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  1. Did you get banned here?not saying they don't been people here but Worthy a lot different from other Christian sites I've seen they have a good check and balance system here. Makes it harder for one person to Ban you.
  2. I'll try and flag it for you and see if they'll move it to the question area ✌️
  3. Kind of reminds me where I was some time ago 🤔 so I just wanted to tell you that I eventually came out of it and am better than I ever was before 👍 Praying now✌️ And by the way I just kept seeking when I had time things of God whether it was Bible gateway audio reading the Bible chatting at Worthy, browsing the forums, ect. It was a battle sometimes and wasn't overnight that's for sure. But it all seems worth it when the peace comes✌️ If you have any questions(since I think I already went through the same thing) just message me it's all good ✌️ Agape Note: I get on most days but sometimes I can get behind two to three days ✌️
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