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  1. SmoothRiverFlow

    Book of Genesis

    Do you think the Genesis account of creation is in chronological order? The part where God says "Let there be light" and later on it says he created the greater light and the lesser light.
  2. SmoothRiverFlow

    Calvinism and Freewill

    I have a relative who is interested in the Calvinistic point of view. From what I understand, this perspective tells us that God chooses who will or will not be saved. This would infer that we do not have freewill, because God gives you the faith of belief and not of ourselves. Can some people believe with all their heart that they are Christians and saved, even though God has not chosen them, according the the Calvinistic point of view?
  3. SmoothRiverFlow

    Worried about the unpardonable sin.

    From what I have been told and understand, that the unforgivable sin is not something that just happens out of the blue or a random thought that enters your mind, but a premeditated or deliberate act of knowing who he was and what he was about and willfully rejecting him anyways, as the pharisees were self righteous zealots. I to struggle with these kind of thoughts and they somewhat border on OCD disorder. I remind myself that these thoughts that do come into my head, are based on anxiety and not my true intent and what's in my heart.
  4. SmoothRiverFlow

    Rewards and Punishment

    From what I understand, there are different degrees of rewards in Heaven and punishment in Hell. Does this mean that those Christians who do fewer good works here on Earth as opposed to those who did lots of good works, will suffer greater losses in Heaven and will there be grief with this losses and vice versa for Hell?
  5. SmoothRiverFlow

    Baptist Church

    What is your take on the Baptist denominations and their doctrines?
  6. SmoothRiverFlow


    Which bible version is best to understand?
  7. SmoothRiverFlow


    Which televangelists are best to listen to and which ones are not?