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  1. But you do get tormented by negative worldly things that you let into your mind... so it’s kinda like being in hell on earth. Be careful what you watch and listen to, it affects your spirit
  2. I empathize with you i have been hurt by enough people that at this point I don’t have any friends. I mean ZERO. Not even my parents. l wouldn’t have a single person to call I’m case of an emergency. I don’t trust people either and when I go out with my daughter to activities I keep to myself. ive had some really close people, including my parents, those I called “sisters,” and Christians really hurt and disappoint me. though I completely agree that it’s better to put confidence in the lord above man as scripture tells us it tells us also that it is not good for man to be alone. It seems like you are not completely alone... you have some friends and you should be wise who you let into your life that’s not wrong scripture also says “Proverbs 27:17 New International Version (NIV)17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” we do need other people in our lives to help us through our Christian journey and keep us sharp in faith. I would say, it’s perfectly ok to be guarded but I wouldn’t isolate yourself either! not trusting people comes from some major pain in your heart that needs to be healed first. There is no point in thinking about others. this is the time to spend with God and ask him to heal the pain that’s in your heart and pray for His will for you life. And he’ll bring the right people into your life. so you’re not wrong but don’t neglect your heart
  3. I understand what you’re saying I worked a long time in solitude and it does get lonely and you start wondering about your social life and missing out and you think that others are having more fun. i was very motivated by my job and loved what I do (I’m a stay at home mom for now until I go back to work) i have learned going through my own difficulties that people are drama and bring about their own stress and problems that you may not see, especially “worldly people” A great place to start in terms of socializing is frequenting a church! thats where you can begin to make friends. Churches plan gatherings and events outside Sunday sermons and often by age groups. That’s a start! you can check out your local library for different weekly events they plan for adults that involve socializing many people use social media like “meetup” that networking site has faith based groups I’ll be honest my best relationships have been with those with whom I share faith. i can’t seem to be connected with nonbelievers anymore. but above all take it to God about what you feel that you are missing and see what He tells you!!
  4. It’s such a long and complicated story I wrote in my previous post a little about it... shes 12 years old and she stopped talking to me. She decided to live with her dad. I can’t blame her because she got tired of seeing me and my husband fight. I didn’t stop her from that decision. I wanted to make her happy but I wasn’t preparing that she would stop talking to me completely. I’ve continuously reached out to her texting and calling she finally agreed to speak to me on the phone and it seemed like a promising conversation which ended with her asking me to come see her and talk more in person. I thought we were on our way to a resolution. I listened to her. I apologized for the things she felt a strongly about. We talked about rebuilding our relationship. She told me she loved me and missed me too. Then again, she stopped talking to me and only one time texted with me telling me that she’s not ready yet. I told her that I understand but I would like to keep in touch. I text her loving things, apologetic things, pictures, etc. shes ice cold to me im so hurt because I can’t describe what this feels like when your daughter doesn’t talk to you i tried so hard when our relationship was strained and we were still seeing each other... I pleaded with her dad to help and my Own parents whom she adores. she holds her dad in high regard and my parents too there is so much history behind this that’s difficult to explain but I’m so hurt by them all (not my daughter- she’s just a child) I supported every Family relationship in my daughters life- her dads, grandparents on both sides selflessly and I never let my own feelings get in the way of anything. now I feel like it came at a cost to my relationship with me... she adores her dad and my parents because I did nothing but encourage closeness there. my mom was hurting so bad because she missed out on her first grandchild due to a fall out with her and her daughter in law. I made sure to foster my daughters relationship with her. she repays me by essentially stealing my daughter away from me. As much as pleased with her to help me with my own daughter, she did nothing but worse than nothing. Because she didn’t get along with my husband, my parents talked trash about him/us. It’s a lot in there too... im so saddened that my daughter forgot About me and all the love I poured into her. i sit and I remember her as a baby and I weep. It hurts so bad She feels like a stranger to me now. I don’t know anything about her... im struggling so much trying to fix my marriage and also get her back
  5. This is exactly how I’m thinking and trying to live each day! You’ve hit it!! this morning my husband woke up in a loving mood. He was so happy and energized. I haven’t see him like this in years. He usually wakes up tired and is rushing to work nervous and agitated and cursing. i know we prayed last night!! to me this is such a big deal
  6. My husband actually asked me to pray today! hes initiated prayer each time that must be God working i think he is too proud or too scared to admit that he wants to see God change something for us the prayers are short but I will take it! I’m excited about this development i feel like this past weekend, things seemed to go ok all things considered. I was filled with so much love and motivation. we did have one fight over the weekend today Seemed like a step backwards. He pushes my buttons so hard I wanted to really just be filled with hate. I’m glad the Lord somehow sought me through it. its so difficult, each day. I prayed today that I am weary and I don’t want to fight. I want God to tale over this fight completely and give me rest. I’m not sure how else to pray this. I feel like I say it everyday.
  7. Truly your words inspire me and fill me with strength and motivation! i agree that I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and keep seeking, asking, knocking i know His promises are true “faith has made you well!“ That’s a recurring scripture and I need to be faithFUL. I am excited that I can start praying with my husband. In time things will be better and I’m so thankful for all the prayer warriors here!!
  8. Hi Tzephanyahu, I am baptized! I have been filled with the Holy Spirit and been delivered twice from my own demons. I used to have a wonderful spiritual and church life. things fell apart when I made the mistake of marrying a nonbeliever- which is another long story. but at this point it’s neither here nor there and i am praying for all of that To be fixed!! I made mistakes and I feel like I am paying for them now. my older daughter won’t speak to me. I had a falling out with my parents. I have lost my friends over the years. I don’t even understand it. I truly feel someone either cursed my life or I am paying for my sins now. i know God can turn everything around thr way my life has turned out, I know there is some serious spiritual warfare going on-things don’t just spiral down like that out of nowhere! my husband is very much in the dark and I know that I need to be his light. I don’t witness to him because it causes more tension anyway. I try so hard to stay afloat but his darkness consumes me. I pray for God to give me strength, warmth, compassion, wisdom to handle my husband I miss being filled with the Holy Spirit
  9. I know it’s because I have wonderful Christian brothers and sisters praying for us!! I’m so thankful
  10. Yesterday I finally got a chance to pray with my husband last night! Praise God!!! i was nervous given how it’s been between us and how he talks about God. He did complain at the end that he was overwhelmed and it made him uncomfortable and it was too long (It was like 2 min long because I know he wouldn’t be receptive to a long prayer) but he said he’s open to more praying as long as I keep it short I’m happy to do that and I figure I can do a short prayer regularly with one scripture and a quick something from the heart!
  11. Thank you for your prayers ironically, my unbelieving husband is not the one trying to separate from me. The opposite, he is constantly reeling me back as I have tried to leave him several times. I sometimes wonder if this is the final step that’s really needed in order him to break down to the point of crying out to God. But, nonetheless, I talk to God about the right steps and He tells me to stay. I don’t know why. I don’t have the answers. The only thing that comes to mind it Romans 8:28. And I have to trust God. i ask God everyday to protect me and to lead my husband to salvation and deliverance. I know I can’t save him. i know the plans God has for me- that’s to protect and prosper me and I believe he’s working that out!
  12. I feel like these are THE two scriptures that I am holding on to right now to make it through each day and make sense of anything in my head! thank you for pointing them out!
  13. I’m going to see if I can check it out of library. I don’t really want my husband to know I’m reading this... he takes care of all finances anyway and will know.
  14. Hi Beau, he certainly does need to grow up. I truly feel God is breaking him down more and more so he will finally need him. my husband, when we met was a very Independent, strong and confident individual. He was self sufficient, poised, and a huge go getter, not to mention kind and generous and loved me like no one else did. He was at the top of his game at work and got 2 back to back promotions! he lived a very traumatic childhood this is why I am so confused as to what’s happened. I have always prayed for his salvation. but my husband is proud and he doesn’t believe he needs anyone or he needs saving. He believes we make our own destiny. he has been broken down so much he’s unrecognizable. You’d ask yourself how I ever married him in the first place. He isn’t himself. I have heard so many pastors talk about God needing to break pride in individuals to save them. im praying for him that he starts asking soon because we’re all exhausted!! he and my older daughter actually started off in a great relationship and as my relationship with him deteriorated so did theirs until one day she just had enough and decided to live with her dad. Now she won’t even talk to me and i don’t understand why- I guess she really resents me for divorcing her dad and then all this happening but I don’t know for sure because she won’t talk to me!
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