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  1. Jubilea I am a Christian. Thanks
  2. Please, I honestly need your prayers. So many unexplainable happenings in my life. This is not ordinary, and it has been there since my childhood. Nothing works for me as it does for others. Mine comes with great efforts and difficulty, that is if it comes at all; yet I won't get the fullness of my labour. I am at the end of the road right now, please pray for me, that God almighty have mercy on me. Thanks
  3. OneLight, this is just great. You answered it brilliantly. God bless you.
  4. Kristin, you're not oldish in God's eyes. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams " (Acts 2:17).
  5. 1to3, I'll maintain waiting on God. Its the wise path to take. There are so many Wolves in sheep's clothings out there these days. JustPassingThru, I'm going to no one for help. If God can't help me then no one can. The subject of dreams have many ways of viewing it, and they are all credible to some extend. I understand that. I am only concern about my dreams because, if they are from God then, they are given for a purpose. God don't just do things. He is a purposeful God. I don't want to fail God. I want to serve His purpose, if He has a role for me in it.
  6. DustyRoad, I can tell you really know how it feels. You understand what I'm saying totally. It's difficult to bear... But I hear you. I've been praying and will continue praying for wisdom and understanding.
  7. Great, very many helpful contributions here. Thanks! The dreams I'm having are kind of prophetic. They are like pointers to events that will happen daily in my life. The challenge I'm having is that they aren't clear, not easy to decode. Most times, the dream(s)/picture(s) I see just before I wake from sleep, somehow happens that day or a few days from that day. And there are others that take a very long time to happen - mostly the ones I have just after midnight. I can never tell what they mean whenever I have them but will always recall and understand /remember them when they've happened. For instance, a church building in my country collapsed some years ago. Then in 2017,It has not been completed but was already in use. Now, more than a year before it collapsed October 14th,2016, I had this dream: A man who was walking pass me (passer-by), seems to be talking to himself: "I see concrete, what is it going to be used for...? "To build a house? " "... close to 'Pourers' of Rain Assembly' or is it, 'Reigners' Assembly?" He kept talking as he walked away. The entire scene was a bit dark. The man's voice was conversational, like a pastor/prophet giving a prophesy. I had no idea what it meant then, until on December 10th, 2017, when it was reported on tv: 'An uncompleted church building has collapsed, killing scores of worshippers' The name was given as: Reigners' Assembly. Immediately, I remembered the dream. And it all made sense. The pastor of the church has the prophetic ability, hence the man in my dream was speaking like a prophet. The mention of 'concrete' and 'to build a house' refers to the church still under construction. And the not-too-bright background of the dream represented the tragedy. So, these are not just some random pictures/dreams my brain is setting off while trying to relax. They are not. And it necessitated my question: why the complexity? If it's a dream from God, shouldn't it be clear, so that at least I can pray against it?
  8. Dreams (not all) are messages from God. Repeatedly, in the bible God through dreams passed messages to and directed His people. My question is: why are dreams complex, difficult to understand? And who do one meet for clarification?
  9. Luke 10:25-35 I have listened to many teachings based on this parable – the Good Samaritan, they are always wonderful. It is often preached as a sermon for introspection and admonition to show compassion and kindness to needy persons. But this is just one way of looking at it, it also reveals that Jesus is that Good Samaritan. Throughout the parable Jesus Christ was indirectly revealing who and what he is to us – the Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan. In the parable, this traveler was backsliding; he was leaving Jerusalem for the city of Jericho. Now, Jerusalem is known and also called the “City of Peace” why Jericho is the “City of palms” (2 Chronicles 28:15). So he was traveling from his place of peace to a place of worldly pleasures – he was backsliding. And that gave the devil the opportunity to waylay, injure, strip and rob him. The priest and the Levite, who passed him without rendering any help, represent the visible human authority saddled with the duty and office of bringing straying sheep back to the fold. They looked and passed the other way because his case was dire, they feared his case to be very severe and beyond their help. Jesus Christ was indirectly telling that, when others and in particular those that should assist give up on anyone's case, and conclude on them, he’ll never just pass by. That he will willingly come by and give the required help needed. He will allow nothing deny him the opportunity to save anyone, not even His own journey. When the devil waylays anyone, beat him up badly and strip him of everything, that fellow is finished. The devil isn’t a physical being, so Jesus Christ wasn’t talking of an actual highway robber, He was talking spiritually. When the devil waylays, it means he has attacked something important in the life of his victim - a fellow. When the devil beat-up a person, it means he has overcome (defeated) the fellow and seize that thing of importance in his life. When the devil strips a fellow, it means he has attacked, defeated and robbed the fellow of not just that thing of importance in his life but also of every other thing he holds dear in his life, including his destiny/future – and at that point everything seizes to work (family, friends, career, projects etc). We all are travelers in this world, journeying to our Father’s house. And very often we leave our Jerusalem for Jericho, like this fellow in the parable; like the prodigal son. Unbeknownst, that the devil has been waiting for the opportunity to strike at us. Jesus Christ knows we are weak and that we are likely to fall for the snares of the devil, so He often makes his journey along our way, ready to pick us up. Ready also to revive and replace all that the devil will strip from us. The priest and the Levite couldn’t and wouldn't have been able to replace the man’s destiny (clothes), only Jesus could. And He is always ready to do that again and again for anyone abandoned in that same condition today. He is the Good Samaritan.
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    Heybro, thanks. I appreciate.
  11. I wrote this some years back, still incomplete. Just wanted to share something here. I'm new. Your Amazing Grace Just before each dawn I will listen for You to hear and be drawn to You who is pure and who makes sure I'm handed what's ahead before I arise Chorus: I love Your amazing grace I love Your amazing grace poured out each morning for our daily race
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    Marvelloustime, thank you.
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    Jubilea, thanks. I'm enjoying the company already.
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    Debp, thanks I'll.
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    1to3 nice to meet you. Thanks
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