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  1. Hi. I feel drained and tired. Today wasn't as fast-paced and miraculous as i taught it would be. I don't want to sound depressed, I just can't help it. I still believe God can help and supply all our needs. But if he doesn't, it's not the end if the world. It was so beautifully planned but if there's no money than its useless. Thank you all for your sincere prayers and compliments and for taking time to think about someone other than yourself and your family. That's what Christianity is all about. Jesus would've been so proud. I refuse to be sadistic and moody. Even if God doesn't answer immediately or how we want it to be, he always answers. Thank You All For Making Me See True Christianity. Love, Chrisy
  2. Chrisy

    True success

    I'll like us to acknowledge that TRUE success begins and ends with God. I want to thank him for an amazing semester. This is a testimony I promised to share with others like me. Have you ever wondered what it was like to WALK with God. I had a glimpse of it and it changed my academic and studies forever. I believe so much that we attain everything with hard work. It is good to work hard, yes, but my house was that i found it hard to believe in grace. If i couldn't work for it, i didn't deserve it and that was my problem because i know that i can't do it alone but i didn't want his help. My goal was simple. Perform well. I didn't really want to be the best in the class because it would require to much work. I made excuses. Harvey is smarter than me, that's why he's the best in math. John had a tutor. Gina is the only child of my English teacher and so much more. But mum won't have any of that She knew i was playing around and wanted me to be serious. But i was scared. Scared to work hard and not be the best. She encouraged me all the more and u didn't want to let her down. I was willing to work hard. When school work for tougher, i asked the Almighty God to help me. It was just a humble prayer of faith and trust. That was all it took to unlock favor and ease. I was the best effortlessly. It took me little time to understand, i enjoyed reading not only for exams but for the good of it. I picked Daniel as my role model because of his wisdom and excellent spirit which God gave to him. Wisdom begins with God. I discovered this and i want everyone to know that. This isn't a Bible story, this is real proof of that greatness which is in us as Christians. To go into a place (or a new school) and conquer. No more excuses. He made me not only to perform well but to the the first in my class (effortlessly). He helped me enjoy taking my exams. I couldn't get enough of it. Usually, I would been afraid and tensed about it but for the first time in a long while i felt confident in my abilities and in my God. Even when i wasn't so prepared, I had faith in him and his help and he never let me down. Not even once. He gave me an improved ability to help others. So i not only passed, I helped others too. Because of him, I was the best in Math, English, Marketing, History, Physics, Computer Science to mention a FEW. I broke a school record. No student had ever gotten a ninety percent average in my class for years. I not only got a 90%, I exceeded it to the glory of God Almighty. Is there anything this God can't do? He had done so much for me i cannot tell it all. Even if i had ten thousand tongues and phones, it still won't be enough. Be Thou Exalted. In Jesus name. Amen.
  3. Hello everyone. My mum's birthday is on Tuesday 23rd of April but for a while now, things have been hard on them. Even i noticed the reduction in the food we eat, clothes we wear etc. My mum had always been a strong woman, sacrificing all she had to get us to school, feed the family and so much more. She sacrificed even grooming herself so we may look better. Even my classmates don't know what we go through everyday because we look so well-fed and healthy. That's the more reason why I thank The Almighty God for everything. When I asked her how she was going to spend her birthday she said she had no plans, she had budgeted all her money and my dad's. When it was our birthdays, we dined like kings but when it's hers, she has no plans. What an example of selfless love. We are planning a surprise breakfast for her. It's really cute. But we don't have enough money right now. That's why i humbly ask everyone who reads this to sincerely pray for use and her birthday. I really want it to be a success. I believe God hears the pleas of his children, so I'll pray too. It's really encouraging to know that there are others out there who are also praying. I believe that God can provide and help us even with the limited time. Don't you? Time maybe limited but the God which I serve is not LIMITED. Thank you all one again. I ask God that as you pray for us, your situation will also turn around for good. In Jesus name. Amen.
  4. To me, the number sin is to feel Holier Than Thou. When you feel holier than thou, you: 1. Don't evangelize because you feel you are better off than them. 2. Become a hypocrite. Because you want the whole world to see that you are perfect, when you sin you hide or cover it or should i say blame it on the dog?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anyway, that is against the Bible ( See Prov. 28:13) 3. Become over-familiar with God. You feel so holy that you take God and his wonderful gift of salvation for granted. 4. Mock your fellow Christians. When an over-righteous person sees a Christian in need they use it against them and make them feel inferior and unfairly unworthy. They don't try to support the church, they try to rebuild the church. 5. Crave praise and worship. This is where pride comes in. They want all their titles to be listed below their names. They want to seat on only that best and most decorated seats. They desire worship and praise. They don't believe in storing up goods in heaven. They believe so much in material things. They pray the loudest prayers, they turn the church of God to a runway show where they display all their expensive clothes When they give to the poor, they make sure everyone hears it. If you owe them rent, oh boy!!. 6. Take unnecessary dominance: you hate correction of any kind. In fact, you take it as a challenge in your mighty kingdom. You feel you have the right to decide who is and isn't a sinner. That's not all, there are countless reasons why. I pray that God will give us that grace to overcome this sin
  5. Craziest Grandpa I've ever had the privilege of meeting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I agree 100%
  6. Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to Worthy Christian Forum. I'm a young teen who still believes and practices what my Bubble teaches regardless of the time. Because i believe that though the world may change, my God and his word never changes.
  7. Welcome to worthy. People mostly learn things and may not always be easily convinced. Is you want to motivate others: 1. Pray ur way in: prayer prepares you. It makes the heart of those being talked to ready to listen. Prayer opens you too how God feels. It shows you (through the Holy Spirit) what to say so you don't get nervous. 2. Get a pal:if you hope to motivate others,you have to first have a relationship with them. Be friendly. Be more focused on being a good friend than on nagging them on what and what not to wear. Because that are more likely to take you seriously when they trust and respect you. 3. Be patient: change doesn't always happen immediately so be patient. 4. Don't be too judgemental: people get defensive when they feel judged or when they feel you're trying to make them feel inferior. So when you try to motivate others remember that we all are sinners and talk to them with respect, love but with a firm voice. 5. Be a person of modesty yourself: I'd you really want to be effective, you must learn to practice what you preach. Cus people don't go to robbers to save their money so they surely won't listen to u when you preach about modesty in a fishnet blouse and mini skirt. Always listen to the Holy Spirit. Never feel that any one is any less in God's eyes. To God, people are people. It's only a Pharisee that will consider themselves higher than everyone. And that's why they are ineffective. I pray that you never develop such an attitude. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. How this made sense. All the best, Chrisy
  8. Why facebook when you have WCF??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
  9. I'll pray. Ofcourse. Please send my regards.
  10. God bless you all. You're the bestπŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜
  11. Hello. I'm not an expert on love but i'll try my best😁😁. First, i want you to go back those old days when u were young and "in love", when you proposed till you both said " I do". To me it's pretty obvious that u still love ur wife. And as a lady myself, i know she loves you too. But if we love each other why is this happening? Nice question. The thing is that you fell out of love not because you're not meant for each other but you don't have your First love. You don't act the way you used to and ofcourse you can't act like that forever. Here are some things I've learned that I'll love to share with you. 1. It takes two to tango. Marriage isn't about the hubby making the wife to like what he likes or do what he wants. It's about liking or doing what he wants cus u want him to happy even if you aren't. Little things like not listening, watching only YOUR fave shows and dirtying her new floor tiles can make a lady reconsider her love for u. I'm not saying you should change yourself. I'm mean that saying little things like"thanks for making dinner honey"or"I'm sorry"or"how's my lovely wife"or something can help a whole lot. 2. Do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you. If you act nice she's way more likely to act the same way than she would when dragged counselor's office. Plus she will do it wholeheartedly. It may not be that her faith is weak. She may just not want to pray with someone who's mean to her. 3. No one is perfect. I admire that you want to solve your marriage problems but you also have your numerous flaws. Walk a mile in her shoes for a change. Search for your flaws and pray to God to help you with them. It'll do a lot of good than pointing fingers at her. 4. Prayer is the key. God should be first in ur marriage. When u have problem in ur marriage go to God in prayer. Ask for wisdom to be a great husband. She may have been against ur faith in the past because she probably doesn't believe u actually were serious about it. But when she saw u were, she supported u. Does she see u read ur bible or is just a PHASE to her. Ask yourself " Am i really serious about my walk with God?". U can also aak her. And instead of forcing her to pray, you can pray a bit louder and if she wants to she can say Amen. U can pray for her when she's sick. And u should always pray for her. U can post little Verse Of The Day sticky notes. U can casually bring up what u learnt from the Bible or something. There are a lot of ideas. Be creative. 5. Actions speak louder than words. When you say you love her do you show it or you just say it. We believe mostly what we see. Do your actions prove your love. There are a lot of ways of showing ur love. The same goes for ur Christianity. Does she see Jesus in you. The Bible says by their fruits you shall know them. I've learnt that in evangelizing, your actions are more important than anything else. Do you go against what you preach if you do repent and also ask your wife for forgiveness. That's all i can say in this. I hope everything works out and you both have a blissful marriage. Hope this makes sense
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