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  1. I struggle with it too. Only God truly knows our hearts and there is a reason he chose you. If you trust in God, you have to trust He loves you unconditionally. He created you and has known you before anything existed. We'll never know everything while on this Earth, but we'll have all our answers once we reunite with God. I hope this helps a bit. God bless.
  2. I have been praying about this, but still I'm struggling with this for a long time. I don't understand how can you speak the truth without sounding to the other side as having an opinion that is judgemental? How can I be kind if I speak the truth to help someone, but at the same that truth hurts the other person? How can I be wise and truthful, because doesn't wisdom sometimes includes manipulation, like not saying everything that's on your mind to someone? I'm really having difficulties with this four things: kindness, truth, wisdom and not being judgemental. I am making wrong choices with these virtues and it's been damaging relationships with people around me. I made so many mistakes and sins for which I repent, but it keeps on happening. I have good intentions but it all manifests into evil at the end. I would appreciate some insight. I do read the Bible, but I really don't understand because I only see this as contradicting parts unfortunately. Thank you and God bless.
  3. I have a problem with working on a job that is not based on my faith. I know we live in a fallen world and we all need money, but most jobs are filled with situations and people that are not of God, and I feel I need to compromise so much of myself and of my faith, way too much, to do such work. I am in a situation where I should be happy if I can find any kind of job, but all I've found are not functioning according to God's word. It bothers me a lot, and my heart and soul hurts there. I'm really having hard time with figuring out what to do about it and how do I find my place? When the reality is I should be grateful to have any kind of job. I've prayed about it and I hope, I'm not sure, that God wants us to just try our best and spread His word, but I feel like I'm failing God somehow. I feel like I should be doing something of an importance to faith and his kingdom, but not of importance to the world. I just can't seem to fit anywhere. Have you ever been in such situation and what did you do? Any advice is appreciated as I am new in faith. Thanks. God bless.
  4. I am new in faith, so can somebody please explain does these advices you have given to the OP apply only to he married couples, but not to the ones that are dating and unmarried? Or is it the same for both and why? I have just started a similar thread before I saw this one. I am in the same situation, except that we are not married.
  5. I'm in a relationship with a man for many years who is an atheist. I am new in my Christian faith. I am torn about this and I've been praying about this, but your help would really be appreciated too, since I'm new in it all. I know they are parts in the Bible that says couples should not be Unequally joked. Does that mean we should break up? I don't want that. I want to do what the God wants me to do, but what is that? I also know there are parts that says to love one another unconditionally. So, I am supposed to pray for him to come to Jesus eventually too? I am confused what should we do? Should I stay with him no matter what? We truly love each other and have a nice relationship. It is just that this huge difference in what we believe in is a huge burden to me. We used to be on the same boat about that, but now we are not. I've changed, and he didn't. Faith is the most important part of my life now. I do not get the support from him on that at all. He doesn't want to listen to me when I mention Bible or anything related with faith. He makes fun of it in a mean way, so I change the subject because it hurts me when he is like that. It feels then like we are under completely different spirits. So, faith has become a taboo as I can't find another way to deal with it. I am enduring this, because he has a right to think what he wants, I can't convert him. I have no clue what do to about this situation. Any advice please?
  6. I'm new in my faith and I've never been in this situation. It's a though one for me. I've been in an abusive relationship and got away from him. My ex went on to abuse others in his life. I could only pray for him and others to be well. My ex is not a Christian. He used to harass me for a long time even after the break up. Through all that time I prayed for him and never wished him harm. Now I found out he is sick . He will probably get well and go back to abusing people like he does as always. So part of me is kind of glad he is sick and not able to abuse others. I feel like that is his punishment or God is trying to stop him and change him. But, for that, I feel shame and guilt. It's good he is unable to hurt others while he is sick. But I do not feel glad he is hurting. But If there is no other way for the situation to turn out ok for all parties involved, maybe this is good? I don't know how should I pray now? Should I say thank you to God for stopping him finally and maybe wish he stays sick so he can't hurt people anymore? Or should I pray for him to get well? But what if he abuses people again, that is far more likely. I just don't know what is the right way to pray about this? I know I should pray for my enemies, but if he gets well others will suffer. Should I pray for his soul only, not for the body and flesh? I've forgiven him, but part of me feels righteous about this, like finally God's justice is here. I feel bad for having such feelings, like I've somehow caused his pain because God heard me being hurt by him so now he is punished because of me? Should I just pray that it'll be God's will not mine? But what about my feelings of content about the situation? I shouldn't be happy about his sickness, or should I? Sorry for sounding very confusing, but I have ptsd and I'm a survivor of abuse. Thank you for input. God bless.
  7. ohso


    Welcome from a newbie too!
  8. This is my first post, but I've been reading this forum for some time. I think it's a good place. I decided to join now that I have some sort of problem and I need to talk to someone about it. I'm quite new in my faith. I hope it'll go well. Thank you and God bless!
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