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    Hello, want to know God

    Hello and welcome. I'm sure you will love this show and feel free to post as much as you'd like😁😁. I know how you feel. It's easy to think of God as the "Super Righteous" type who only associates with the "holy". But that isn't true, God loves all of us even the sinners. God loves us so much he sent his son to us to show us how to get closer to him and feel his presence. He still loves you and will never give up in you and that's a promiseπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡. As i said earlier, i know how you feel. Sometimes i wonder why God even cared (cus at that time i was a baby Christian and had trouble adjusting to the Christian way of life. The BEST way) and i kept on messing up and i felt terrible. I wanted to live right and feel God's presence in my life. I never really understood what they said about being loved because i didn't feel his presence. The Bible became a story book to me and i got frustrated because i felt "unclean". I felt judged and a little envious of those who feel him but I'm here to tell you that you CAN feel his presence. 1. Sin. Remember i told you i kept messing up. As i grew older, u began to see clearly that we all sin and no one is perfect. I felt i had to be. I felt Jesus would hate me if i made even the slightest form of sin. I criticized myself so much. But don't worry I'm fine now πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜. Here's how: 1a. Salvation. While i found out that I'm not perfect i also found out that nobody else was or is. Even the greatest prophets were afraid, Jesus was tempted and a whole lot more. I gained comfort because i believed and still believe that if others with their flaws could become close to God then i can too. 1b. God's Lamb. How did this people get to know God? Simple. Through his son. As i continued in my quest to draw closer to him, i found my answer in one name-JESUS. As i said Jesus was tempted like us. He was human after all but he NEVER sinned. (Note that). We never see that Jesus stole it, Jesus killed him or Jesus lied, which means he never sinned and if he did then it would have been recorded and if it wasn't recorded then it means that God lied and we all know God never lies. Anyway, if i wanted to never sin and draw closer to God then I'd have to investigate Jesus deeper. Jesus is extremely relateable and he's really humble. I mean Jesus was human, he went through everything we go through. He wept. He was tempted. He was just like us. Jesus isn't a brute who uses his title as The King Of Kings and Lord Of Lords to demand worship or reverence. He doesn't want to just be our master he wants to be our buddy, our pal and our bestie. And he's ready to help us if we are ready. Are you ready? He came to give us what we lost when Adam and Eve sinned. Eternal life with no strings attached. I mean Good had every right to give up on us and leave us forever but he DIDN'T. He loves us and couldn't bear losing us to sin. So he probably thoughtπŸ’­πŸ’­"What shall be done to save my beloved children? ". "I can't leave heaven and they can't see me since I'm a spirit and my glory is too great for them to see. They might go blind". Just then, Jesus walks in. "What's wrong Dad? " "Nothing dear son, I'm just wondering on how i can save your brothers and sisters from sub and death. There's nothing that can be done. None of them is without sin and no one is willing to give their life for them". After hours of brainstorming together, jesus says " How about i go? " "Are you sure son?" Good asked with unexplainable joy. " Yes dad I'm sure. I love them and if it's my blood they need to be able to live like us then I'm more than happy to" Jesus said. God replied "But it isn't going to be easy. You will have so much enemies and you will endure a lot of suffering and pain. Alot of them will not accept you and will hate anything related to you. Now son,tell me can you handle that? " "Yes father. For my family i will endure anything. Even if i can't save them all, i will train others to do so and we will save the others as a family so that can know you as our one and only father." Jesus replied. "Then go my son and save them". This is my imagination is how it was in heaven. Jesus and God love us and want to relate with us but our sins are in the way and God is holy and he wants us as his children to be holy. It's part of our DNA as Christians. Also, understand that in those times when you sign and want forgiveness, you sacrifice a pure lamb (Which is precious to you) to show you are sorry. But now look at this, How many lambs will be used as a sacrifice for the whole world when they sin? And it's not like we sin once a year, we can sin everyday. So if we all sacrificed a lamb for each sin then the lambs would have been extinct and that would have caused a whole lot of problems. But Jesus gave himself up as our lamb. He sacrificed himself so that we could be free from sin and since he never sinned he was perfect and that's exactly what our wonderful Jesus did. 2. Born Again. Since Jesus gave himself up for us. We can be accepted as God's children and have an amazing relationship with him. All we have to do is accept that we are all sinners, recognise that we need Salvation and accept Jesus as our lord and personal Savior. And then our lives will be changed forever. From that day onwards i walk with the assurance that God is my dad and just like Jesus i can talk to him anytime and be assured that he hears me. 3. Prayer. Since we are children of God we have his spirit in us. And if we need to feel his presence, we can always pray. Tell him exactly how you feel. If you feel alone or just anything. 4. Live like Jesus. As i said as a baby Christian, i struggled about being the best and being "good enough". Jesus took the weight off my shoulders. I didn't have to be perfect because Jesus perfects me. He cleaned me and made me superior to sin. So i can say no to sin and live like Jesus because he lives in me. And when i fall, he lifts me up. I don't have to pretend or try to be awesome in front of him because he loves me and helps me to be just like him. When i open up u feel his presence. He encourages me and I'm proud to say that i have grown in the lord and people see Jesus in me and that they can asks see him in you too. I hope i answered your questions and that my story helps you feel better and that you successfully get closer to God. Jesus loves you!! God bless you, Chrisy.
  2. Chrisy

    I'm a journalist seeking opinions

    Welcome. You're a reporter? Awesome! Questions? Great. This site is the best if thou wants to hear opinions from Christians. But i suggest the Bible. It's the greatest gift and has tons of versions that make it easy to read. God bless you. And if you still want to ask questions. Is be happy to help.
  3. Chrisy

    Hello am new

    Welcome Laura. I love this place too. There's so much to do. It's so fun. Wish you the best. I know it will be just as amazing to you as it is to me. Welcome AGAINπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
  4. Chrisy

    Depression support

    Hello. Sorry about the break up. Wish u many HAPPY memories in the future. God bless you and welcome to WorthyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
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    a good catechism

    Hello. Welcome to WorthyπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‘πŸ˜€
  6. Chrisy

    Thankyou God for joining me in this Group

    Nice greeting. Glad to have you around. Welcome to the FamilyπŸ˜πŸ˜€
  7. Chrisy

    Thankyou God for joining me in this Group

    Nice greeting
  8. Chrisy

    Thankyou God for joining me in this Group

    Nice greeting
  9. Chrisy

    Teenage Crushes

    By the way, parents out there. Be careful. I have a lot of seniors who date behind their parents' backs. What is your advice on dating? What advice would you give your kids? Please feel free to share with us and learn some. GBU
  10. Chrisy

    Teenage Crushes

    Let's just say i have a crush on a friend of mine at school. He's the nicest and most Christian like person I've met there. I really like him but hey i don't wanna do something dumb and i don't believe in dating someone as a teenager. My parents would freak out. Some people said i should date him. But i can't disobey my parents just because of a crush, that wouldn't be right. Should i date him? NAH!!. As i said, he's a Christian and only has love for Christ(and that's what i like about him). He told me when i discreetly asked him what he thought of dating. Anyway, it's just a crush but I'd love to hear advice on this. I'm boredπŸ“šπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜±πŸ˜±. God bless. U guys are d absolute best.
  11. Chrisy

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Thank God. U are very brave and i know u can survive this and get through this. I luv u and we all luv u. But most importantly, God loves u. God Bless u. Praying!!
  12. Hello Aunt DarianπŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡. Welcome to WCF. Ur questions definitely make sense. Proving that God equally created women with brains😁😊. I'm a proud teen girl and i'm here to prove to u that God loves u (God help meπŸ˜…πŸ˜…). 1. God knew Adam will need a pal ( not necessarily helper) to hang out with so he created Eve. Don't u get it? The last is special. And u can see that women are delicate and beautiful. It took God a whole night to create Eve. So stand tall cus God loves us😁. Note: he didn't create us first cus we ( whether we like to admit it or not) like to be "tough" and "independent" and probably won't want to admit that we need help. I know i won't. 2. First come, first serve. If u ask me i believe God was being considerate. Let me use my school as an example. In my school, when you're new u get special treatment so u feel welcome and that's one of d best things about being new. But. When u settle down as a "student", special treatment decreases (groan). Eve was just created. Cut her some slack. She would probably want to explore or climb trees or something. Adam on the other hand doesn't have much to do. So God gives him a job. And Eve is free to help out when she wants to. And Eve is a beautiful name. Adam must have been full of love and adoration to give her that name and i'm sure she liked it. And if she didn't complain, why should we?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ 3.As a matter of fact, Adam was supposed to "show her the ropes". And interrogating Eve wouldn't solve problems, it'll only make her feel like she's being picked on. Eve felt bad already so God didn't hammer on her (He was being Gentlemanly). Eve was a newbie to Earth and so she will be easily tempted, Adam was created earlier and knew the rules. God was just simply telling Adam to be a better pal or helpmate or buddy to Eve, thus respecting her as a person not just a "helpmate". So Stand Tall Cus God Loves U. 4. God never wanted women to be raped or beaten or hurt. God made us so we can be cared for. Women are weaker yes but are not punching bags and any man who beats a woman is a beast. The answer is simple. Self defence classes. They are a fun way of learning how to defend yourself. I'm not saying punch every guy that hugs uπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š. Simply set boundaries. Find out WHY he hugs u. Was he recently divorced? Did his daughter die? Is his mum fine? Or anything that could make him do that. He's not an enemy. Tell him he's nice but u'd appreciate it if he stopped the hugging. Joke around with it. Just tell him how uncomfortable u feel. He may not even know. And the strange things happen u might be compatibleπŸ’’πŸ’ŒπŸ’πŸ’ (Just kidding!). If he's forceful and continues to hug u, self defence or a simple slap is advised. Keep on setting boundaries. If he doesn't learn avoid areas where u can see him. Discovering shortcuts and new roads can be fun. But i doubt if u would need to, i'm sure he'll learn. 5. A woman's worth is in who she is. Can i remind u that there are women whose marital status was not known as married but were still great? I'll leave u the work of finding those women but Deborah is an example and there are others. Marriage is adviced so the woman will find a FRIEND, someone to spend ur life with and how they choose to serve their husband is none of our business. And the Bible never said men are free to fornicate. Or have sex as much as they'd like. I have never seen that in any place in my Bible, Have u?? Don't get jealous of men cus those who don't keep themselves pure are liable to shame, regret, suffering, feeling used, AIDS, Herpes, Syphilis, Hell and a whole lot more. God doesn't want us to suffer such so he warns us and those who fail to listen whether male or female will face the consequences. Plus let's not be envious of those who commit such sins because our bodies are God's temples and we keep it pure because we WANT to and if it helps i know a lot of pure male friends who believe in abstinence too. Let's not judge people for the kids they want. We are all different and they have their reasons. Who said Jacob wasn't hurt. He was devastated. It may not be written but how won't he be? He was an old man who had no way of defending himself not to talk about his daughter. I mean let's leave him out of this unless u wished he had a heart attack. Her brothers were violent and killed the guy who raped her. Though, i don't support violence, it showed that they DID care about their sister. 6. C'mon do we have to be every where. Just relax. God loves us and it doesn't matter who has more of this or more of that. BTW, the Bible isn't a genealogy book, u can always Google😁😁. 7. If u look at the Bible heroes they all had flaws. And God uses those who are "over-flawed" or "useless" to show others that God loves everyone. Women in that time were judges and priestesses (Deborah), helpful( Rahab) and just plain pure (Mary). I'm not a feminist and i do understand that men go through a lot. They have to deal with alot too. So let's try to walk a mile in their shoes, Okay?. If Ruth isn't complaining, why should we? The book proves that Ruth is selfless and is considerate about her mother-in-laws. That's an awesome attribute. I love the Keep It Simple Stupid principle. Why turn a few chapters into three books? It's easier to read the way it is. And if u consider it, u find out that if Ruth never met her mother-in-law she would have still been an idol worshipper and won't be worth mentioning and if she hadn't met Boaz she won't have had Obed and there will be no Jesus. So they are important. And who writes only about themselves? I'm sure Ruth is glad that her story was written with the two people she loved most: Naomi (Mother-in-law) and Boaz (her hubby). 8. Women love their kids and are far more considerate than most Men. God chose to be a father because he knew that women take parenting with all their hearts and that men may tend to shy away a bit. All he's trying to do is assure the widows and single mothers that he's got their backs. He's also the mother of the motherless. 9. You're missing the point. Seriously does it really matter how Jesus came? Honestly to me it doesn't even matter if he came as a woman. The point is he came to save us and instead of us to be happy we still complain about how he came(things that don't matter). Whether he came as man or not, he came to save US and that's what counts. 10. Jesus didn't dodge females. He had his reasons. Here's some reasons why: A. Jesus needed people who knew the cities very well. Didn't it every come across to you that Jesus picked fishermen? And a tax collector? He needed people who could navigate through the sea who knew the cities and who would be better than tradesmen, fishermen and tax collectors? Women probably didn't know how to do those things. If you ask me i believe Jesus said them from embarrassment. B. Women tend to worry more than men. Eg if i ask my male friends to follow me, they'd simply shrug and say "sure" but if i ask my girl friends they would first ask me where we are going, what we are doing, what they should wear and stuff like that. If Jesus called women i doubt if they'd be as fast to accept as the men. I know i won't be as fast so let's tell ourselves the truth. They would probably pack bags of clothes they probably won't need and even more "just in case". I'm speaking based on myself and others i know. Not to mention that the women had their lives to think about. Men tend to be more adventurous than women. It's easy for the men to follow but some women are afraid of such traveling. They could have been worried about their homes, houses, friends and a lot more. Whether they are married or not. C. Discipleship ain't a walk in the park. The were constantly on the move. They didn't have time for sightseeing it shopping as many would have liked. They meet many unpleasant people, they were hung, crucified upside down, put in jail countless times and so much more. Women may have been homesick and tired of the travels. Not to mention the fact that they were low in cash. They could have slept in cheap inns and under uncomfortable conditions and some women would have thought that it wasn't worth it and would have left. So considering all this, the amount of women that would have been happy to be disciples would have been low and if there were more men and only one woman, she would have felt lonely and wouldn't concentrate. She might even feel discriminated against and oppressed. 11. Husbands are also required to love and respect their spouses. Hope these answers make sense. God Loves You, Chrisy.
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    How To....

    Thanks 4 d advice. Will doπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‡
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    How To....

    Aww! 😧😰😡😞. That stinks. It wo uld have been awesome