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  1. Hello all..... At work today, a discussion came up which was about a man paying the school fee of a woman all through her education ( from high school to university). The woman promised to marry the man but when she graduated from the university, she told the man that she can't marry him because she doesn't love him and he is not up to her standard. Some people said if they were the one, they will cause trouble and so on. I told them that probably the purpose why God brought the man into the Lady's life was to help her through education and not marry her. Some of my colleagues and interns at work thought my answer was spiritual. My question is must everyone you help give you something back? Will you blame the man or the woman? What really should that man do to move on? Do you believe that we all have purpose in the life of everyone we meet?
  2. Hmmm.... Well I am not married neither am I in a relationship but what I can tell you is to go to God in prayers. Speak to God, table down your matter before God. Let him lead you and direct you on what to do. This is the same problem we face in Africa. Even in a Christian home (in Africa), we experience tribal discrimination. Parents saying you can't marry or date a particular tribe or race but one thing that has worked for some couples here is prayers. Eventually, the parents tend to shift grounds after prayers and pastors' advice. So, don't stop praying and seek the help of a good pastor to talk to your parents on your behalf. Nothing is impossible.....
  3. Thanks to all that contributed. It's really good to get insight from other people which you all have done well. I truly appreciate.
  4. I was reading the Bible this morning about Lot's family in Genesis 19 vs 12-26, when God told them to leave Sodom and Gomorrah. I related this story to our world today and the people in it. We tend to hold on to material things of this world. What can one say is truly responsible for this? Why do we fail to listen to God? Why do we always try to apply human wisdom whenever God ask us to do something?
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