getting discouraged.
  14. I don't understand my life and how I got here. I have theories that ive denied the holy spirit throughout my life and god gave me over to a reprobate mind and like the word says, wicked comes upon the wicked man and "he knows not how it happened" (not exact wording but it IS in the Word). I have this terrifying image in my minds eye of the indescribable suffering ill face in hell. I cant shake it. I feel that the best thing to do is suicide, cus if I'm reprobate, I'm basically just prolonging and enhancing my punishment by far greater degrees everyday, unbearable punishment. There are different levels of severity in hell. I know every day I'm heaping up more punishment. There is no way to describe the punishment I am picturing. Why does hell have to be so unbearable? I read the Word and pray now, but ive read articles that say if your in my state, its better off to RUN from the Word, the reference the verse to whom much has much more will be required, and to he whom knew his will, and prepared not, will be beaten will blows. So basically I'm doing things that are adding to this punishment. I feel really deceived. Again ive prayed about this for God to take this feeling away but there is no shaking it. Just an everyday, "fearful expectation of fiery wrath", as the word says. I just want to know what happens after I die. This is a nightmare. I just wish I was never born. I'm tired of this deceitful feeling. ITs back and forth. I always know I'm reprobate but sometimes I forget about it and seek God. But it always comes back to knowing, with a tarrying feeling in my gut, that I'm reprobate. I just want to know my punishment, or what will happen when I die. I'm terrified that its so unbearable. Like beyond the word unbearable. Especially if I don't commit suicide and live my 90 year life out. The amount of punishment I'm scared of, its something that words cant do justice. I am so worried. What will my punishment be like? I just want to get it over with already. But I don't have the guts to kill myself. Why did God create people knowing that some would be tortured? In hell. Why didn't he just not create people?