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  1. We all were made with a void in our hearts - in hope from our God - that we fill that void with Him. Everyone under the sun tries to fill the void with anything and everything from wrong relationships, humor, pie, drugs, alcohol, money, work, etc. We try and try but always come up crying for Jesus to fill our heart’s void. Then we turn back again and again. Gods law is God’s law and if we choose to fight Him, we will lose. So choose His love over our own self love, so that we may be washed with the blood of the Lamb. This life is a shadow of what’s to come. So hold strong to Him. Look to thy kingdom come! Amen!
  2. If the fogger and other killing tactics I’m setting up doesn’t take care of it I’m call an exterminator tomorrow. But at the same time I don’t want to waist the money if it’s in fact satans goons and I’m supposed to tell everyone the fire that God is starting in me.
  3. They are that fast. I might smash 1 out of 100...not that I always see them fall. If I’m near them they aren’t sitting/waiting, yet they are erratic in flight constantly. I found another nest and was swarmed all through the night/morning. It’s exhausting.
  4. Thank you so much for all your ideas/prayers. I have found what I think was a nest, and think they are “drain gnats”. They are hardly ever seen because they fly erratically and very fast. They aren’t fruit flies. I was trying to attract these smaller gnats with soap and vinegar to trap them. If they are attracted to it they will fly into the mixture and drown in it. But they didn’t like it. They don’t like lemon and lime either. My brother and I are strongly believing it’s beelzebub - satan’s general and “lord of flies”. Which quite literally I believe is fact - all flies and most annoying insects that don’t do any good for the world our Creator made for us, are from satans evil doings. It’s now been 6 weeks I’ve endured this annoyance. And although I have said scripture out loud many a times, and asked for The Savior to take them away, they still remain. I figure God is testing my faith and making me stronger because of it. It’s been 35-40 degrees out the last few days in Michigan here. How is it they haven’t gone dormant? I have been walking closer and closer with Christ, and satan sees it, so he’s attacking. And it is the last days. We know that. Satan has not a chance against our Almighty - Loving - Sovereign - Perfect God. Let’s fight!! Be bold!! Thank you all again. God bless. Love you all.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m suffering from a bug problem and it’s not heard of anywhere I can find. It’s tiny black gnats. Don’t know if they are the spawn of Satan, because he is “the lord of flies”. It’s been almost a month and they go everywhere with me - in the shower, through stores, and they fight at getting under the sheet with me. They hang out around my head (most common), but also in my pants. Very uncomfortable and they somewhat bite. I have 1% of my days without them. Question is am I facing this from our God for reasons not to be known? Or just figure out all the may be lessons here and endure? It’s really ridiculous. Oh and I can’t ever smash them and no vinegar/soap mix attracts them. So they just keep biting and swarming my body. Ideas please and thank you. God bless no matter what. Love you all
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