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    Hello,sorry my wifi is out so im using phone.but hang in there.I went through this same thing before and in a way I still not perfect.but I understand what you mean.good news your seeking him(Jesus).That is good already.Read the Word when you can.try to figure out things in the Word.Once you learn different things from the Word you will start to smile and understand more about sin.I mean it helped me big time.I basicly figured out the joke was on me kinda.and when I figured that out.or maybe I should say the Lord opened my eyes. I like to keep the trick/joke off me. This post might not be one of my best. I'm a little intimidated trying to use my cell phone. But hope something was good.and message me on this if you ever want too.I dont mind trying to help if I can. I feel like I came a long long way on this subjectGB Praying now.
  12. Praying now.yes I would stick with God.
  13. Sorry for your loss but glad you are rejoicing in his gain...Prayer for all involved now.