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  1. I might be getting through...

    Praying now
  2. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    ok.Praying now
  3. New, Thank You For Accepting Me.

  4. Howdy from the hills.

    John the prodigal
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  6. prayer request

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  7. In Need of Prayer Warriors

    .i wasnt in a car wreck but had kind of same stuff...it was super strange to say the least.doctors never found out what it was...but long story short...after 6 weeks and 3 days it started to go away out of nowhere...at times i couldnt think straight or anything...in my mind i was saying whatever happens Blessed be the name of the Lord...And i think me thinking that in my mind really helped... Praying now PrincessPeachy.Agape
  8. Have been ill

    Praying now
  9. Just signed up - Hi :)

    your neighbour it might look hard at first but its really super simple...well the little options right above the space when you type a post are kinda hard to understand...i still dont know how to use them all after 10 years but most of them you dont really need...and the rest is pretty easy....just click the big Worthy Christain sign at the top left to go to main page when you want...and personal stuff is over to the right top of page...and then there are short cuts...like click a persons pic or name and it will take you to there profile...ect...hope this might help a little.Agape
  10. Hi. I’m new.

  11. Encouraging Word today