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  1. Hello people's. I'm glad I found you! It took a bit to find a Christian forum where members were using the bible as a guide. Thanks for having me!
  2. My eight year old son keeps asking to visit a friend whom I've been attempting to contact for a couple years now each time he asks to see them. The mother is a fun-loving Christian(as far as I know) who used to have him over for sleepovers with her son who is a few years older than mine. He's always asking to visit the mother though. She was always the cool mom/babysitter. I miss her as well. But since I last contacted her I learned her teenaged girl has become transgender. My son used to see her daughter every Sunday at our old church and she used to help with the kids often. I'm not ready to talk to my homeschooled 8 year old about LGBQT.... anything yet. It's hard enough going into the birds and the bees as it is (though we've had many age appropriate ones as my husband and I see fit). But her daughter looks very different and calls herself a different name. How do I explain that his friend insists on being called a different gender and name without totally confusing him?
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